White-Robed Chief

Chapter 1104 - Outwit

Chapter 1104: Outwit

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Chu Li looked at the two men and said, “You were ordered by the Commander to find faults, weren’t you?”

 “We don’t know what Chief Chu means by that!” The young secret guardian said in a deep voice, “However, the current Secret Guardians Hall is not the Secret Guardians Hall from the past. Chief Chu, please remember not to challenge the law, lest you make things difficult for us!”

 Chu Li shook his head. “If you have no other business, please leave!”

 “Chief Chu doesn’t have to spurn us like that.” Another round-faced young secret guardian smiled. “Do you have something you’re guilty about? Did anything happen?”

 Chu Li narrowed his eyes at the two, knowing that they were here today to find faults in him. They had to go further than usual, or otherwise, they would not be able to explain themselves when they went back. Besides, deep down, they were very excited that there was finally an opportunity now to step on him.

 They were rather envious and jealous of him. So now that there was a chance like this, they would happily step on him.

 “You two must think that I’ll be easily bullied now that my martial arts is crippled, right?” Chu Li asked softly.

 “That’s right!” The round-faced young secret guardian smiled. “Chief Chu, you should know that you’re not as powerful as before. You’re no longer the mighty and awe-inspiring Centurion Chu. Now, you’re just useless trash, so don’t be so bossy anymore. Otherwise, our Secret Guardian Hall won’t be polite!”

 “That’s fine, but that’ll depend on your skill.” Chu Li smiled.

 His body flashed and with two bangs, both of the young secret guardians flew out.

 Chu Li had slapped them out of the hall.

 The two men spun out of the hall and landed on the steps outside, looking miserable.

 They glared at Chu Li in disbelief.

 They knew that Chu Li’s martial arts was crippled and he no longer had strength like before, so they were not worried at all. Even if they scolded Chu Li or slapped him, it would be fine.

 Since he was no longer a secret guardian, and considering that even nobles and ministers could not control the Secret Guardian Hall, they could be as unbridled as they pleased before Chu Li.

 However, they had expected Chu Li to retaliate, which was exactly their objective. They wanted to provoke Chu Li into acting and then take the opportunity to deal with him. When they would explain it to the Commander later, they would definitely be rewarded.

 As for Chu Li, without his martial arts, he was like a tiger without claws and fangs. He was not even worth a mention.

 Chu Li stood on the steps overlooking the two and shook his head. “Did you like that?”

 “Chu Li, how dare you!” The round-faced youngster’s face flushed as he screamed, “We are secret guardians!”

 Chu Li smiled. “I just beat up you secret guardians. Even if I lose my martial arts, I can still clean up idiots like you!”

 “Chu Li, just you wait. Our Secret Guardian Hall won’t just let this go!” the other young secret guardian shouted. “Our Secret Guardian Hall isn’t like how it was before. It will not tolerate anyone who assaults us!”

 “Then I’ll wait!” Chu Li said casually. “Now, get the hell out!”

 The two secret guardians got up and turned to leave.

 They could not see how Chu Li had managed to slap them at all. Although he did not have inner energy, he was abnormally swift, and they were no match for him. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. It would be better to report to the Commander and then discuss what to do.

 Chu Li glared at their silhouettes and said, “Chief Zhu!”

 “Head Chief!” Chief Zhu hurried over.

 Chu Li scoffed, “Tell everyone that if the people from the Secret Guardian Hall come again, just close the gate. Don’t let them in!”

 “Yes.” Chief Zhu quickly nodded. Then, he looked slightly awkward. “But if they try to break in…”

 “Then just beat them until they leave!” Chu Li said casually.

 “Understood.” Chief Zhu quickly nodded before he revealed a worried expression. “Head Chief, I’m worried that our Protectors won’t be able to defeat the Secret Guardian Hall.”

 “That would depend,” said Chu Li.

 “Yes!” With that, Chief Zhu stopped speaking and agreed.

 After that, Chu Li folded his hands behind his back and walked towards the Tianshu Courtyard.

 He mused as he walked. Chu Li had just returned to Fairy’s Capital and people were already rushing to humiliate him. This was the style of an unscrupulous and vile person like Gu Yu.

 ‘It seems like the longer my martial arts isn’t recovered, this kind of trouble will continue.’

 It was a shame that his martial arts was now crippled and it could not be recovered immediately. Otherwise, he would arouse the Emperor’s suspicion.

 He arrived at Tianshu Courtyard, where Xiao Qi and Xiao Shi were playing chess at a stone table.

 When Chu Li entered, Xiao Shi glanced at him and gently said, “Look at your expression. What happened?”

 Xiao Qi also frowned. “Did you teach those secret guardians a lesson?”

 Chu Li said, “There might be some trouble.”

 “They’re quite bold. Aren’t they afraid that I’ll just punish them all?” Xiao Shi scoffed. She grabbed a black chess piece before she gently placed it down.

 Chu Li shook his head. “Now is different from the past. Don’t be rash.”

 “I’ll kill them and then head to the palace to complain to the Empress that they were bullying our orphans and widows!” Xiao Shi said casually.

 Chu Li said, “They’re specifically messing with me. It’s my grudge before it is yours, my lady. When you killed those two secret guardians before, it had caused the status of the Secret Guardian Hall to fall drastically. But since Gu Yu now wants to restore the majesty of the Secret Guardian Hall, he’ll definitely retaliate.”

 This was a deed done previously that had to be repaid now.

 “That Gu Yu really isn’t someone good!” Xiao Shi scoffed.

 Xiao Qi said, “Is he the Deputy Commander of the Secret Guardian Hall?”

 Chu Li nodded slowly.

 “What about the Commander?” Xiao Qi asked, “Did he allow this to happen?”

 “Commander Fu…” Chu Li smiled. “The Emperor doesn’t favor anyone else as much as Gu Yu. Hence, Commander Fu naturally won’t dare to go against Gu Yu. So even he, the Commander, has to listen to Gu Yu. The Secret Guardian Hall has always been the Emperor’s dog.”

 “That really is troublesome.” Xiao Qi frowned.

 Chu Li said, “Gu Yu isn’t someone we have to worry about.”

 He knew Gu Yu very well. Gu Yu had great ambitions but few talents. He thought that he could accomplish great things, but the truth was that he was an arrogant and narrow-minded person who could not tolerate the disobedience of others.

 He could be sure that under Gu Yu’s leadership, the Secret Guardian Hall will deteriorate. To end up with such a person, the Secret Guardian Hall was quite unlucky.

 Although Fu Mengshan was heartless and immoral, he knew how to get things done. Furthermore, his great capabilities — far better than Gu Yu.

 However, Gu Yu could not accept that and wanted to win against Fu Mengshan. It was clear that finding trouble with Chu Li was his attempt to establish awe and majesty, taking the opportunity to push King An’s Imperial Residence around in the meantime. This was also an example to others, to deter the rest of the Imperial Residence and officials.

 At this moment, the sound of footsteps rang out. It was then followed by Chief Zhu’s light call from the outside. “Head Chief, the Secret Guardian Hall Commander Fu wishes for an audience.”

 “Commander Fu?” Chu Li frowned before lowering his voice. “Invite him into the hall and prepare some tea.”

 “Yes,” Chief Zhu responded before briskly walking away.

 Chu Li frowned thoughtfully. The Omniscient Mirror had seen Fu Mengshan standing outside the Imperial Residence, with four Imperial Residence Protectors staring at him.


The four Protectors were standing at the Imperial Residence’s gate now. They were all martial arts masters, and their aura was imposing and frightening.

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