When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 27 - I'm Only Interested In You

Chapter 27: I’m Only Interested In You

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Not really mates?

He was her mate now, and no one could deny that relationship!

Shuang Yun was furious.

He wished he could throw the little female in front of him to the ground right now, mate with her successfully, and make his title as her mate official!

But reason told him not to.

The last time Bai Di had used force on Lin Huanhuan, not only did she get injured, but she was also traumatized.

The memory of her trembling in fear was still fresh in Shuang Yun’s mind.

He couldn’t bear to do that to her.

It took some effort for him to suppress his anger.

He snatched the herbs from Lin Huanhuan’s hand and said angrily, “It’s just an errand! I’ll do it!”

He just wanted to take the opportunity to get some benefits. Did she have to ask to terminate the mate bond between them?!

He would just give up on the benefits, then!

Shuang Yun felt especially wronged. He glared fiercely at Lin Huanhuan, then quickly ran away with the herbs.

Lin Huanhuan shouted at his back, “Hurry up and come back. We’ll wait for you for dinner tonight.”

Shuang Yun ran into the old witch doctor’s hut and tossed the herbs in front of Lang Zhu.

“This is a thank you gift that Huanhuan wants to give you. She wishes to thank you for your help this time.”

Lang Zhu still had a lot of medicinal herbs in the house. These medicinal herbs were dispensable to him, but he still accepted the medicinal herbs with a smile. “Not bad. As expected of a beast with a mate. You finally know how to reciprocate kindness.”

Shuang Yun sat down on the ground and remained silent.

Noticing his low spirits, Lang Zhu pushed aside the herbs in front of him and sat in front of him.

“What’s wrong with you now? Did you have a conflict with the little female at home?”

Shuang Yun was silent for a moment before he said stiffly, “She doesn’t like me.”

“Is that so? I think she likes you!”

“You’re lying. She doesn’t like me! She told me that herself!” At this point, Shuang Yun’s eyes had turned red.

This male beast who would not even show a reaction in the face of death was now red-eyed.

Lang Zhu was obviously shocked by the change in his expression and quickly asked, “What happened? Tell me what happened from beginning to end. I’ll analyze it for you.”

Lin Huanhuan filled the prepared jam into a wooden jar and then took out two large pieces of dried meat from the cellar.

She called Bai Di over. “Are you busy now? Can you go out with me?”

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I want to go to Mu Xiang’s house. She helped us yesterday, so I want to give her something as a thank you gift.”

“Sure, I’ll go with you.”

Bai Di carried the meat and jam in one hand, then used the other to pick up Lin Huanhuan before sitting her on his shoulder.

Along the way, many male beasts looked at Bai Di with envy and jealousy.

They were still single, but this white tiger had already gotten this cute female. It was too hateful!

Lin Huanhuan was embarrassed by the fiery gazes of the male beasts. She subconsciously hugged Bai Di’s neck tightly.

Bai Di glared at the male beasts.

The powerful might of a three-starred soul beast scared those beasts until their expressions changed. They retracted their gazes and did not dare to look at Lin Huanhuan again.

When they reached Mu Xiang’s house, Lin Huanhuan had Bai Di put her down.

She tried to call out twice. “Mu Xiang! Are you home?”

No one responded.

Lin Huanhuan was very puzzled. Was Mu Xiang not at home?

Just as she was about to leave to come back another day, Mu Xiang’s voice suddenly came from inside the house. “Huanhuan? Come in quickly!”

After obtaining permission, Lin Huanhuan immediately took Bai Di’s hand and ran happily into the house.

As a result, as soon as she entered, she saw that Mu Xiang was mating with her mates. The movements were rather intense, and everything was rather wild. The slapping sounds were endless.

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

Damn! This image was really blinding!

She quickly turned around. “Why are you doing this in the middle of the day?!”

Mu Xiang groaned as she replied, “I have nothing to do anyway. Why don’t I do something meaningful?”

Lin Huanhuan wished she could stuff her ears too.

Mu Xiang’s moans were so intense that they gave her goosebumps!

Lin Huanhuan couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled Bai Di outside.

“We’re going outside. Give us a shout when you’re done.”

Lin Huanhuan quickly ran out of the house and rubbed her ears hard, trying to forget about the noises she had just heard.

Bai Di looked at her with amusement. “You don’t need to take it personally. Such things happen.”

“What? Are you saying it’s normal for them to mate in broad daylight and invite friends into their house to watch?”

Weren’t they too unrestrained?!

“It’s winter.” Bai Di explained. “It’s a good time to mate. The males don’t have to go out hunting, so they spend a lot of time at home mating with their mates and trying to get the females pregnant. When the snow melts and it’s spring, there’ll be plenty of prey and fruit when the land is warm and the flowers bloom. The females will birth their cubs and do their best to ensure that the cubs survive.”

That was why Mu Xiang said they were doing something meaningful.

To the beasts, reproduction was indeed the most meaningful activity for them.

Lin Huanhuan was very embarrassed. “Even so, there’s no need to be in a threesome, right? It’s too hardcore!”

“Perhaps it’s Mu Xiang’s personal preference.” Bai Di glanced at her. “It seems you don’t like this play all that much. Don’t worry, I don’t want to have you with other males at the same time either.”

Lin Huanhuan blushed.

She buried her face in her hands, mortified. “Why do you have to drag me into this?!”

“Because I’m not interested in other people’s affairs. I’m only interested in you.”

The words were both blunt and explicit.

Lin Huanhuan’s face turned even redder.

It took a long time for Mu Xiang and her mates to finish.

Lin Huanhuan walked into the house while holding Bai Di’s hand. She could still smell the subtle musky scent in the air.

She cleared her throat and asked Bai Di to place the gift down.

“I made some jam and thought you might like it, so I brought some over for you. I want to thank you and your mates for your help yesterday.”

Beasts didn’t know how to be polite. When Mu Xiang heard her, she immediately smiled and said, “We’re friends. It’s only right that we help each other.”

She opened the wooden jar and smelled the sweet fruit. She liked it and quickly dipped her finger into the jam before putting it in her mouth.

It was a little sour.

She didn’t really like sour foods, but for some reason, she found this jam surprisingly delicious!

Mu Xiang’s eyes glowed. “How did you do this? Teach me!”

Lin Huanhuan smiled and said, “Sure. Come look for me when you’re free. I’ll teach you how to make jam.”

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