White-Robed Chief

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Scripture of Sword

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Of course she was familiar with Chu Li’s background. Having grown up in the Autumn Temple, he had been building his dharmic base since he was a kid. Amongst his peers, he was the strongest.

Even though the dharmic influences of the Tempest Temple were far more intense than the ones of the normal temples, Chu Li could probably handle it. Afterall, he grew up living and breathing dharmic values. His dharmic base was ranked far higher than most people. He might just be as good as the followers of the Tempest Temple.

“Practising martial arts from the Tempest Temple depends on one’s dharmic base, the stronger they are, the faster and safer they master the techniques. However just because you have a strong dharmic base does not completely discount you of all risks. As soon as you feel like you’re losing control of your killing intent, you should stop immediately!” Xiao Qi warned.

Chu Li nodded and smiled as he said, “I’ll be careful, we’ll see how it goes.”

“There’s no need to rush,” Xiao Qi waved her hand. “The Sentient Menace is very hard to train. If you don’t have the foundation of the Tempest Temple, learning it would be slow.”

Chu Li arched his eyebrows.

Su Ru smiled. “But if he actually completes it, it would be really amazing!”

Xiao Qi glanced at her.

Su Ru quickly smiled. “But of course, it would really troublesome. If the people from the Tempest Temple find out, they will definitely do something about it!”

“They’ll cripple me?”

“Of course!”

“Is that a little too extra?”

“They are known for being ‘extra’, hence no one dared to oppose them. The other three sects simply don’t stand a chance against them!”

“… I see,” Chu Li nodded.

“I’ll tread carefully. Has the Public House not tried to take them down?”

“It’d just be a waste of time and effort.” Su Ru waved her hands. “They aren’t under our jurisdiction either. We’ll let the Zhong Public House worry about them.”

Chu Li furrowed his brows. “Can the Zhong’s Public House deal with them?”

He did not believe it. The Public House was definitely weaker than the temple. If it were stronger, the temple would have already been taken down already. No matter how strong the Zhong Public House believed they were, it was impossible to take the Tempest Temple down.

“There still exists a form of check and balance.,” Su Ru looked over to Xiao Qi. “no matter what the Tempest Temple doesn’t dare to burn bridges with the Public Houses. After all, there’s still the Imperial Court.”

As powerful as the Tempest Temple was, they would not dare to go against the Imperial Court alone. A temple opposing an entire dynasty? Even if they somehow win, the ramifications of that would be huge, and the other three sects would definitely seize the opportunity to take them down.

“Lady Xiao! Are there any other martial arts resources related to the Tempest Temple in the Public House?”

“Chu Li, have you already thought it through and set your heart to learn it regardless?”

Chu Li nodded. “I would like to see just how intriguing the techniques of the Tempest Temple truly are.”

“… Alright,” Xiao Qi nodded. “Follow me!”

Three of them boarded the boat and floated over to the Jade Guardian Island.

The lantern lights on the island were as bright as day. Under the shine of the lights, all the ornaments and painted buildings looked like gods and goddesses resided in them.

The three of them arrived at the StarStargazing Tower. Xiao Qi opened a drawer and took out a box. She opened the box and took out a golden colored book which she handed to Chu Li.

“This is the Tempest Temple’s most basic heart technique.”

Chu Li took the book, it was made of neither paper nor cloth. It felt a little weird. There were a few words on it. “Buddha’s Devil Desolation Scripture.”

Chu Li furrowed his brows. He flipped the book and realized it was a buddhist scripture.

“This is the introductory heart technique practiced by all members of the Tempest Temple. The heart technique protects the temple and can be used to repress the evil intent inside you.”

Xiao Qi shook her head.

“As long as you’re capable of reaching the first level of it, you’ll be able to learn the martial arts of the Tempest Temple. Those that are unable to pass the introductory level can’t learn the martial arts of the temple.”

“Very well….”

Chu Li flipped through the book, immediately memorizing everything as he scanned it with the Omniscient Mirror.

The scripture was powerful beyond comprehension; it contained religious text that promised an elevation of one’s state of consciousness if they comprehended. Some parts of the scripture were chants. Upon completion of those chants, one would be able to directly receive spiritual force and wisdom from the third heavens. Some parts of it required projection paired with meditation to unravel treasures within one’s own consciousness.

“It’s useless,” Xiao Qi continued. “It is said that prior to the practicing the Buddha’s Devil Desolation Scripture, one has to be enlightened, which is why it has not been passed down to outsiders. Their absurd confidence and lack of fear of it being leaked to outsiders stem from the fact that anyone who learns it will die!”

Chu Li slightly nodded.

There was no way to achieve enlightenment outside of a temple since not just any other person could achieve enlightenment. Simply relying on meditation alone was not enough.

There were probably not that many people who were enlightened in the Tempest Temple either. Even if they were, they would not leave the temple. Hence outsiders would not even bother thinking about getting a glance at the secrets of the Tempest Temple.

“Lady Xiao is trying to make me give up, is that right?” Chu Li returned the book.

“I know you’re a smart one. You usually break the rules and do what the others here can’t do, thereby achieving things others can’t,” Xiao Qi said.

Chu Li smiled.

“But you still need to careful with these types of things. It isn’t that easy to learn the Sentient Menace!”

“Alright, if I don’t manage anything out of it, I’ll give up.” Chu Li said.

Xiao Qi nodded. “That would be the best option.”

Truly she did all of this in order to dissuade him as much as possible, or at least reduce his confidence. If he had actually put all of himself into learning the Sentient Menace, it might destroy him.

The smart ones were always over-confident. No matter how they tried to convince Chu Li, it would not make a difference. He would only give up when he finally hits a wall.

Allowing him to see the scripture was to plant a seed of doubt within him. Without mastering the heart technique, he would not be able to learn the Sentient Menace. So he would just practise it casually without much hope for success, rather than blindly dive into it with excessive confidence and land himself in danger.

“Su Ru,” Xiao Qi called.

“Yes.” Su Ru answered knowing what she needed to do. She walked around the same drawer and took out a small jade bottle from the other side. It was as small as a thumb, sparkling white and translucent.

She handed the bottle to Chu Li.

“Chu Li, this is the seed of the Andromeda, see if you can successfully grow it.”

“The Andromeda?” Chu Li tried to search for it in his mind. He found it really relatively quickly, and exclaimed, “You really need it?”

“Hmm. I am using it for cultivation,” Xiao Qi said.

Chu Li furrowed his brows and looked at her.

“No worries, I am aware of the side effects,” Xiao Qi said.

Chu Li nodded. The Andromeda was very pretty, but it also triggered hallucinations. If one had came into contact with its nectar, one would have the urge to kill oneself. A lot of people could not recognize it, and they only thought that it was splendid and beautiful so they would plant them in their garden. In the end, they all succumbed to it.

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him. “You talk too much! Lady Xiao wants to use it for medication and cultivation. So can you do it?”

Chu Li smiled. “I will try.”

“Try?” Su Ru angrily replied, “This flower is very important!”

Chu Li looked over to Xiao Qi and smiled. “Yes! I will definitely succeed in planting it!”

“Now that’s what I’m expecting!”

“The heart technique I train is different from the others, I need this flower to train my temperament,” Xiao Qi said.

Chu Li nodded. “Yes, you need not worry, Lady Xiao. I will try my best to bloom it as soon as possible.”

“Mmhmm.” Xiao Qi nodded. “You don’t have to worry about the Raging Tiger Troupe, I’ll handle it.”

“Thank you, Lady Xiao!” Chu Li wrapped his fists and tactfully left.

The wind at the lake was extremely humid as it gently lifted Su Ru’s sleeves.

She stood at the shore and quietly looked over at the lake water afar.

“Chu Li, you have to keep the Andromeda a secret. And you have to plant it as soon as possible!”

Chu Li nodded,”Why does Lady Xiao need it so much?”

“It is the key to her cultivation.” Su Ru turned and looked at him with her eyes that were as clear as water. “with the Andromeda, she can improve her cultivation levels and feel a little better.”

“I will try my best.” Chu Li nodded.

Su Ru tilted her head and looked at him. “Are you not curious as to what heart technique Lady Xiao is cultivating?”

Chu Li shook his head. “I am not interested.”

“You’re quite tactful!” Su Ru smiled. “Lady Xiao’s martial arts are all from her mother, and Madame was a member of the Green Deer Cliff.”

“Eh?” Chu Li was startled.

He had not known about this part of Lady Xiao’s background. Green Deer Cliff!

The Green Deer Cliff was one of the top four sects in this world. They were a legendary sect that had existed for thousands of years, their roots ran so deep that even he could not even begin to fathom. He had never thought that Lady Xiao’s mother was one of them!

“Madame died young, and she only left a sword technique scripture to Lady Xiao,” Su Ru shook her head and said, “I am not sure what Madame was thinking. She could have just passed the martial arts of her sect down to Lady Xiao.”

“Maybe there are rules.” Chu Li said.

Su Ru rolled her eyes.

“Madame had found this particular sword scripture by chance. No one had cultivated it before and Lady Xiao is looking into it all by herself, albeit very slowly. But because it was passed down by her mom, she must learn it.”

“Lady Xiao is already an Innate Master, her progress shouldn’t be slow.” Chu Li said.

Su Ru got angry. “If it wasn’t for this sword scripture, she would probably already be a Grandmaster with her unique qualifications!”

Chu Li smiled.

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him. “Do you not believe me?”

“I do.”

“You have no choice but to believe!” Su Ru scoffed, “Lady Xiao has photographic memory, and she can master any martial art that she picks up with ease. If it weren’t for this sword scripture… Hmph!”

Chu Li raIsed his brows and nodded.

He had used the Omniscient Mirror on Lady Xiao before. Her vigor was very strong, so Su Ru was not lying about it at all. The first step to becoming a Grandmaster was to have strong vigor, after all. Only with enough vigor could one be qualified to challenge the boundary of the Grandmaster.

The heart technique Xiao Qi was cultivating was very unique, it was similar to the Eye of Insight from Buddhism. It was apparent that this particular sword scripture was a rare item. Madame probably understood its wonders, that was why she insisted Lady Xiao learn it.

The other studies of martial arts, even if cultivated into the boundary of the Gods, still would not be able to reach the level of the Eye of Insight. If a woman could peer into the thoughts of people, there were countless benefits to be had. It was better compared to only knowing martial arts. It was no wonder that Madame had made this choice.

Chu Li knew that other than the Andromeda being powerful, it could also increase one’s vigor.

He thought it had been lost in transmission but here it was…he got to see it again!

“You really want to start a restaurant?”


“I’ll grab two chefs over and then we’ll rent a shop. We’ll have a try first. If it does great then it wouldn’t be too late to start a full-blown restaurant by then.”

“Thank you, Chief.”

“The capital for the shop will be considered as your reward.”

“It’s alright, I have some money right here.”

“Keep them for yourself, it has already been decided!”

“Thanks for footing the bill, Chief.”

“We’re not going to spend Lady Xiao’s money anyway, there’s no need to worry.” Su Ru smiled and pat his shoulder.

The Deity’s Beards were not sold for cheap after all, the military had quite some money to spare too. This time she did not suffer a deficit, she actually earned quite a lot.

Chu Li returned to the East Garden and immediately started to plant the Andromeda without a moment’s notice.

The seed of the Andromeda was very hard to find. Growing it was no simple matter either. He understood that what mattered the most was to keep it a secret. He had set up a parterre in a place that did not catch too much attention, a place where no outsiders could enter.

The Andromeda grew very slowly. Chu Li moved some the energy from other plants over to help it grow. With the help of the other plants, the flower bloomed in only ten days.

The bright yellow little flower was gloriously pretty. It was perfectly bright, tempting people to hold it in their palms.

In the middle of one night, Xiao Qi and Su Ru arrived at the East Garden.

Li Yue had already went back to his room and was deep asleep while Chu Li had been in the Moonlight Orchid parterre for the past ten days. He had been taking care of the Moonlight Orchid and the Nightmare Flower. Even though it seemed weird, Li Yue did not suspect nor interrupt since that meant that he could just sleep soundly.

Xiao Qi and Su Ru came to him without making a noise.

Xiao Qi was wearing a white gown while Su Ru was wearing her apricot gown. Both of them stood next to each other in front of the Andromeda. They looked at the five splendid yellow flowers. Who would have thought that such brightly coloured flowers would have a name such as the Andromeda.

“How is it, Lady Xiao?”

Chu Li turned his head and asked.

Xiao Qi nodded.

“It’s the Andromeda! How did you do it…?”

Chu Li smiled and did not speak a word.

Su Ru rolled her eyes. “So mysterious!… I assume no one found out about it, right?”

“Of course not!” Chu Li nodded.

Su Ru scoffed.

“Seems like you understood! Lady Xiao, shall we pluck them?”

“Hmm.” Xiao Qi nodded.

She was very calm and peaceful as usual like nothing in this world could make her lose her composure. She was always like the water under the well, serene and calm.

Chu Li knew that it was her emotions, and maybe it was a consequence of the sword scripture. The scripture could probably suppress one’s emotions and keep their spirits calm.

Su Ru stowed the five yellow flowers in a jade box and looked at Chu Li.

“Don’t let them bloom anymore first, we’ll wait and see if Lady Xiao still needs them or not.”

Chu Li nodded.

Xiao Qi said, “Chu Li, the issue with the blessed farmland…”

“Lady Xiao, I had already thought about it. It would be best if the blessed farmland was built on the Jade Guardian Island.” Chu Li quickly answered.

Xiao Qi looked at him with her bright eyes.

“It would attract too much attention to build it here, and there simply aren’t enough defensive measures.”

The blessed farmland was like a huge piece of fat meat, no one could possibly resist themselves. If the defenses were not done properly, there would definitely be people who would risk their lives to get to it. It would even escalate to the point that the East Garden becomes a dangerous location. If it was only him then that would be fine, but he would be putting Li Yue in danger too

Xiao Qi deeply groaned for a moment and nodded. “Hmm, that’s good too.”

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