White-Robed Chief

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Exorcist

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Chu Li furrowed his eyebrows and nodded his head.

He had already activated the Omniscient Mirror. The monk was definitely a cunning one. He ate the secret herb without hesitation and stimulated the potential of his entire body. His power multiplied and the Sentience Menace was pushed to its full power. It glowed a purplish-gold shade.

The Sentient Menace had thirty-six different methods of cultivation. It was separated into six layers; cultivating the skin, flesh, tendon, meridian, bones and the marrow.

The first layer appeared as a golden color while the second layer was a purplish-gold color. When the purplish-golden light manifested, that meant the Sentient Menace was invincible. Nothing could bypass it now.

“Amitabha Buddha…” The monk chanted. His anger and killing intent subsided and like a leaf, he descended upon Chu Li with his hands in an open palm strike.

Chu Li turned around and left.

He had the Infinite Azure Sea which would multiply his power. As the strongest sect in the world, it was only expected that the Tempest Temple would not be lacking in any martial arts technique. However, none of them had the Life and Death Scripture and so Chu Li did not put too much time into practicing the technique. Even if he had practiced it, he would not dare to use it freely. But in a life and death situation, he naturally stopped caring about it.

The power of the monk multiplied and he used the Mountain’s Thrusting Palm. Chu Li did not plan on taking any damage so early in the fight so he avoided it for good measure.

“Where are you going!?” The monk shouted in anger. He took a large step and like a meteor soaring across the sky, he appeared right behind Chu Li in an instance. The monk’s outstretched palm looked as if it would be a slow attack but in a split second, it had landed on his back.

Chu Li managed to dodge the attack and rushed towards the woods.

The monk followed closely with fast movements and his palm struck out at lightning speed. Chu Li could barely avoid his strikes. Within a few moments, they had already traveled ten miles.

Chu Li whizzed through the forest, using the trees as a layer of defense. The trees were only as wide as the girth of a wrist and hence the monk broke through it easily with his astonishing strength. Wherever he went, there would be more than twenty trees around him left broken in half.

With a mad expression on his face, the monk glowed a purplish-gold looking akin to an angry Buddist arhat. His vigor was strong and powerful. It was as if he had vanquished dragons and tigers.

Chu Li knew that he would not remain powerful for long. No matter how much of a miracle that magical herb was, he would not be able to last for long. It was why Chu Li was patiently wasting time away to dodge the monk.

As the Infinity Sea of Azure enters the third layer, his meridians started to hurt.

Chu Li quickly took out a porcelain bottle and consumed two pills of the Torso Refiner.

As soon as the Torso Refiner entered his stomach, it transformed into a fresh spiritual force circulating in his meridians and repaired all the minor damages.

Chu Li continued to use his Light-body Technique, all the while glad that he had the Torso Refiner and was able to last longer. Now, he just needed to figure out how to further waste the monk’s time to see who would last until the end.

The two of them had already played chase for more than fifty miles. As they neared the forest’s exit, the monk made a swift turn and disappeared in a split second.

Chu Li slowed down but did not give chase. He saw through the monk’s ploy. The monk was trying to go for a sudden offense to catch Chu Li off guard. If Chu Li had chased after him, he would have fallen into the monk’s trap. He knew the monk was holding onto the last strike of the Mountain’s Thrust just for him.

He leaned on a tree and spiritual force rushed into his body. Along with the circulation of the Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique, it was healing his meridians just as if he had dipped into a hot spring.

The spiritual energies from the plants circulated, it’s effects now potent due to the Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique. A moment had barely passed when his meridians healed completely and the pain disappeared. His meridians returned to its original form and even increased slightly to be a little tougher than before.

Chu Li was in no hurry to chase after the monk whose power had expanded rapidly. It would be incredibly hard to face his tyrannical strength. The monk’s footprints were even clearer than before so it would be easy to track him down. With the added help of the Omniscient Mirror, he would be unable to hide at all.

About half an hour later, Chu Li calculated that the medicine’s effect was over and he began his chase again. After gliding through the forest for half an hour, he finally caught sight of the monk in front of a wide river.

He was sitting on a bed-sized green stone facing the river. The monk was seated in a lotus position and looked rather solemn.

As he felt Chu Li got closer, the monk opened his eyes and looked at Chu Li with furrowed brows.

Chu Li stood next to a huge river with fast flowing water. He rushed towards the monk with a slight smile on his face. “Hello, monk. We meet again!”

“How did you locate me..?” The monk asked calmly, his voice slightly hoarse.

Chu Li smiled. “My nose is very sensitive.”

Against someone as cunning as this monk, it was clear that he should not be telling the truth.

“I see…” The monk sighed. “You are indeed a genius. It’s such a pity you didn’t join our temple. What a waste, what a waste…”

The monk looked weak and appeared to have difficulties speaking. That was due to the side effects of the secret herb.

Chu Li smiled. “I too think that’s pitiful. Well, are you ready to continue to the afterlife?”

The monk took hold of the opening and dashed towards the river at an incredible speed.

Chu Li swung his hand, a light flashing towards the monk. The river whirled around the monk’s body. The water turned red momentarily before it was washed away by the stream.

The monk’s body sank to the bottom of the river and Chu Li used his Omniscient Mirror. He realized that the monk was fine. The strike had hit his throat, but it had not killed him.

Chu Li frowned. This monk was difficult to handle. He had pretended to be weak just now. You really could not underestimate the Tempest Temple. Of course, there were other secret herbs that could counter the side effects.

The flying blade had only pierced through the skin of his throat. It had injured the monk, but not to much effect.

Chu Li glided along the riverside, chasing after the monk that was now coursing along the river. He needed to strike him once more to completely destroy him.

The monk held his breath under the river, letting the current drag him away.

Unfortunately for the monk, Chu Li’s Omniscient Mirror could see him clearly. No matter how he would conceal himself, he was not going to get away. Chu Li followed from afar, not wanting to rush into the water.

Chu Li had not mastered the water. It would be harder for him to act if he had gone under. The river would only serve to reduce the power of his flying blade. He waited by the riverbank, knowing the monk would not be able to stay in the water for long. He would need eventually need to come out of the water.

An hour passed and the monk finally thought that he had gotten rid of Chu Li. He hopped out of the river, his body glowed a purplish-gold light. Even though he still had the Sentient Menace, he was still taking heavy precautions towards Chu Li.

Chu Li soared towards him and the two continued their fight at the riverside. Palms and fists clashed against each other and hundreds of moves were made in the blink of an eye. The monk turned and ran.

Chu Li followed, but he could not do a thing against the monk. As long as the Sentience Menace remained active, no weapon could pierce through him. Even the flying blades were useless. He could only exhaust him of his inner energy. The both of them continued to fight in the woods.

Suddenly, Chu Li stopped. There were four monks hidden in the woods, all prepared for an ambush. They were all decent fighters and one of them was even stronger than the monk he currently fought.

It seemed as if there was a method of communication between the monks from the Tempest Temple. He knew through the Omniscient Mirror that this monk had no idea of the existence of the other four. It seemed like the four monks found the monk instead.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “Consider yourself lucky today, monk! Farewell then!”

He turned and swiftly moved away. The monk stood still with his brows furrowed, puzzled. Chu Li was definitely not so righteous that he would spare his life!

Four monks glided towards him. “Brother, are you alright? Do you want to chase after him?”

“It’s you, senior brothers!” exclaimed the monk as he pieced the two together and shook his head. “You won’t be able to catch up to him!”

“We can’t be letting him go off that easily?”

“Senior brother, he is very cunning. We need to keep our guards up around him!”

“Are you scared of him?”

“Our two brothers, Jan and Yan, were killed by him. They are now resting in paradise.”

“He killed Jan and Yan?”

“Sun Junior brother, that guy is so young and he’s already this powerful? Which sect is he from?”

“The Yi’s Public House!”

“The Yi’s Public House is getting desperate. To produce such a strong person, could it be that it is one of the masters from the Xiao family?”

“He is merely a guard.”

“If a guard from the Public House is this good, it seems like we shouldn’t look down at the Yi’s Public House.”

They discussed the topic although they did not pursue their own wishes. The monk briefed everyone on what had happened and the other four monks’ facial expression soured.

“Brother, this isn’t a small matter,” A middle-aged monk said with a furrowed brow. “Such a person should be gotten rid of before he becomes the calamity upon our Tempest Temple”

“Hmm, I agree!”

“Dispatch the Brothers from the Hall of Exorcist!

“Yes.” The monk replied and nodded.

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