Why Did You Summon Me?

Chapter 571 - Shattering the Stars

Chapter 571: Shattering the Stars

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“If we can find a way to move those three stars away, or block them off, this light that weakens us will be gone for good!” The Astrologer Walker said, as he brought out a star chat and pointed at three stars.

Although it seemed an impossible task, it was much better to have an option than none at all. Was it possible for a person to move the stars? Nature was guarded by Laws, which were invincible, so how could it be tampered with? Furthermore, the Voidwalkers were already being weakened by the light.

“Is that all?” Someone suddenly asked from behind. “Why don’t we just shatter some stars, then?”

It was the Fairy Walker that had spoken. Ignoring the gazes that turned her way, she looked down at the chart, studying it with interest.

“Do you hear yourself, woman? You’re suggesting that we ‘shatter some stars’. Those are celestial bodies!” The Astrologer Walker rolled his eyes, despite knowing that the Fairy Walker was, in a sense, the wife of his boss, Baiyi.

“You said that the stars are fake,” the Fairy Walker calmly replied.

“That is precisely the reason why they are untouchable!” The Astrologer Walker said in rebuke. It was as though he were a professor teaching a bumpkin quantum physics. He looked at the First Walker and said, “Look, Sir Archmage, I suggest we attempt to create something like a fog to block the star, preventing their light from shining down on us. That’s reasonable, isn’t it?”

“I’m already trying to do that!” The Archmage replied, struggling to form the necessary runes above his hand. The Archmage had some spells in mind that could accomplish the task, and he also knew how to cast them even through unfamiliar mediums; however, he had tried twice already, and both attempts ended in failure. Try as he might, the clouds he conjured, using three times the required mana, dissipated the instant they came in contact with the light. The Archmage was beginning to wonder if the phrase “the clouds would not hide the sun” [1] was more factual than imaginary.

The Fairy Walker was unperturbed by the Astrologer Walker’s words. As though thrilled by the danger they faced, her lips curled up as she said, “You’re wrong. They can be touched, and they can be destroyed! The Wind has revealed it to me!”

“What the… How the hell?” The Astrologer Walker’s eyes widened in disbelief. During the daytime, even he, an expert on astrology, needed a pair of shades and a unique stargazing technique to locate the three targets. However, the Fairy Walker had managed to do so with her eyes closed.

“Even if they can be touched, it doesn’t mean they can be reached,” the Archmage said with a tinge of regret. “Such a feat is beyond our capabilities and that of magic.”

“No; it’s just beyond your capability,” the Fairy Walker replied. Without waiting for a reply, she turned around and shouted in fairy language, “Give me the bow, Nydore!”

A gigantic grey bow appeared in her hand. It was as though it had crossed dimensions to reach there. That bow was none other than the Divine Weapon of the fairies: the Caudillo Butterfly bow.

“I need to go up, as high as possible!” the Fairy Walker said.

The request was not an easy one. Under normal circumstances, a levitation spell would have solved this; however, the current circumstances were not normal.

“Hah! That’s something I can help,” the Caveman Walker beamed, after which he skillfully climbed the tallest tower in the city. It only took a few seconds for him to reach the top of the tower, and then he waved at the Fairy Walker.

“I’ll reduce your weight as much as I can,” said the Soul Armature Practitioner. He gathered his mana into a simple levitation spell, which he then cast on the Fairy Walker, making her as light as a feather. Due to the present circumstances, he would have to continue feeding the spell with mana until the Fairy Walker had done what she needed to do.

“I’ll help as well,” the Archmage said. He pointed his staff at the Fairy Walker, teleporting her right onto the Caveman Walker’s shoulders.

Golden light burst out of the Caveman Walker, and he let out a loud warcry as he threw the Fairy Walker up with every bit of power he could muster. The immense recoil caused the tower to collapse instantly.

The Fairy Walker pierced through the clouds like an arrow. In a few seconds, she had reached the stratosphere, an area where the humans of Isyhtre could not dream of reaching. Frost had covered the tips of her hair, yet the stars she targeted remained far out of reach.

“No, no! We need to do something!” The Fairy Walker cried.

“Help is coming. Allow me,” the Warrior Walker said within the Void.

The Fairy Walker quickly switched places with the Warrior Walker. Upon her arrival, the Voidwalker twirled gracefully only to see a massive fireball heading her way. She grunted softly, and ice-blue flames burst out of her, instantly forming an azure dragon. The flame dragon collided with the fireball, making the Archmage lose hair to create and deliver to the woman’s current altitude.

From above the clouds in the sky, an explosion that sounded a lot like thunder suddenly rattled the world. This was as a result of the collision between a magic spell and a combat chi dragon, and the shockwave was strong enough to propel the Warrior Walker even higher.

“Go get’ em, girls!” The Archmage cheered. However, he sighed a moment later. “That boy… Why is he so much better at choosing women than I am?”

The shockwave had propelled the Warrior Walker into orbit; on Earth, this was the destination of most satellites. In this universe, space was a bright blue. It looked like part of the sky, making one feel as though there was no limit to the sea of blue above.

However, the air here was so thin, it may as well not exist. The temperature was so low, the bowstring of the Caudillo Butterfly bow had begun to freeze. If the Voidwalker ascending had been wearing normal armor and not the Divine Leathersuit, they would have long since frozen solid.

“More… Just a little more!” The Fairy Walker muttered anxiously.

“Me! Let me!” The Assassin Walker said in the Void, switching places with the Warrior Walker. Using her unique technique, her body flashed three times, propelling her further toward the stars.

“This is as far as I can go!” The Warrior Walker apologized and relished control of the Divine Leathersuit back to the Fairy Walker, who gratefully replied, “Thank you, everyone. I won’t let all that be in vain!”

She flipped backward gracefully and pulled the bowstring as far back as it could go, by pushing the notch away with her foot. It was as though she was the magnificent bow’s arrow.

As the Fairy Walker poured her power into the Caudillo Butterfly bow, it transformed into an enormous butterfly. In the vast emptiness of space, the Fairy Walker looked as though she was waltzing with a gigantic black butterfly. There was no arrow on the bow still. It was uncertain if she planned to act as a bow.

The Fairy Walker caressed the bow and whispered, “Go; shatter the stars!” Then, she let go.

A dazzling glare, which was brighter than the golden light covering Isythre, shot out from the bowstring, separating into three radiant arrows in midair. All three arrows powered through space, speeding towards the fake stars.

As the arrows streaked through space, the Fairy Walker could hear muffled sounds beside her ears. It was as though something enormous and ancient had woken up to watch her.

However, the Fairy Walker was now weak, having put all her strength into that shot. Without checking if she had hit her targets, she began to fall. As gravity took over, her falling speed drastically increased, causing her to slowly lose consciousness. She could not help but mumble, “I demand… a prettier, better body next time, my dear…”

Although the durability of the Divine Leathersuit was great, it would be unable to withstand the crash that was to come. The Soul Armature Practitioner’s Levitation Spell had stopped working when the Fairy Walker reached space, and she was still outside its maximum range of effect.

Suddenly, the Fairy Walker felt her falling speed greatly reduce, and a few minutes later, she hit something as hard as the ground. However, she did not hear the explosion she expected such a fall to create.

“What’s going on? There’s no pain,” the Fairy Walker whispered in confusion.

Something below her suddenly spoke, “Ow. What a weight…”

Although the Fairy Walker had landed on something hard, whatever it was had a soft voice. She slowly got to her feet and realized that she was atop a magnificent white dragon!

“Y-you?!” The Fairy Walker in disbelief. “You saved me?”

Aya sneered. It was obvious that she had done it reluctantly and had no plans to do it again.

“Oh, ho ho! You, little man-stealer! You must have some galls to face me! Should I wrestle a dragon today?” The Fairy Walker exclaimed, reinvigorated by the unexpected turn of events. She made her way over to Aya’s neck with the Caudillo Butterfly bow in hand. It was as though she intended to strangle the dragon with the bow.

“Y-you vile vixen! I shouldn’t have saved you!” Aya growled.

“I’m better than a thirsty homewrecker!”

“How dare you! I was here first; we even have a child together!”

“Um, do you think something’s wrong with Aya? Her flying was a little weird,” the Soul Armature Practitioner said out loud, watching the white dragon fly in S-shaped and B-shaped manners. “Do you think she got hurt catching the Fairy Walker? But, I’m sure my Levitation spell made it in time…”

“Let’s not meddle in the affairs of women, shall we? We better use this time now to fix our damaged formations and gears. There’s a war taking place, after all,” the Archmage hurriedly replied. It was evident that he was in the know.

By the time Aya landed, both women had tired themselves out. Aya instantly transformed back into her human form and glared at the Fairy Walker, who was lying on the grass, too tired to sit up.

“It seems we prevailed,” the Fairy Walker said, admiring the blue sky above. The golden light was receding gradually, making way for the sunlight to once again light up the realm.

The Fairy Walker closed her eyes, enjoying the sunlight.

Aya was just as tired as the Fairy Walker was. She sat down next to Fairy Walker and closed her eyes. They were just two friends enjoying each other’s company.

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