Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Chapter 330 - Bestow You Thousands of Light

Chapter 330 Bestow You Thousands of Light

It was easy to find Qi Liange. Jun Yeyan came to the Fengqi Palace, finding that Qi Liange was still resting under the peach blossom tree, sitting on a soft chair with his eyes closed.

The bright yellow clothes demonstrated his extraordinary power. The pitch-black hair was tied up high. The breeze swayed several strands of hair, making his face look paler.

A year had gone, but it seemed as if a lifetime had elapsed.

They were old enemies, but they also had a feeling of sympathy for each other. God always liked to catch up with people. Both of them were obsessed with love and would never let go of their beloved.

However, they loved the same person. How similar they were!

So similar in both ambition and adoration.

Time had changed, but they still didn’t regret it.

Hearing the footsteps, Qi Liange didn’t open his eyes, saying in a low voice, “You are here. It is a few days later than I expected.”

Hearing Qi Liange‚Äôs words, Jun Yeyan slightly curled his lips and said, “Huh… Sorry to make you disappointed.”

When Qi Liange heard Jun Yeyan’s words, he smiled and said, “Never mind. Come over and have a drink. We have never had such a toast together since we met.”

Qi Liange opened his eyes. The clear, blossom-like eyes seemed to have no desire and no demand at the moment.

Jun Yeyan, in a military uniform, immediately walked to Qi Liange and sat down.

Qi Liange poured wine for Jun Yeyan, saying blandly, “I made this peach blossom wine when I met Aoxue. I have thought that one day, I would watch the moon and drink this wine in this palace I made for her. However, things always go contrary to my wishes. I can’t drink the wine with the beloved woman, but now I manage to do it with my beloved woman’s husband, the only enemy of my life. Is it great irony or sorrow?”

Jun Yeyan took the jade glass. He didn’t say anything, nor did he worry that Qi Liange would put poison in the wine. He tilted his head slightly and drank the wine.

Seeing that, Qi Liange followed Jun Yeyan and drank the wine.

He filled up Jun Yeyan’s wine glass again.

Both of them didn’t speak. They didn’t stop drinking the wine until all the altars of peach blossom wine were empty.

“You can leave. I have promised Xue that I won’t take your life. You are kind to Xue, so I will not kill you anyway.” Jun Yeyan drank the wine. His eyes didn’t show any drunkenness.

When Qi Liange heard Jun Yeyan’s words, the hands holding the peach blossom shook slightly, and then he concealed it and said, “Aren’t you afraid of setting free of a tiger to the mountain? I will come back one day.”

Jun Yeyan didn’t care about it at all. He laughed and said, “Since I dare to let you go, I’m not afraid that you will make a comeback again. Even if you make it, the world will still be mine! Xue will only be mine! This life, next life, and all lives will be the same! ”

Hearing Jun Yeyan’s words, Qi Liange felt a bit of bitterness in the corners of his mouth, then he said, “You are really confident to own Aoxue. I don’t care about the world, but I will struggle to win Aoxue in the next life! Next time, it is impossible for you to retake the lead!”

Jun Yeyan raised the glass and clinked the glasses with Qi Liange. He said firmly and seriously, “Xue is destined to be my own. I have promised her three lives, and there will be another three lives. I will never leave her to anyone!”

After saying, Jun Yeyan put the glass down and stood up immediately.

Qi Liange looked at Jun Yeyan’s back with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Jun Yeyan just turned around and heard the crackling sound of the wine glass when landing.

When he prepared to turn around, he saw a figure that he missed day and night.

“Your Majesty!” A cry resounded throughout the whole Imperial Palace of the Nanyue Dynasty.

Bai Aoxue didn’t expect that she would see such a scene when Phantom and she arrived. She saw Jun Yeyan’s arrogant face when he turned, Qi Liange’s slowly falling arm and his bloody mouth.

Phantom rushed to Qi Liange desperately with falling tears.

Looking at Jun Yeyan, Bai Aoxue’s expression of eyes changed. She gave the crown prince to Ying Er and quickly walked to Jun Yeyan. She took the pulse for Jun Yeyan and found that Jun Yeyan was fine. Her anxious heart became relieved.

In the ear was the wailing cry of Phantom, accompanied by Qi Liange’s weak voice.

“Aoxue… Finally, you’re here.” The wind was blowing, and the peach blossoms fell like rain in an instant.

Such a scene looked familiar with the past. At that time, she walked into his mansion when he was a crown prince. He sat under the peach tree, shook a tree of peach flowers down, and said to her, “You are here.”

What a pity. Now, the time had changed. The peach blossoms fell as before, but he could no longer shake peach blossoms down for her.

At first sight, he was a handsome young man with a scarlet mole on his forehead, looking high-spirited, vigorous and preeminent.

“Why…” Bai Aoxue looked at Qi Liange with a trace of sorrow in her eyes.

“I am a member of the Qi family… Even if I die, I must die in an upright manner. I can’t live on in degradation….” Qi Liange looked at Bai Aoxue and said intermittently.

Phantom beside him was hastily wiping the blood out from the corners of his mouth. She wiped the blood out, but it continued to flow out.

“We can all live well… Don’t you say that you want to go through all the sceneries and thousands of rivers and mountains? Now you can finally achieve it,” Bai Aoxue looked at Qi Liange and said softly.

Qi Liange shook his head hard and said intermittently, “That means… I’m with you… I just want to go through them with you. I’m tired of traveling alone….”

After saying, Qi Liange turned to look at Phantom and said, “Thank you… for bringing Aoxue here… so that I can see her the last time… Sincerely thank you… Sorry….”

After that, those slender, white fingers eventually slipped down slowly.

The red blood dripped on the bright yellow clothes, like fascinating flowers that burned people’s eyes.

“Jun Yeyan,” Bai Aoxue grabbed Qi Liange’s hand and said softly.

Jun Yeyan understands Bai Aoxue’s words. He pointed Qi Liange’s body with two slender fingers, and the blood stopped flowing.

But Qi Liange’s face was now getting paler…

“Master… Mistress… Can I take him away? I want to be with him at the last moment. From the moment I’m with him, I have vowed to accompany him. He always feels lonely even when I’m with him, but I still want… want to stay with him,” Phantom looked up at Jun Yeyan and said sadly.

Jun Yeyan took a deep glance at Phantom and said, “From now on, you are not Phantom anymore. Be Luo Wei again, the real you, who had been with Qi Liange.”

Upon hearing Jun Yeyan’s words, Luo Wei burst into tears.

Since Ten Dark Shadows swore allegiance to Jun Yeyan, they had discarded their names and abandoned their past, just remembering the names given by Jun Yeyan, which were their new lives.

She never thought that Jun Yeyan could remember her name and give her such honors when she betrayed him.

Luo Wei bore Qi Liange with her back slowly and bowed deeply towards Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan.

Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan watched Luo Wei carrying Qi Liange away and disappearing gradually.

Surprisingly, the unification of three kingdoms was completed by Jun Yeyan so quickly. When people were panicked, Jun Yeyan issued a decree that the Mobei Dynasty and the Nanyue Dynasty were included in the Chengxi Dynasty, but the people could still live in their long-stay places.

For the people, life didn’t change much, and they have peacefully accepted the new emperor.

Jun Yeyan let Li Xiao stay in the Nanyue Dynasty, taking over the remaining matters. He took the major troops back to the Chengxi Dynasty.

Standing on the high city walls, Bai Aoxue looked at the clear blue sky. Jun Yeyan hugged Bai Aoxue from behind, asking, “What are you looking at?”

Bai Aoxue shook her head. Jun Yeyan pressed against Bai Aoxue’s head with his jaw, rubbing her soft hair, closing his eyes comfortably.

“Let’s go home, the uncle is still waiting for us at home,” Jun Yeyan hugged Bai Aoxue tightly and said softly.

Bai Aoxue heard Jun Yeyan’s words and nodded gently, saying, “Since we came out, it has been more than two years. I once thought that, after everything is settled, it was nice to go sightseeing. But now I want to go back.”

Hearing Bai Aoxue’s words, Jun Yeyan turned Bai Aoxue to face him.

“Because… it’s our home.” Jun Yeyan stroked Bai Aoxue’s cheeks and said in a whisper.

Hearing Jun Yeyan’s words, Bai Aoxue smiled gently. She cuddled Jun Yeyan’s neck with her hands and rubbed on his face, saying, “Okay, let’s go home.”

Hearing that, Jun Yeyan was obsessed with the rare coquetry of Bai Aoxue, holding Bai Aoxue around her waist and quickly walking down the stairs.

When she landed, Bai Aoxue found that the troops had been waiting under the city. And the flood of people who once lived in the Nanyue Dynasty gathered around the city gate to see them off.

After leaving the Nanyue Dynasty, there was no hurry to come back to the Chengxi Dynasty. Basically, they walked and played all the way. The crown prince had already been able to speak. Although it was only vague, Bai Aoxue was still very happy.

“Ma! Ma! Mom!” The crown prince twisted the little, fat body, crawled to Bai Aoxue, and said softly.

Bai Aoxue had fallen asleep, but her sleepiness was driven away by the crown prince. Last night, the crown prince was sent to Jianjia by Jun Yeyan, and she was entangled with Jun Yeyan all night. Yesterday, they could have entered the capital city of the Chengxi Dynasty, but Jun Yeyan insisted on resting in the post.

When the thin quilt slipped down, it could be seen that there were full of marks of kisses on her white and round shoulders. Fortunately, there was no one here. Otherwise, Bai Aoxue would definitely curse Jun Yeyan to death….

Bai Aoxue put clothes on and teased the crown prince in her arms. She didn’t know where Jun Yeyan was.

“Your Majesty, may I come in?” The voice outside the door brought Bai Aoxue’s thoughts back.

Bai Aoxue gathered the clothes that were pulled off by the crown prince and said blandly, “Come in.”

A little while, more than a dozen women walked into the room respectfully. Bai Aoxue was guided to the dressing table. They began to dress up for Bai Aoxue without saying anything, making Bai Aoxue confused.

But then she remembered, last night in a daze, Jun Yeyan said that he would surprise her today.

Even the crown prince was put on a cotton-padded jacket. The small pompon beside his pink face made him more lovely and cute.

The bright costume was embroidered with phoenixes. The golden crown was put on her coiled hair, which looked bulky but was actually much lighter. The dazzling strings of beads covered up her extraordinarily beautiful face.

The maids looked at Bai Aoxue and sincerely praised her beauty.

Bai Aoxue took over the crown prince Baozi who was crying, and the maids led her down the stairs.

The carriage was more luxurious than ever with delicate artistry, drawn by eight white horses. Jun Yeyan stood beside the carriage, waiting for Bai Aoxue.

At this moment, he was wearing a bright yellow costume, showing her glory and power. Now, if Bai Aoxue still had no idea of what Jun Yeyan was going to do, she would have been an idiot.

The black jade mask had been removed. His handsome face that was as glorious as the Deity shocked everyone.

Bai Aoxue was led into the carriage step by step. Then, the mighty troops began to march.

As the city gates got closer and closer, Bai Aoxue felt a little nervous. Although she had experienced many big occasions, she was still a bit nervous at the moment, holding Jun Yeyan’s hands tightly. Jun Yeyan also clasped Bai Aoxue’s hands, giving her courage.

As the city gate approached, the welcoming sound was higher and higher with sincere happiness.

When the troops entered the Chengxi Dynasty, the people spontaneously gave way to them, but they followed closely. Through the curtain of the carriage, Bai Aoxue could see that everyone was smiling sincerely.

Waving to them, Bai Aoxue felt calmer.

When the carriage came to the Imperial Palace, Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan got out of the carriage, holding the crown prince. Watched by the excited crowds, the family of three stepped up to the high platform gradually.

The road was long, and life was endless. She turned the head sideways to Jun Yeyan, finding that he was also staring at her.

The time together was not very long, but she felt that they had spent the whole life.

The road before them was long and, probably, bumpy. Anyway, now, he held her hands, and he would never let her down.

Life was so long. One day, she would be gray-haired, but she believed that he would still be with her and whisper to her beside her ears. The eternal future was waiting for them.

“I bestow you thousands of light,” he murmured beside her ears with a breeze of fragrance.

To see the picturesque sceneries with you, to enjoy the prosperous world hand in hand.

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