White-Robed Chief

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Raging Tiger

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The sun was bright. It had been two hours since Chu Li finished channeling the medicine’s effect. He pushed the door open and walked out of the room.

The west room had also been opened. Zhao Ying stepped out of the room and rolled her eyes at Chu Li. “Thank you, by the way.”

She clearly felt the changes in her body. Her meridians were stronger now and her inner energy was much smoother, able to be channeled faster.

The level of her martial arts had increased exponentially. She could definitely pass the next Ranking Tower.

“Let’s eat, we need to go as soon as possible.” Chu Li smiled.

“Mmm.” Zhao Ying nodded.

The waiter had sent them breakfast. Both of them ate at the stone table in the courtyard, and then continued their journey.

They spurred the horses and left the town.

There was no one on the main road. The two horses were at full speed, but they could still hold a conversation.

Chu Li shared a story with Zhao Ying and it quickly brightened the mood. They went back to normal, talking and laughing.

Chu Li had read many books and it was simple for him to tell an interesting story. He knew of tales of martial arts much like his own story, and it excited Zhao Ying to no end.

Chu Li suddenly stopped his horse. Zhao Ying did the same and turned to him. “What’s going on, Chu Li?”

Chu Li pointed at the mountain range extending into the horizon. “It’s the Raging Tiger Troupe Mountain.”

“What wrong with it?” Zhao Ying looked at the mountain range.

“There’s an encampment of theirs in the mountains.” Chu Li furrowed his brows. “It’s quite powerful, they like to rob passersby.”

“We’ll be robbed?” Zhao Ying was startled.

“It would be dangerous to not prepare for it.”

“Then what do we do? Do we make a detour?”

“There aren’t any detours.”

“Then we’ll crash our way through!” Zhao Ying held on to her scabbard. “At most, we’ll just end up fighting!”

Her martial arts had been improving very quickly. It was natural that she was itching to try out her newfound abilities. She was not afraid at all.

“There are innate masters over in the encampment of the Raging Tiger Troupe.” Chu Li shook his head.

Zhao Ying’ facial expression changed. She let go of her sword.

Innate masters? They were definitely no match for them! Innate masters could release their inner energy and pass them onto physical items. There was no hope for the duo’s victory regardless of their martial arts skills.

Even with Chu Li’s swordsmanship, he stood no chance against an innate master.

“Just be careful, let’s go.”

“Are we really going?”

“You don’t want to walk back, do you?”

“Oh, alright then.”

Chu Li rode the horse slowly, stepping into Raging Tiger Troupe Territory. The trees on both sides were dense, and behind them was a large mountain peak. The terrain was dangerous, making it seem like one man could hold the pass against ten thousand enemies. It was the perfect place to build an encampment.

“Zhao Ying, if we start fighting, do not show mercy.” Chu Li moved slowly as he muttered.

Zhao Ying hesitated.

“If they don’t die for good and we catch the attention of the innate master as a result, we’ll be in big trouble!” Chu Li said.

“Very well.” Zhao Ying nodded reluctantly.

Both of them travelled for fifteen minutes. Chu Li furrowed his brows, turning his head and signalling to Zhao Ying. She understood and nodded, knowing there was an ambush ahead.

Chu Li reined in the horse and wrapped his fists. “My friends up ahead, do show yourself.”

Zhao Ying drew her sword, ready to fight.

“Hahaha!” Loud laughter rang through the forest.

The branches moved, and six large men came out of the woods, blocking the duo ten meters away with their shining heads. Six bald heads were shimmering under the sunlight.

“My fellow swordsmen!” Chu Li wrapped his fists. “Both of us, husband and wife, have nothing and not a penny to our names.”

Six of the big guys laid their eyes upon Zhao Ying, gazing upon her beauty and delicate face as well as her sexy curves. Their visions fired up, itching to strip and do obscene things to her.

Chu Li furrowed his brows, blocking their vision of her with his horse.

Zhao Ying furrowed her brows and her face sunk. Her burning gaze almost burned through their shirts, making them suffer.

“Offer us the beautiful lady and we’ll spare your life!” The large man looked at Chu Li. “The likes of you shouldn’t be with a lady this beautiful!”

Chu Li furrowed his brows. “Rob the possessions, but not the beauty. These are the rules of martial arts!”

“Rules?” The large man laughed. “Rules? In our mountain here? Fool, we make the rules!”

Chu Li pulled out his sword. “Well then there’s no point negotiating! Let me see what you’ve got!”

“Think wisely, young man. As soon as you pull that sword out, we won’t show any mercy. We’ll kill you, play with the little girl over there, and then kill her as well.” The large man looked at Chu Li as if he were prey. “If you don’t try anything and just let the lady be our mistress for the night, we’ll let you live.”

“Hah! Little boy, if you dare draw that sword, we won’t only kill you, we’ll cut off all your limbs, pull out your tongue, and play with her right in front of you!” Another man laughed as he said.

Chu Li’s eyesight became colder. They must have toyed around with their powers for far too long, and there must have been many who fell prey to their games. They had to die at least a hundred times to make up for it.

“Silence!” Chu Li shouted as he drew his sword and pointed it at them. “I shall punish you criminals, in the name of God!”

“What a great young man!” The leader sneered. “You’ll probably have to watch us pleasure ourselves later, but you still sound so strong-willed! I admire you!”

Zhao Ying drew her sword as well, and placed herself in front of Chu Li. She was a Protector, there was no way she could let Chu Li take the vanguard.

Chu Li did not push her away.

One of the men got closer to Zhao Ying in large strides. The long knife he held in his hands shimmered in the light, emanating the essence of blood; the knife had tasted blood from more than a number of people.

“Hehehe. Little lady, brother here will spoil you!” He smiled lewdly as he swung his knife down like a silver waterfall, its depth fearsomely deep.

“Don’t panic, Zhaoying!” Chu Li gently said as he stepped out to the front, ready to help her at any time.

Zhao Ying’s heart calmed. Chu Li’s voice had a special power, one that had helped Zhao Ying lay down her fears.

She picked up her sword and wielded it, facing the fierce split of the long knife. Her sword was like a swallow facing a large gale. The blade brushed over it sideways and struck through the opening.

The knife and sword clashed against each other. Zhao Ying seized an opportunity and turned the knife around. The large man groaned and dropped the knife, his shoulder injured by the maneuver.

She took back the sword and stood straight, her eyes burning with strength.

The wonderful strike she had made increased her confidence. Her newly refreshed view of Swallow Reversal was incredibly powerful, the feeling of a swallow gliding in the air was truly fulfilling. She had the courage to welcome every challenge.

“This lady has some skills!” The leader stepped to the front. Protecting himself from being pursued by the duo. “I underestimated you people! Interesting.” He sneered as the two stepped back.

Zhao Ying’s confidence swelled and her eyes sharpened. “A bunch of shameless fools, roll over and die.” She gently muttered.

Chu Li shook his head in secret, and sighed. She came off menacing but she still showed mercy to the fools. If it were him, all of them would have been dead already.

“My turn to test this little lady’s skill.” Another man stepped out, eagerly looking at her curves. “I won’t treat you gently” The man smirked.

“Take this!” Zhao Ying engaged.

Her sword flashed and she struck the man. He in turn held up his knife and attacked continuously, the strikes packing much less force compared to the man before him; he was gunning for a different method to defeat Zhao Ying. His blade winded and tangled around like a web trying to bind a swallow.

Zhao Ying’ sword moved swiftly, altering its speed regularly. A motion of twenty moves were made in just a flash.

“Don’t be too hasty, Zhaoying.” Chu Li gently warned her.

Zhao Ying lightly nodded as her slightly impatient heart calmed. She patiently swirled around her opponent, trying to find his weakness.

Her eyes flashed suddenly as she saw an opening and quickly struck!

The large man cried out in pain, dropping his knife and backing off.

Chu Li stepped to the front. With a flash of his sword, the man fell as Chu Li grabbed onto his neck. Blood rushed out of his throat like a waterfall as he repeatedly coughed. He glared at Chu Li, full of resentment.

Chu Li lightly shook off the blood from his sword and glared at the other men. “Still unwilling to let us pass?”

“I’LL KILL YOU!” The man being strangled stared at Chu Li.

He clenched his teeth and barely muttered the words, “You deserved to be cut and sliced apart. As for you, little lady? We will slice you up piece by piece after we finish playing with you! If I were you, I’d have already slit my throat and killed myself!”

Chu Li looked up to the sky and laughed. “You uncultured swine! What arrogance!”

The large man waved off his hand. “Let’s go!”

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