When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 47 - Revenge!

Chapter 47: Revenge!

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In his daze, Lin Huanhuan seemed to hear intense collisions and heart-wrenching screams.

She wanted to wake up, but she couldn’t open her eyes.

Vaguely, she thought she heard someone gently call her name in her ears—


Who was calling her?

Lin Huanhuan found the voice familiar. She thought about it for a long time and finally remembered that it was Bai Di’s voice.

Was she dreaming?

If so, she hoped the dream would last forever.

Mu Xiang brought the nine cubs to visit. The originally naked wolf cubs had already grown soft fur. They looked like nine round balls of fur.

They sauntered into the house after their mother. It was a very lovely sight.

Bai Di took a bag of jerky for the wolf pups to grind their teeth.

Huanhuan had marinated the meat with seasonings before drying them. It was fragrant but a little hard.

The wolf pups ate with relish.

Mu Xiang glanced in the direction of the bedroom and asked worriedly, “Is Huanhuan still unconscious?”

Bai Di nodded his head.

Mu Xiang sighed. “It’s been three days. Why isn’t she awake? If only the old witch doctor were still around. He would know what to do.”

However, the old witch doctor had gone to another world.

All that was left for them was a broken corpse.

Shuang Yun had been busy dealing with the matters of the wolf tribe in the past few days. He needed to collect the remains of his clansmen and see who had sacrificed themselves this time. He also had to clean the blood in the cave and calculate how much food was left in the tribe…

There were many things to do. Shuang Yun was extremely busy. He had not rested much in these three days.

By the time he got home, he looked extremely tired.

Mu Xiang had already left with her cubs.

Bai Di was feeding Huanhuan.

He fed the crushed fruits into Huanhuan’s mouth.

She couldn’t eat, but he couldn’t keep her hungry, so Bai Di thought of the Sourcing Leaf Fruit. It was very nourishing to the female’s body. It should help her a little… right?

Shuang Yun walked in and stared at Huanhuan’s face for a long time.

He suddenly asked, “Will she keep sleeping and never wake up?”

Bai Di’s hand trembled, but he said with absolute certainty, “She’ll wake up!”

It was unknown if these words were meant for Shuang Yun or for himself.

Shuang Yun stopped talking.

He walked over and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. Then, he nuzzled her cheek.

‘Huanhuan, wake up.’

Lin Huanhuan only woke up the next morning.

She felt a terrible headache coming on.

Bai Di, who was sleeping beside her, woke up immediately.

He picked up the little female and asked nervously, “How are you? Are you feeling unwell?”

After a while, Lin Huanhuan recovered from her headache and asked hoarsely, “Where are we?”

“This is our home. Don’t you remember?”

Lin Huanhuan looked around, then shook her head and frowned. “I feel like I’ve forgotten many things…”

Bai Di asked quickly, “Do you remember me, then?”

Lin Huanhuan stared at him for a long time.

Bai Di tensed.

Had she really forgotten about him?!

Lin Huanhuan suddenly chuckled. “Of course, I remember you. You’re my mate. We have a mate contract.”

Bai Di was relieved. He squeezed Huanhuan’s palm and said helplessly, “Naughty girl.”

After learning that Huanhuan had woken up, Shuang Yun rushed back immediately.

He saw Huanhuan sitting there alive and immediately rushed forward to pick her up.

He buried his face in her neck, but his tone was still as arrogant as before.

“You’re finally awake! If you didn’t wake up, I would’ve… I would’ve…”

Lin Huanhuan raised her eyebrows. “You would’ve what?”

“I-I would’ve mated with you!”

Lin Huanhuan immediately blushed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked his short silver-white hair. “Hooligan!” she whispered.

Bai Di joined in and lowered his head to kiss Huanhuan’s cheek. “I made broth. Come and drink it while it’s hot.”

Over the past few days, Bai Di and Shuang Yun had been worried about Huanhuan’s safety. They barely ate a proper meal. When they were hungry, they would eat some jerky. When they were thirsty, they would stuff a ball of snow into their mouths.

Now that Huanhuan had woken up, the two of them could finally relax. They also had the appetite to eat.

Bai Di’s cooking was getting better. The soup was delicious.

The three of them quickly finished the entire pot of soup.

Lin Huanhuan touched her bulging stomach and sighed in satisfaction. “Fortunately, they didn’t snatch this pot from us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have such delicious meat soup!”

The pot had been sitting in the corner of the kitchen. When Bai Di and Shuang Yun returned, they saw that it was overturned and covered in dust.

Bai Di said, “They don’t know what it is or how to use it. That’s why they didn’t take it.”

If they knew how useful it was, those greedy people from the Black River Wolf Tribe would definitely have snatched it away!

Shuang Yun suddenly said, “We have to go down the mountain tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Lin Huanhuan was very surprised. “Why?”

“There’s not enough food in the tribe.”

After the massacre at the rock mountain, all the food and animal hides in the cave had been looted. Now, there was only food in the cellar of Huanhuan’s house, but the food here was not enough to support more than 200 beasts.

Winter was not over yet. They had to find a way to find enough food to survive the winter. Otherwise, they would have to starve.

Bai Di glanced at Shuang Yun and asked, “Are you planning to go down the mountain to hunt? The snow has sealed the mountain, and the animals in the forest have hidden and gone into hibernation. It’s difficult for you to catch prey. Even if you catch a few, it won’t be enough for so many of you.”

“I know. That’s why I’m not going hunting. I’m going to rob.”

Lin Huanhuan couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you planning to rob?”

“We’ll rob whoever stole from us.”

“You plan to rob the Black River Wolf Tribe? But there are many of them. You might not be a match for them. It’s too dangerous.”

Shuang Yun’s eyes were ferocious. “No matter how dangerous it is, I have to get the food back! Not only that, I have to take revenge on them! They killed so many of our Rock Wolf Tribe members. I definitely can’t let them off!”

Lin Huanhuan recalled Lang Zhu’s last words.

Indeed, they had to take revenge!

They could not let their dead clansmen die in vain!

Lin Huanhuan took the wolf fang necklace off her neck and handed it to Shuang Yun. “The old witch doctor asked me to pass this to you.”

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