White-Robed Chief

Chapter 1164 - Conflict

Chapter 1164: Conflict

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Liang Yinge appeared on a gigantic rock ten feet away. Due to the night breeze, his green robe fluttered in the air as if he was about to be gone with the wind.

 Chu Li fixed his gaze on him.

 Liang Yinge uttered, “You’re no match for me.”

 Chu Li replied, “Crescent Cryptic’s Nine Kills Trial, a nice martial art.”

 “Your Light Blade may have a high level of attainment, but it can’t stop my Crescent Cryptic’s Nine Kills Trial.” Liang Yinge’s expression remained so calm that he looked indifferent.

 Chu Li knew that it was due to his cultivation. He nodded. “Indeed, your Crescent Cryptic’s Nine Kills Trial is powerful, I’m no match for you.”

 Liang Yinge asked, “Why did you come to die then?”

 Chu Li responded, “I wouldn’t have known how impressive your Crescent Cryptic’s Nine Kills Trial is if I don’t fight you.”

 “Your courage is admirable.”

 “We’ll meet again someday!” Chu Li gave him a fist salute, then disappeared like a shooting star.

 Liang Yinge frowned as he watched Chu Li vanish from his sight.

 He was clueless about how Chu Li found him, which made him restless as he felt like Chu Li would attack him anytime. The Light Blade could be stopped if one was prepared for it, but extremely dangerous if one was caught off guard.

 Liang Yinge scoffed to himself. ‘I’m at a critical stage in my cultivation, I’ll think about eliminating this fella once I advance. I’ll just kill him in the Li Dynasty since I can chase him.’

 Once Liang Yinge decided, his killing intent went away. He returned to the mountain peak and began breathing lunar corona.


 The next day, Chu Li and the others returned to Jade Capital by evening.

 As they were about to enter through the southern gate, they spotted a row of protectors beside the parting pavilion that was 0.3 miles away. The fierce-looking protectors were in high spirits and were masters who had killed many people.

 Elder Su frowned. “It’s Sixth Prince!”

 “Hmph, what’s Sixth Eldest Brother doing here?” Sun Yucheng frowned.

 The four of them looked worn-out since they employed their Light-body Techniques instead of riding their horses to speed up their journey. Hence, when they saw the smart and neat protectors, they were displeased.

 “Perhaps he’s here to welcome an important guest.” Elder Su shook his head. “It’s very likely that he recruited another master.”

 “Hmph!” Sun Yucheng’s face darkened.

 If Sixth Prince became more formidable, Sun Yucheng’s hope for revenge would be reduced.

 Although Sixth Prince was a straightforward person who spoke carelessly, he was generous. He always rewarded those who rendered services, thus managed to rope in many masters. Sun Yucheng’s force was way more inferior as compared to Sixth Prince.

 “It doesn’t matter. No matter how many masters he recruits, can they match Young Zhao?” Elder Ren was unbothered.

 Sun Yucheng smiled.

 Elder Su asked, “Who exactly is he recruiting? Shall we take a look?”

 “Forget it.” Sun Yucheng disagreed. “Everyone’s tired, let’s go back to rest.”

 “Haha…” A loud laugh was heard all of a sudden. Next, the protectors opened a path, where a sturdy middle-aged man strode out. He had an attractive face and a pair of bright eyes. “Twelfth Younger Brother, long time no see!”

 “Sixth Imperial Brother, how are you!” Sun Yucheng sneered.

 Sun Yujing the sixth prince laughed. “I’ve been eating and sleeping well, I’ve been great! On the contrary, you look terrible, Twelfth Younger Brother. You faced trouble during your trip, didn’t you?”

 “You don’t have to be concerned, Sixth Imperial Brother,” Sun Yucheng responded coldly.

 Deep down, Sun Yucheng’s hatred toward Sun Yujing was so strong that he wanted to kill Sun Yujing right away, but he could not do so in public. Moreover, Sun Yucheng might not actually defeat Sun Yujing in terms of martial arts, hence he could not kill him. With that, Sun Yucheng’s plot for revenge had to wait since the Heavenly King Palm turned out to be a disappointment too.

 Sun Yucheng began to feel so irritated that he detested and was furious at Sun Yujing deeply. He mentioned, “I can’t afford your care, Sixth Imperial Brother. Halfway through my journey, a few assassins tried to assassinate me, but I destroyed them. I wonder if they’re your men, Sixth Imperial Brother?”

 “Were there really assassins?” Sun Yujing shook his head as he chuckled. “Looks like you offended many people, Twelfth Younger Brother. You should reflect on yourself for not having good relations with people instead of blaming others, don’t get killed.”

 “I have a tough life, a few petty fellas won’t be able to kill me!”

 “Oh, those who get killed usually think the same. It’s best that you be wary and behave well!”

 “You should be careful instead, Sixth Imperial Brother. After committing many evil deeds, karma will find its way to you one day!”

 “Haha, is this your newly hired protector, Zhao Dahe?” Sun Yujing checked Chu Li out, then nodded. “He surely has a hideous face!”

 Chu Li squinted his eyes at him disdainfully.

 He thought to himself, ‘Looks like he’s mad that I killed his protectors, so he’s making such awful remarks about me.’

 Sun Yucheng giggled. “Yes, this is Brother Zhao. Sixth Imperial Brother, your protectors are totally not worth mentioning. Even if you hire a hundred masters, they won’t be a match for Brother Zhao!”

 “Hehe, what high-sounding sentiments! A hundred masters are no better than him alone?” Sun Yujing scorned. “Nevertheless, he’s quite gutsy to have killed my men. Did he think that I can’t do anything to him just because you have his back, Twelfth Younger Brother?”

 Sun Yujing glared at Chu Li fiercely, then expressed, “I can kill you by just giving an order if I want to!”

 Chu Li looked at him plainly without saying a word.

 Sun Yucheng mocked, “I didn’t know that you’re so capable, Sixth Imperial Brother!”

 “You have no idea how capable I am!” Sun Yujing then asked, “You with the surname Zhao, do you want to live or die?”

 Chu Li asked him in return, “What if I want to die, what if I want to live?”

 “If you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish. If you want to live, you’ll have to obey me!” Sun Yujing scoffed.

 Chu Li curled his lips and shook his head without replying to him.

 It was not because Sun Yujing was a fool, but because he was so outrageous that he could not be bothered to use his wits, and decided to gain control over Chu Li through his superiority as a prince.

 Sun Yucheng ridiculed, “Sixth Imperial Brother, who do you think you are!”

 “Looks like you’re not going to shed a tear until you see your coffin!” Sun Yujing taunted, “You with the surname Zhao, do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?”

 Chu Li replied, “Sixth Prince, you’re being ridiculous. You’re ignorant and dumb, arrogant and laughable. If I were you, I’d shut up!”

 “Dumb? How dare you!” Sun Yujing was instantly enraged which caused his face to turn red.

 He did not expect Chu Li to speak so daringly and was surprised at how unrestrained and disrespectful Chu Li was. Chu Li did not regard him as a prince at all.

 Chu Li continued, “You think that I’m going overboard with my words because I dare not do anything you, right? Sixth Prince, I’m happy to show you my powers if you infuriate me!”

 “How bold of you, ugly freak!” Sun Yujing yelled, “How dare you speak to me so impolitely. Guards, take him down!”

 “Yes!” A reply was heard, then two white-haired elders fluttered toward Chu Li.

 Elder Su and Elder Ren took a step forward to be in front of Chu Li.

 They could tell that the two elders had higher cultivation levels than themselves. It looked like Sixth Prince was deliberately waiting for them to kill Zhao Dahe in front of the others to regain his reputation.

 In an instant, Chu Li disappeared, then appeared in front of Sun Yujing, and waved his palm at him.

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