When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 280 - Hatred

Chapter 280: Hatred

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Bai Di’s words drew a meaningful look from Xue Ling.

“Xuan Wei even told you such a secret? Your relationship is really good.”

Bai Di remained calm in the face of Xue Ling’s probing. “He didn’t tell me these things. I deduced them from his words.”

“With Xuan Wei’s personality, if he doesn’t want to tell you something, he’ll definitely make sure you won’t even have a chance to speculate.”

Bai Di looked at him and suddenly asked, “Are you suspecting me?”

“No, I’m just curious.” Xue Ling smiled casually. “You should know that if I really suspect someone, I won’t have asked directly.”

Bai Di was silent for a moment before he voiced his hidden guess. “I suspect Xuan Wei is my eldest brother.”

The answer took everyone by surprise.

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows and asked, “I heard that your brother died many years ago?”

“I thought he was dead too, but Xuan Wei feels too familiar. He’s very similar to my brother in many ways. I can’t help but suspect his true identity.”

Shuang Yun scratched his short silver-white hair and looked puzzled. “If your brother isn’t dead, why isn’t he home?”

Bai Di shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Huanhuan thought of Xuan Wei’s blue eyes and how he interacted with the tiger babies. She couldn’t help but mutter, “No wonder Xuan Wei is so close to Big White and Little White. He’s the uncle of the two little babies.”

Bai Di sighed helplessly. “It’s all just a guess. Xuan Wei refuses to admit his identity, and I have no direct evidence to prove my guess right.”

Xuan Wei’s matter ended here for the time being. Without concrete evidence, it was useless to say anything else.

Xue Ling suddenly mentioned something else. “Yi Wu is back.”

Bai Di and Sang Ye didn’t have a special reaction to this news. Only Shuang Yun frowned. “Why did she come back?!”

“She came with the army. I heard that she has a special relationship with the beast king of Dark Moon City.”

Shuang Yun frowned and said, “I have to tell Jiu Yuan about this and ask him to keep an eye on Mu Xiang. He can’t let Mu Xiang know that Yi Wu is back.”

Mu Xiang hated Yi Wu to the core because of her brother’s death.

If she knew that Yi Wu was back, she would do anything to take revenge.

The happy family she, Jiu Yuan, and Feng Lan had worked so hard to build might collapse because of this.

When Xuan Wei rushed to the Black River with his subordinates, the army had already begun to set up camp in the open space by the river. There were busy figures everywhere.

He Guang was very tall, and with a female beside him, he was very easy to find.

Xuan Wei quickly found him in the crowd.

The two of them met. Xuan Wei pressed a hand to his chest and bowed slightly. “Your Highness.”

He Guang laughed. “There’s no need to be so polite. Just call me by my name.”

Xuan Wei said calmly, “These are the rules.”

He Guang said helplessly, “You’re too rigid. That’s why you haven’t been able to find a female mate. Male beasts should be funny. That’s how they become more likable.”

“You must be joking, Your Highness.”

After chatting for a while, they began to discuss how to resist the invasion of the demons.

Xuan Wei said that they had to build fortifications as soon as possible and guard the defense line of the Black River. They would counterattack after the beast soldiers adapted to the terrain here.

This was a safer plan.

He Guang smiled. “Father is right. Not only are you inflexible, but you’re also very conservative. If we follow your plan, we’ll be trapped here and won’t be able to snatch back the land that was snatched away by the demons. Then what’s the point of us coming here?”

Xuan Wei said in a low voice, “The demon race has a large army, and they’re all fearless. If we want to fight them, we have to be careful. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause irreparable losses.”

However, He Guang said, “I know that the demons are powerful, but we’re not unprepared this time.”

“What do you mean, Your Highness?”

He Guang did not answer the question directly. Instead, he smiled mysteriously. “I brought a female over this time. Come with me to meet her later.”

Before long, the beast soldiers in charge of hunting brought back a large amount of prey. They skinned the prey and cut off the meat. After washing it, they cut the most tender meat from it and carried it to the tent where He Guang stayed.

The tent was quite spacious. He sat on the ground covered in animal hides and waved at Xuan Wei.

“Don’t be too restrained. Sit down and eat.”

Xuan Wei was wearing heavy metal armor. Even in the tent, he had no intention of taking it off.

He said calmly, “It’s not convenient for me to sit down.”

He Guang knew that he was a strange beast. When he heard this, he didn’t persuade him to take off his armor. He just sighed. “With your personality, no wonder the high priest of the main city doesn’t like you.”

The other divine guards were enjoying themselves in the City of 10,000 Beasts. Only Xuan Wei was sent by the high priest to a remote place like the Black River to fight the demons. His displeasure with Xuan Wei was obvious.

Xuan Wei still looked indifferent, as if he did not care about these things.

“I only do what I think is right. What others think is none of my business.”

He Guang couldn’t do anything about Xuan Wei. “Alright, stand if you want.”

A delicate fragrance wafted over.

The curtain was lifted and Yi Wu walked in while holding up her skirt.

He Guang waved at her. “Come and sit.”

Yi Wu sat down beside him. Her soft body brushed past his arm, but her face was still filled with a faint, almost innocent smile. “Your Highness.”

He Guang asked, “How’s your body? Does your head still hurt?”

Yi Wu lowered her eyes. “I feel better after sleeping.”

“That’s good.”

Xuan Wei stood upright. His blue eyes were as calm as an ancient well, but as a powerhouse, his existence could not be ignored.

Yi Wu glanced at him and asked softly, “Who is this?”

He Guang introduced, “This is one of the 12 divine guards of the main city’s temple. His name is Xuan Wei.”

Yi Wu looked enlightened. Her watery eyes lingered on Xuan Wei as she chuckled. “I’ve heard of you. You’re a very powerful male beast.”

Any single male beast would be excited to receive praise from a beautiful female.

However, Xuan Wei only replied indifferently, “Mhm.”

His response was extremely cold.

Yi Wu felt a little embarrassed. She leaned against He Guang and said coquettishly, “Xuan Wei seems so cold.”

He Guang laughed. “That’s just the way he is. You’ll get used to it.”

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