Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 721 - Trust Only Your Intuition

Chapter 721: Trust Only Your Intuition


They knew they had to be calm, but the shot still stunned some players.

Under such intensive attacks, the opponent still dared to venture out and shoot?

The main point was that she got her target.

With a second, he took to reload.

For professional sharpshooters like them, reloading was simply a matter of seconds.

But it was this one second that eliminated him.

There was a momentary pause in the sound of gunfire all around.

After dropping to the ground, Gu Qingjiu quickly hid behind the branches. The bland report of the international judging panel came from the ear mic.

“Congratulations on gaining three points. The China team’s total points are currently eight points, ranking second. You are ranked second on the individual scoreboard.”

Three points.

The shot seemed to have hit an important part.

After all, it was too dark. Gu Qingjiu could only sense the person’s position but could not see the person’s figure.

That meant that the distance should not be too far.

And the moment the international team announced the results, another country would receive a notification that their points had dropped.

At that instance, Gu Qingjiu heard the subtle inhalation of someone who probably found it unacceptable…


“Oh, F.U.C.K!”

Thank you, international team!

Gu Qingjiu did not resolve the situation easily.

Her nerves were tensed, and her concentration was at its peak.

Under the adrenaline boost, they could surpass human limits.

The sound of inhalation, so slight in this not-so-quiet atmosphere, was almost inaudible.

But Gu Qingjiu heard it.

A talent like this was not something everyone possessed.

Even amongst these professional sharpshooters, not all of them had such tide-turning capabilities.

It was why it was no wonder the person cursed out when he got shot.

He hadn’t even thought about it.

“Congratulations on gaining one point, the China team ranks first with nine points, and you rank first on the individual scoreboard.”

First place!

Even if she was Gu Qingjiu, her heart still stirred with excitement as she became number one again.

The other competitors seemed to have received the notice, hiding warily and not daring to make a sound.

They didn’t know how many genius sharpshooters were hiding around.

They were all not people to be trifled with. Other than an insane talent, who else could sense their hiding spot?

However, they anticipated wrongly. Not moving was a more significant mistake.

When Gu Qingjiu was under fire earlier on, she definitely couldn’t retaliate much.

But now that everyone was silent, her perverted senses played an important role.

She had once been in this situation. It was when she took part in a shooting competition during her freshman year in school.

The quiet forest, the ones hiding in the shadows, they all seemed to have nowhere to hide.

Those students cannot compare to these world-class sharpshooters, but in terms of hiding their breaths, Gu Qingjiu could concentrate on it.

There was still a vague feeling of people around.

But she couldn’t shoot brashly. This group of people had reflexes that allowed them to dodge at the mere sound of a gunshot, so only when she could commit to something out of their expectations…

Could she shoot with certainty?

And once the first shot was out, there would not be such a wonderful opportunity again.

The other players would attack.

On the left side in front of her…

She was like a predating leopard. No matter how well the prey was hidden, there was a special way to determine their location based on their breathing.

Right there. There should be a person lying down.

Just like her…

Gu Qingjiu only had a vague feeling, and she hesitated for a moment.

But Elder Gong’s words before the competition suddenly flashed in her mind.

“Only trust your intuition, do not care about the rest.”

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