When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First

Chapter 375 - 375 Helping A Friend With Her Popularity, The Story Behind The Contestants

375 Helping A Friend With Her Popularity, The Story Behind The Contestants

Luo Feng watched as flowers bloomed one after another on Xiao Chun’s phone. They were all for Number 15, whom she liked. Moreover, she was constantly cheering for Number 15 on the screen.

He still remembered Xiao Chun’s initial downtrodden appearance. She was overwrought over the termination fee. At that time, Luo Feng had just rented this small farmyard for her to film. Whenever she saw a place that needed to spend money, Xiao Chun would ask if she wanted to deduct it from her future salary.

She was trembling like a little rabbit that had just come out of a cage. Any place that used money would make her frown.


Therefore, in the beginning, Xiaochun worked especially hard. She filmed videos in the day, and at night, in the dead of night, she learned skills from the computer. From ancient methods of making paper to mortise and tenon structures.

As long as she felt that skills were worth displaying, she would basically dabble in them.

Another benefit of learning how to make handicrafts was that it saved money. What she made herself was even sturdier than what he bought. Even if it was broken, she knew how to repair it.

In short, Xiao Chun was especially frugal at that time. She would either send the money she earned home or save it.

Even though Luo Feng was not born into a poor family, Ai Tingya was similar to Xiaochun in the past. Luo Feng could understand her, so she was treated well in all aspects.

He did not expect to see Xiao Chun tipping the contestants.

They were all from the same company. Xiaochun rewarded the contestants as if she was returning the salary that the company had given her to the company.

Seeing Xiao Chun immersed in it and showing her big teeth, Luo Feng’s mind flashed with many scenes from his previous life.

Something about being obsessed with a female streamer and tipping hundreds of thousands of life-saving money.

Something about children who were insensible and stole their parents’ hard-earned money to reward the game streamer?

Something about being obsessed with chasing celebrities and threatening them with death…

These ridiculous human activities flashed past Luo Feng’s eyes.

Xiaochun had once yearned for the stage. Would she project her dreams on a contestant and indulge in spending money on her?

Luo Feng felt that Xiao Chun’s state was very bad. He had to guide her.

He walked out of the room to the courtyard and broke the silence with his usual voice. “Xiaochun.”

“Ah!” Xiaochun was shocked, and the teacup in her hand fell to the ground and shattered. “Boss? When did you come? Oh no! The cup!”

She picked up the fragments on the ground and cried, “This is made from purple sand!”

“Sorry for scaring you,” Luo Feng said.

“Boss, this is your purple sand teacup.” Xiao Chun’s heart ached. It was no different from feeling sorry for her own things. “I just learned the curium porcelain technique. I’ll fix it for you.”

The so-called curium porcelain was a very meticulous craft. It was a very ancient craft to connect broken porcelain or pottery with curium that looked like staples to repair the cracks. The curium could only be made by hand according to the cracks. They would even use gold or silver on the more expensive porcelains.

In this era of industrialization, broken things were replaced with new ones. Few young people knew that porcelain could be repaired even if it was broken.

Luo Feng was slightly surprised.

Unbeknownst to him, Xiaochun had already learned so many skills. He did not expect Xiaochun to remember all the traditional cultural skills that he had mentioned before.

Seeing that Luo Feng was silent, Xiao Chun thought that he was feeling sorry for the teacup and said carefully, “Boss, don’t worry. If I can’t repair it, I’ll buy another set for you.”

“Yes…” Luo Feng was a little hesitant.” This was a gift from your lady boss’s younger brother. He made it by hand. ”

After Ai Tingya became rich, she gave the children in the orphanage a way to make a living. A solitary child was sent to follow a Master to inherit traditional craftsmanship. This tea set was currently his proudest work.

“Ah? It’s so memorable.” Xiaochun lowered her head.

Things with special meaning were unique. No amount of money could buy them back.

Luo Feng had an idea. He could use this opportunity to talk about Xiao Chun’s obsession with giving gifts. He believed that with the enhancement of the teacup, she would definitely remember it.

“Ahem, you can try repairing it. If you can’t, I’ll think of another way. I have something else to tell you,” Luo Feng said.


“I saw that you’ve been giving gifts to ‘Idol Cultivation’. You know that contestants can’t go online for the time being, right?”

“I do.”

“The craftsmanship of these gifts will belong to the platform, which is our company. It won’t be in the hands of the contestants. You know that, right?”

“I do.”

“Then why did you give out so many gifts?!”

“Boss, you’re really something. I’m increasing the company’s profits, but why do you look unhappy?” Xiao Chun had an expression that said, “Are you alright?”

This made Luo Feng speechless.

Xiao Chun continued, “I farm gifts for the contestants I support. When the other audience sees that other contestants have them, they can’t not have the contestants they support. They will also farm with me! This is called throwing a small bait to catch a big fish!”

Hey, that was actually true.

Luo Feng laughed. “That’s a good idea, but you don’t have to spend so much money. I remember that the flowers alone cost 150 yuan per flower.”

“What’s wrong with that? Ah Shuang helped me in the past. I’ll help her gain some popularity as a form of repayment,” Xiao Chun said.

Ah Shuang was the number 15 that she supported.

“Ah Shuang?” Luo Feng found the name familiar. He thought of the child’s letter and smiled. “So it’s her. Does she have a sister at home?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Boss, how did you know?” Xiao Chun was puzzled.

“Ah Shuang’s thank-you letter was written by her sister. There’s also a photo of a young lady inside,” Luo Feng said with a smile.

Luo Feng had carefully read every single one of the pile of thank-you letters. Some of them had beautiful handwriting, some of them were literary, and some of them were beautiful.

What left the deepest impression on Luo Feng was the letter written with Chinese characters in pinyin. He also remembered Ah Shuang’s name.

“It’s not easy for Ah Shuang either. Her parents got into a car accident in their early years and lost their mother. Her father is paralyzed at home, and she still has a grandmother in her eighties and a sister who just went to kindergarten to support.” Xiao Chun said sympathetically, “I want to help as much as I can.”

If the contestants wanted to advance, a large part of it depended on the audience. Xiaochun wanted to increase Ah Shuang’s attractiveness and attract more audience to support her.

“Speaking of which, the arrogance of the number one on the rankings will also increase the popularity.” Luo Feng used his memories from his previous life to talk about it. Xiao Chun’s method was indeed useful.

“I told you.” Xiao Chun smiled. “Boss, don’t worry about me being addicted. I’ll only give what I can.”

Xiaochun put away the teacup fragments and sat down to continue farming gifts. “Tomorrow is the first stage. I have to hurry up and push Ah Shuang’s popularity up so that more of the audience votes for her.”

Xiao Chun opened the group chat as she spoke. Luo Feng saw that the group name was “Ah Shuang’s family and friends group”! There was a person with the nicknames “Ah Shuang’s father” and “Third Uncle Ah Shuang”.

“Uncles, good news. Our boss has a deep impression of Ah Shuang!” Xiao Chun shouted in the group chat.

Luo Feng sweated. It turned out that she was supporting Ah Shuang with the expectations of many people.

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