When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 271 - An Ominous Omen

Chapter 271: An Ominous Omen

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Huanhuan brought the tiger cubs out to bask in the sun.

As there were suddenly many new beasts in the tribe, those people were not used to Huanhuan’s face. Every time they saw her, they would involuntarily be attracted to her. Often, someone would accidentally bump into others or something because they were too focused on staring at her. As a result, there were many conflicts.

In order to prevent this from happening again, Huanhuan would wear a veil every time she went out.

Although she was still attractive, it was much better than before.

There was an animal hide blanket on the grass. She sat on it and watched the cubs roll around.

Mu Xiang sat beside her with a pile of cotton cloth and needles in front of her. Her hands were busy sewing. She planned to make clothes for Jiu Yuan and Feng Lan respectively. She had made a semi-finished product.

As she worked, she said, “Why don’t you make clothes for your four mates?”

Although Xue Ling had yet to officially mate with Huanhuan, he had been living in Huanhuan’s house. Everyone had already treated him as Huanhuan’s mate. Huanhuan did not say anything about this, which was a tacit agreement.

Huanhuan smiled awkwardly. “With my skills, I can barely make a skirt. In any case, I just have to sew two pieces of cloth together. It’s not technical. But if I want to seriously make a skirt, forget it. I don’t think I’m that good. I’d better not waste thread and cloth.”

Bai Di and Sang Ye were the ones who made all the clothes at home. They were very skilled, so Huanhuan shouldn’t even try.

Mu Xiang laughed and asked mysteriously, “I actually wanted to ask you when you’re going to mate with Xue Ling.”

Huanhuan was stunned.

She stammered, “Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

Mu Xiang’s eyes were filled with mischief. “To tell you the truth, Xue Ling asked me to help sound you out. He wants to know when you plan to really accept him.”

Huanhuan was a little embarrassed. “Why didn’t he come and ask me himself?”

How could he tell outsiders about such private matters? How embarrassing.

Mu Xiang smiled brightly. “You don’t have to be shy. We’re good friends. I know basically everything about your family. You can tell me whatever you think. Let’s discuss it together.”

Huanhuan tried to change the topic. “Is the neighborhood committee very free recently? You’re actually in the mood to worry about my family.”

“Your family is also under the jurisdiction of the neighborhood committee. It’s our job to maintain family harmony and promote single male beasts to find mates. We’re doing this for everyone’s sake, don’t you think?”

Huanhuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You actually sound reasonable.”

Mu Xiang leaned toward her. “I’m serious. You were pregnant before and couldn’t mate. Now that you’ve finally given birth, shouldn’t you seize the opportunity to settle the matter between you and Xue Ling?”

Huanhuan looked at her, and her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly asked, “Mu Xiang, tell me honestly, how much did Xue Ling give you to persuade me for him?”

Mu Xiang coughed lightly and said righteously, “What are you talking about? Am I, Mu Xiang, the kind of beast who would betray her friends for benefits?!”

“Forget it if you don’t want to tell me. I’ll ask Xue Ling later. He’ll definitely be happy to tell me.”

Mu Xiang immediately grabbed her wrist. “Don’t. If you go looking for him, it means my mission has failed.”

“So you came to me on purpose to get information out of me to complete your mission.” Huanhuan understood. “What’s the mission reward he gave you?”

Mu Xiang raised a finger and whispered, “A red crystal.”

“He’s really generous.”

Mu Xiang muttered, “If it weren’t for the red crystal, I wouldn’t have shamelessly helped him approach you.”

“Is our friendship only worth one red crystal?”

Mu Xiang blurted out, “Of course not. How can our friendship be more precious than red crystals?!”


Mu Xiang quickly corrected herself. “No! I mean, our friendship is far more precious than red crystals! Not to mention one red crystal, even if it’s 10 red crystals, Xue Ling can forget about bribing me!”

“That’s better.”

Mu Xiang smiled ingratiatingly. “How do you plan to answer Xue Ling? Tell me whether you’ll agree to mate with him or not so I can report back.”

Huanhuan curled her finger at her.

Mu Xiang immediately put her ear closer to Huanhuan.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Tell Xue Ling to come to my room tonight. I have…”

She was halfway through her sentence when the sky suddenly darkened.

The sun in the sky was gradually disappearing!

All the beasts were stunned.

Some of the older beasts ran home while shouting in fear, “The sun is going to be eaten by demons. Everyone, hide. Don’t stand outside, or you’ll all be eaten by demons!”

It was the first time the younger beasts had seen the sun being ‘eaten’. They were all terrified.

Fear quickly spread. The beasts all ran home crazily. Some of them who were farther away from home simply found a place to squat down and hug their heads.

Mu Xiang immediately stood up and shouted, “Go back quickly! You’ll be eaten by demons if you stand outside!”

Huanhuan glanced at the sun that was gradually ‘disappearing’ in the sky and asked in a low voice.

“Little Brat, has the sun really been eaten?”

The system said, “To think that you’re a university graduate who graduated from nine years of compulsory education. You actually asked such a stupid question. Didn’t your primary school textbook explain how the solar eclipse came about?”

“I think it’s an eclipse too, but this isn’t Earth, after all. We can’t judge this world by common sense, so I’m not too sure.”

Huanhuan slowly picked up the two tiger cubs on the ground, lest they be stepped on by the panicked beasts.

She tried to calm Mu Xiang, telling her not to be afraid.

Mu Xiang was anxious. “The sun has been eaten by demons. How can I not be afraid? Don’t just stand here. Come back with me!”

Huanhuan was dragged a few steps forward.

At this moment, the entire Rock Wolf Tribe was in chaos. There were beasts running for their lives everywhere. Some of the cubs were scattered in their panic and fell to the ground, crying in fear.

At this moment, Bai Di, Shuang Yun, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling all came out.

They immediately found Huanhuan and the tiger cubs in the crowd. Xue Ling picked Huanhuan and the children up, preparing to fly back.

Mu Xiang was also picked up by Jiu Yuan and Feng Lan.

Huanhuan quickly pointed at a crying cub and said, “That child fell. Go and pick him up.”

“Leave it to me!” Shuang Yun rushed over and picked up the cub.

He looked around and frowned at the chaos in the tribe.

Xue Ling had already flown back to the rock mountain with Huanhuan and the children.

The parents who had lost their cub were anxious and looking for the cub all over the place.

Shuang Yun returned the cubs to his parents before returning home with Bai Di and Sang Ye.

He said worriedly, “The sun was suddenly eaten. It’s an ominous sign.”

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