When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 249 - Bargaining

Chapter 249: Bargaining

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While chatting with Xue Hui, Huanhuan casually mentioned the plant language.

Xue Hui explained it in passing.

“The Divine Wood clan is the guardian of the Divine Wood. We’re born with a high affinity with plants. Our ancestors specially studied a special method to communicate with plants.”

Huanhuan couldn’t help but ask, “Can I learn this method?”

Xue Hui’s eyes were filled with love as if she was looking at a cute junior. “The plant language can only be learned by members of the Divine Wood clan. You’re also a descendant of the Divine Wood clan, so of course, you can learn it.”

Seeing Huanhuan’s excited expression, Xue Hui’s heart skipped a beat. She took the opportunity to say, “If you’re willing, I can be your mentor and teach you plant language.”

“I am, I am. Of course, I am!” Huanhuan nodded quickly, afraid that Xue Hui would go back on her word.

Xue Hui said, “You have to prepare something to learn plant language. I’ll teach you in the morning.”

“I’d like that.”

Xue Hui got up and bade farewell. Xue Ling sent her off.

After the two of them left, Huanhuan immediately called the system.

“Little Brat, if I learn the plant language without going to Divine Wood City, will my mission still be completed?”

System 438 snorted. “It depends.”

Huanhuan was just testing the system’s attitude. Hearing its ambiguous answer, she immediately sensed that the conditions for this mission were not as harsh as she had imagined.

Perhaps there was still room for ‘bargaining’.

Huanhuan quickly asked, “What do you mean by that? Explain it clearly.”

“I’ve already answered you very clearly.”

Huanhuan clasped her hands together, her eyes sparkling. “Tell me. I promise not to tell anyone.”

The system was serious. “I’m a proper system. I can’t say anything that violates the rules.”

“Daddy System~”

She dragged the last syllable. The system couldn’t help but be persuaded by her.

It said helplessly, “Alright, I’ll tell you. As long as you can learn the plant language, this mission will be completed. As for the rest, don’t ask anymore. If I say too much, I’ll be punished.”

Huanhuan was very happy. “System Daddy, you’re the best!”

The system sighed. “I didn’t expect the day to come when I would have to play favorites. If I’m discovered, I might become a useless system.”

Huanhuan patted her chest and promised, “Even if you become a useless system, I’ll still take care of you!”

The system was quite touched. “Good daughter. My love for you hasn’t gone to waste.”

Xue Ling sent Xue Hui out of the rock mountain.

Xue Hui deliberately said, “I didn’t expect the mate you found to be of the same race as me. According to her age, she should be my junior. In that case, you’re my junior too. Be polite when you talk to me in the future. Don’t always be rude.”

Xue Ling sneered. “Junior? When Huai Shan led people to cause trouble and Huanhuan was forced to leave the mountain, where were you? Did you take care of her like a junior?”

Xue Hui felt guilty at the mention of this.

She said helplessly, “At that time, I didn’t know that Huanhuan was a descendant of the Divine Wood clan, so I didn’t interfere. If I had known her identity, I wouldn’t have watched her be bullied.”

Xue Ling didn’t comment.

At that moment, Bai Di and Shuang Yun returned from their work.

They saw Xue Ling and Xue Hui talking. By the time they approached, Xue Hui had already turned to leave. She brushed past the two of them.

Shuang Yun looked Xue Ling up and down and smiled meaningfully. “You’re very close to that female envoy. Don’t tell me you two are having an affair behind Huanhuan’s back?”

Xue Ling looked at him with a loving gaze as if he was caring for a mentally ill person. “Brains are good things. Remember to bring your brain with you the next time you go out.”

Shuang Yun ignored his mockery and continued, “I saw the two of you standing together just now and felt that you were quite compatible. Why don’t you give in to her and stop snatching Huanhuan from us?”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows. “Are you very free now?”

Instead of answering, Shuang Yun asked, “What do you want?”

“Beat you up.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xue Ling pounced forward and fought with Shuang Yun.

Neither of them transformed into their beast forms, nor did they use their attribute powers. They relied on their fists to fight.

Their battle was very exciting, and in the blink of an eye, many beasts came over to watch.

These guys all wanted to see the world in chaos. They kept clapping and cheering, encouraging the two of them to fight hard and not stop.

Feng Lan walked over and said to Bai Di, “Don’t you want to persuade them?”

Bai Di was calm. “It doesn’t matter. Let them fight.”

Huanhuan was pregnant, and her body was very weak. Not to mention mating, he could only kiss her gently. They could not go any further than that.

This directly caused the four male beasts at home to be sexually frustrated.

Especially Shuang Yun and Xue Ling. These two were especially energetic. It was good for them to fight and vent.

Bai Di noticed the star pattern on Feng Lan’s neck and was surprised. “You’ve awakened your soul beast too?”

Feng Lan subconsciously touched his neck. “After I fainted last time, I awakened my soul beast.”

“I remember that Dong Ya also awakened his soul beast recently.”

“Yes, we awakened our soul beasts on the same day.” Feng Lan smiled. “Coincidentally, we all awakened our soul beasts after drinking the medicine Sang Ye sent over. Those who don’t know better would think that the medicine has the effect of awakening our soul beasts.”

He was only joking, but Bai Di was acutely aware of something unusual.

Bai Di asked carefully about the details of awakening the soul beast.

Feng Lan gave a serious answer.

The more he found out, the more Bai Di felt that this was not a coincidence.

He was about to talk to Dong Ya when he realized that Dong Ya was not at home.

Dong Xue said, “Brother went to visit Teacher Huanhuan.”

When Bai Di returned home, he saw the wolf cubs lying on the carpet, dozing off.

Huanhuan was stroking Big Goody’s fur while talking to Dong Ya.

She stopped what she was doing and smiled at Bai Di. “You’re back. Where’s Shuang Yun? Didn’t he go out with you?”

Big Goody looked up and arched her head against Huanhuan’s arm. “I still want you to caress me,” she said in a spoiled manner.

“Okay, okay.”

Huanhuan continued to stroke her fur. She lay back down and made a comfortable rumbling sound in her throat.

Mom’s touch was so comfortable~

Bai Di walked over. “Shuang Yun and Xue Ling are sparring at the foot of the mountain. They won’t be back until later.”

“Oh, are you hungry? There’s soup in the kitchen. You can have it once it’s hot.”

“I’m not hungry.” Bai Di sat down beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Where’s Sang Ye?”

“He went to the cellar.”

Bai Di looked at Dong Ya and smiled. “I heard you awakened your soul beast.”

“Yes.” Dong Ya extended his right hand, revealing the star pattern on the back of it.

The rabbit-shaped green tattoo had a small star in the center of it.

Huanhuan couldn’t help but say, “Your star pattern looks quite cute.”

Dong Ya scratched his head shyly, his face flushing.

Bai Di asked, “Can you tell me more about when you awakened your soul beast?”


Dong Ya described everything in detail.

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