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Chapter 421 - Chapter 421: Placing a Bet

Chapter 421: Placing a Bet

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The host raised his voice and said, “Besides, the prize money is very high. If anyone is willing to participate, you can sign up now.”

Such a random match had already happened in the previous matches.

Moreover, the prize money was very high. The competition was originally not arranged to be long, but because more and more people were participating, it was actually extended by a full three hours.

Therefore, when the host talked about the competition schedule today, his tone became very high-pitched.

Although there would be deaths in the competition, the prize money was so high that there were indeed many people participating.

Humans die for wealth, birds die for food.

Humans would always chase after benefits.

Therefore, it was no wonder that people were signing up one after another.

Zhao Siman, who was beside Xu Wenping, slowly stood up as she looked at the crowd.

‘Til go and sign you up. Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

Xu Wenping smiled and glanced at Song Haiyang.

Song Haiyang also looked in their direction with a satisfied expression.

“Mr. Xu, you’re really bold. You actually dare to compete. I really admire your courage!”

After he finished speaking, he made a gesture with his hand, meaning that Xu Wenping should be careful.

After that, he turned around, picked up his phone, and dialed a number.

Soon, the other party picked up the call.

Song Haiyang didn’t say anything directly. He just said calmly, “I’m sending you a message about something. You should start preparing immediately. I don’t want him to see the sun tomorrow.”

He spoke in a very sinister and solemn manner. It was obvious that he was harvesting people’s lives.

After saying that, Song Haiyang hung up the phone.

Then, he turned to look at Xu Wenping and smiled strangely.

As smart as Xu Wenping was, how could he not know what the other party was doing?

Needless to say, Song Haiyang must have gotten someone to do something to make Xu Wenping match up with his powerful subordinates so that he could kill him directly.

However, even if Xu Wenping knew that the other party had done this, he couldn’t catch the other party’s weakness, so even if he knew it, it was useless.

Moreover, how could Xu Wenping be afraid?

The competition schedule was over. There were a total of twenty-one groups that had signed up.

Then, the next round of the competition would be for these 21 people to challenge the experts who had won.

As for the ranking order, it was actually messed up, so no one could cheat.

Of course, if they wanted to cheat, it was not impossible.

“Everyone, friends who are participating in this overtime, you can go on stage now.”

Following his greeting, the players who participated in the overtime match went on stage one after another.

Looking at these people who were participating in the overtime, each and every one of them was also very strong. It was obvious that they were all trained.

Some of them even had weapons in their hands. When they walked up the stage, they looked extremely arrogant.

However, when Xu Wenping went on stage, everyone’s eyes could not help but look at him.

He wasn’t tall and sturdy, and from his appearance, he looked more like a pale-faced scholar who didn’t know any martial arts.

Such a person actually shamelessly said that he wanted to come up and compete in martial arts, and even wanted to enter the iron cage for a life-and-death battle.

“D*mn, who gave him the courage?”

“Amazing, brother. Someone like him dares to go up and fight? Wouldn’t this small body be sent flying by a punch?”

“He still dares to go up and fight. Is there something wrong with his brain?”

“Tsk, tsk! How ridiculous. Such trash can go up and fight?”

People were saying all sorts of things. They were even pointing fingers. No one was optimistic about Xu Wenping.

The bets were open and people began to place their bets on who would win.


Xu Wenping’s bets were all over the place. No one was betting on him.

Not only were people not optimistic about Xu Wenping, but they were also extremely contemptuous. Some people even said that if someone bet on Xu Wenping winning, it would be considered that their brains had been kicked by a donkey.

However, there were really people who had lost their minds and were kicked by a donkey.

Among so many people, only this person had bet on Xu Wenping winning.

This person was none other than Zhao Siman.

Moreover, she had bet 200,000 yuan on Xu Wenping, and the odds were actually 1:100.

In other words, if Xu Wenping could win the championship, her 1 yuan would increase by a hundred times.

If Xu Wenping really won, Zhao Siman would become a millionaire.

However, when she bet on Xu Wenping, many people laughed at her.

Seeing that she had bet on Xu Wenping, some people in the crowd also bet on Xu Wenping, but the number of bets was very small.

Some people bought it for 100 yuan, some bought it for 50 yuan, and some even bought it for 10 yuan.

There were dozens of people who bet on Xu Wenping, but the total amount of money they bet on Xu Wenping did not even break 250,000.

Looking at the data, Song Haiyang’s expression was very interesting.

“Haha! I say, Sister Zhao, why are you doing this? You bet 200,000 yuan on him. Firstly, it’s not a lot. Secondly, your 200,000 yuan will probably go down the drain.”

Although he admired Xu Wenping’s martial arts, he did not think that he could win this match.

“Whether we can win or not, it’s not up to you or me. Let’s wait and see.”

Zhao Siman sat down slowly, her expression calm.

Song Haiyang couldn’t help but laugh when he saw her turn around. Then, he said softly, “Why don’t we… How about this? I really like you, and you and I have known each other for so long. Why don’t we make a bet today? If you lose, you’ll leave him and follow me in the future to become my woman. I’ll definitely not treat you badly.”

Song Haiyang spoke with anticipation in his eyes.

“Moreover, with your family’s power and my power, we can definitely do something with each other’s help.”

“Hmph!” He said it very comfortably, but unexpectedly, Zhao Siman snorted coldly and said, “That’s enough! Don’t you think you have too many women around you? You still want me to follow you? Do you think a woman with the surname Zhao is that cheap?”

“No, no, no. I didn’t mean that.”

When Song Haiyang heard Zhao Siman’s words, he immediately raised his eyebrows, and the expression on his face was a little awkward.

“Sister, don’t worry. If you’re willing to be my woman, I’ll chase away all the women you mentioned.”

“Haha! Can a dog change its ways and not eat sh*t? If a man could be not lecherous, the sun will probably rise from the west, right?”

“Sister, look at what you said. I always keep my word.”

“Just listen for now, but you have to see if he wins.”

“No, no, no. What I mean is, let’s make a bet. If he can’t win, you’ll be my woman. How about that?”

“What if you lose?”

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