White-Robed Chief

Chapter 970 - Meeting Face to Face

Chapter 970: Meeting Face to Face

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“Who is it?” Xiao Shi asked out of curiosity. She smiled and added at the sight of Chu Li storing the metal tag and his growing-grimace face, “Afraid of someone?”

Chu Li frowned and slowly nodded.

Xiao Qi commented in a soft voice, “What’s going on? Three minds put together are better than one. We can talk.”

Chu Li sighed. “It’s better if fewer people knew about this!”

“You’re so long-winded!” Xiao Shi snorted.

Chu Li answered, “It’s King Ping.”

“Why did King Ping send someone to see you?” Xiao Shi could not wrap her head around it. “There’s nothing between you two, right?”

“I was involved with King Ping the last time I went to the border.” Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

He was in major trouble this time.

Xiao Qi asked, “For King Ping to send someone over, could it have something to do with Consort Ping’s encounter with the assassin?”

Chu Li nodded.

Xiao Shi’s stunning face turned dull. Her elegant brows were tied up in a knot. “It is indeed troublesome.”

Chu Li had let them in on Consort Ping’s incident.

They knew the mastermind behind Consort Ping’s assassination was not Great Light Peak. Xu Huande left to keep watch over the Imperial Mausoleum due to this yet the Emperor refused to let King Ping know about it.

If the Emperor found out that Chu Li had knowledge of the mastermind all along, he would not be let off lightly like Xu Huande and possibly be silenced.

Chu Li had been keeping that piece of information under wraps to avoid courting death.

It never crossed his mind that King Ping would send someone to meet him. It was obvious that the meet up was to ask about the mastermind.

Chu Li should keep it secret and say he knew nothing if he played safe but knowing Chu Li, he probably would not do so.

“You wish to tell King Ping?” Xiao Qi dully continued.

Chu Li slowly nodded.

“It’ll only cause you harm. There’s nothing good about doing it!” Xiao Qi was angry.

Chu Li nodded.

Of course, he knew nothing good would come out of asking who the killer was but this was a person whose wife was harmed. It was more so for King Ping who spent his days defending the borders, protecting citizens from being ravished by the Li Dynasty’s cavalries yet, in the end, failed to protect his own wife!

Xiao Qi said, “Tell him if that’s your wish.”

Chu Li smiled. “There won’t be good days after this. Surely, the Emperor will harbor hatred.”

“You’re really silly!” Xiao Shi shook her head. “You aren’t that cold-blooded after all!”

Chu Li retorted, “Life would be less interesting if I was that rational!”

He had more of an open mind on life and death with Life and Death Scripture. Moreover, even if the Emperor had an intention to kill him, he would not take matters into his own hands and could only resort to others, so it was not that terrifying.

“Alright then, the Emperor carries the same sentiments about a lot of people anyway.” Xiao Shi helplessly sighed.

Chu Li motioned a fist salute before getting up to leave.

Xiao Shi watched until Chu Li left the courtyard before turning to give Xiao Qi a side glance. “Little sister, he’ll surely listen to you, why didn’t you talk some sense into him?”

“Just let him be,” Xiao Qi replied.

Xiao Shi answered, “King Ping may not appreciate the gesture. He won’t be on good terms with either side.”

“The state of mind of martial artists is most important. He won’t go far in martial arts if he harbors a guilty conscience,” Xiao Qi explained.

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at her. “He’ll cause many problems for himself in the future!”

Xiao Qi replied, “It can’t be helped. He’s not worth relying on if he wasn’t of this nature.”

Xiao Shi thought about it before helplessly nodding.

When Chu Li arrived at his courtyard, a slender young man was already standing there and gestured a fist salute without uttering a word.

Chu Li retrieved the metal tag and handed it over to him. “Let’s speak in the house.”

The slender young man was about twenty years old and at the height of Chu Li’s nose. He had tanned skin and ordinary facial features. There was no glint to his eyes which left a rather dull look to his face. No one would notice him if he was placed in a crowd.

Chu Li took him into the living room and closed the door behind them. He offered him a seat before sitting in the armchair himself. “What is your name?”

“Head Chief can call me Xiao Xu,” The slender young man answered.

Chu Li continued, “Great, Xiao Xu. Does the General need something from me?”

“This is a letter from the General.” Xiao Xu forked out a letter to pass to Chu Li.

Chu Li took the letter and ran his eyes through after opening it. He then rubbed his hands together to crush it to powder.

Xiao Xu remained unfazed and quietly gazed at Chu Li.

Chu Li stood up and took strides with his hands behind his back. His brows were in a tight knot and did not speak for long.

Xiao Xu did not hurry him but silently watched him.

A while later, Chu Li stopped and sighed. “You should return first. I know now and will personally make the trip to the military camp.”

“Yes,” Xiao Xu solemnly responded. “The General is actually just outside Qing Yun Town!”

Chu Li glowered. “Hasty move!”

It was a huge offense for the general to leave the military camp without permission as he had to seek and submit his intention for approval. This general really went overboard. Even if he were to return to Fairy’s Capital, it would not land him in hot water with the Emperor.

Xiao Xu added, “We couldn’t get through to the General.”

Chu Li sighed and slowly nodded. “The General wanted to return to see the consort?”

“Yes.” Xiao Xu nodded.

Chu Li replied,” Without an Imperial Decree, the General shouldn’t return to Fairy’s Capital. Tell him to bear with it. The Emperor will surely order an Imperial Decree!”

“The General could not wait any longer.” Xiao Xu shook his head.

Chu Li sighed and slowly nodded. “We’re only human! You should return first, I’ll come looking for the General.”

“Yes.” Xiao Xu motioned a fist salute before turning to leave.

Gazing at his receding figure, Chu Li fell deep into thought before disappearing out of sight.

The next moment, he appeared in a forest outside Qing Yun Town.

Under the clear moonlight, a barely inhabited dense forest lay at the bottom of a mountain, just over six hundred fifty feet off the road.

Eight middle-aged men formed a circle and guarded an elder of dark complexion within. The elder was of a towering build, erecting tall like a javelin. He appeared domineering even when sitting on a tree stump.

The elder sat in front of a bonfire, silently staring blankly at the leaping flames. With the surrounding cricking sound of insects exceptionally clear, a certain bleak sorrow could be felt through his imposing grandeur.

The eight middle-aged Protectors reeked of inauspicious power, leaving others to hang back in fear.

The sudden appearance of Chu Li alerted the eight middle-aged Protectors, prompting them to surge killing intent towards Chu Li. Their cold deadly eyes fixated on Chu Li, as though his life meant nothing and could be taken in an instance.

Chu Li solemnly called out, “Your Royal Highness!”

The elder with dark complexion turned over to look. He waved his arm and dully answered, “Let him in.”

The eight middle-aged men moved and made a gap in the circle.

Chu Li walked through the gap into the circle before the elder. He greeted with a fist salute before sizing up the elder with a dark complexion. He smiled. “Your Royal Highness, you’re able to pull wool over others’ eyes but there are certain people who could see through you.”

King Ping slowly nodded. His sharp eyes seeming able to see through Chu Li. “I believe you know my intention!”

Chu Li nodded. “Yes.”

He could tell King Ping was wearing a mask, similar to the Fog Beast mask he obtained. However, it was more exquisite as one would not be able to tell that it was mask even in close range.

If it were not for his sharp senses and ability to see through the body, he would not have been able to conclude that this was King Ping.

“Do you have anything to tell me?” King Ping’s blood-shot eyes were growing fierce. He was suppressing the emotion surging within him.

Chu Li sized up the eight middle-aged Protectors.

King Ping waved his arm and said,” Retreat beyond three hundred feet!”

“General!” One of the middle-aged Protector cried out.

“I’m not frail,” King Ping replied in a low voice. “Stand back!”

“… Yes.” The eight middle-aged Protectors glared at Chu Li before helplessly retreating three hundred feet to form an encirclement.

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