When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 20 - Heartbeat

Chapter 20: Heartbeat

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Lin Huanhuan stayed at Lang Zhu’s house for five days.

Her injury was almost healed, so she declined the old witch doctor’s invitation to stay and insisted on returning home.

The house had been tidied. The blankets on the stone bed had been replaced with new ones. The cellar was full of meat and vegetables, and the firewood was piled very high in the corner of the kitchen.

Nothing seemed to have changed. Only Bai Di was gone.

Lin Huanhuan thought that he had gone out to do something, so she did not think too much about it. She waited quietly at home for Bai Di to return and thought about her future with Bai Di.

Bai Di had always been kind to her, and she had a soft spot for him. If nothing else happened, she would take him as a mate and live out the rest of her life in peace.

But she didn’t want to have s*x with him just yet.

It was not because she was being coy, but because that thing of his was too big for her.

The tearing pain made her break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Lin Huanhuan realized it wasn’t fair to Bai Di. He was a male and had a mate, yet he couldn’t do what was expected between mates.

But she was in real pain!

Even if he hadn’t gone all the way in at the end and barely squeezed in the tip of it, she was still in so much pain that she felt as though she was about to burst apart.

Lin Huanhuan closed her eyes and suppressed the fear in her heart.

She wanted to wait and see. She hoped there was a way to deal with the pain, but if that didn’t work, she’d have to ask Bai Di to find another mate.

She didn’t want to bring him down, and since she couldn’t give him what he wanted, she would set him free to live a truly happy life.

As for herself…

Lin Huanhuan felt that she should leave, but she couldn’t bear to part with Bai Di. After all, he was the first person she had seen since she came to this world. He was the person who had been the kindest to her in the last 20 years too, and so she had placed a lot of hope in him.

She couldn’t help selfishly thinking that she could have a brother-sister relationship with him if he was willing.

In this way, they could remain as close family members.

Even after a full day had passed, Bai Di had not returned.

Lin Huanhuan finally felt that something was wrong.

She went next door to find Shuang Yun.

“Do you know where Bai Di went?”

Shuang Yun was unhappy when he heard the tiger’s name. “I don’t know!” He snapped.

Lin Huanhuan said anxiously, “Bai Di is gone. He hasn’t been back all day and I’m worried about him. Do you think he left the rock mountain?”

Shuang Yun frowned. “It’s already snowing heavily outside. No beast will go out at this time.”

That low temperature would definitely freeze him to death!

Lin Huanhuan pleaded with him. “Can you help me find him?”

Shuang Yun didn’t want to bother with Bai Di at all, but he was really worried about Lin Huanhuan wandering around, so he agreed to her request.

The two of them searched the rock mountain for a long time, but they could not find any traces of Bai Di. In the end, Lang Zhu gave them a clue.

“During the few days she was slowly recovering, Bai Di would come to see her every day. He heard that Sourcing Leaf Fruits were very nourishing for females, but I’d already used up the only two I had. Hence, he offered to help me find them.”

When Lin Huanhuan heard this, she became even more anxious. “Don’t tell me he really went to look for the Sourcing Leaf Fruit?!”

Lang Zhu’s expression was very serious. “At that time, I thought he was planning to wait for the snow to melt before looking for the Sourcing Leaf Fruits, so I didn’t take it to heart. But now it seems that he has gone to look for the Sourcing Leaf Fruits.”

“It’s freezing outside. How could he hope to find Sourcing Leaf Fruits? Why is he so stupid?!” Lin Huanhuan was burning with anxiety. “No, I can’t leave him alone. I have to find him and bring him back!”

Shuang Yun took her arm. “Don’t be rash. It’s snowing heavily outside and you’ve just recovered. You’ll get frostbite if you go out now.”

“But Bai Di is still out there. I have to get him back!”

“I’ll help you find him!” he said decisively. “Just stay put. I’ll come back with him.”

Lin Huanhuan widened her eyes and looked at him in surprise. “You…”

She wanted to ask why he was being so nice to her.

But Shuang Yun seemed to know that she would ask this and interrupted her in advance.

“You are guests of the Rock Wolf Tribe. As the head of the wolf tribe, I definitely can’t leave you to die.”

His words were dignified, but the old witch doctor, who knew him very well, did not believe a word he said.

Lang Zhu even gave Shuang Yun a strange look. “Why didn’t I know that you were so responsible?”

Shuang Yun spouted nonsense without changing his expression, “That’s because you’re getting senile.”

Time was of the essence, so Shuang Yun did not prepare much. He carried a large bag of dried meat and a bamboo tube of wine before preparing to leave.

“Wait!” Lin Huanhuan slowly draped a cloak made of animal skin over him and stuffed the tinder into his hand. “Be careful on the way!”

She paused, then said quietly, “If you can’t find him, you should just come back.”

She couldn’t lose Shuang Yun just because Bai Di was gone.

Shuang Yun looked down at her cute little face and couldn’t help but ask, “If I return safely this time, will you promise me one thing?”

Lin Huanhuan looked at him in a daze. His dark green eyes were deep and charming. His thin lips, which were always saying mocking words to her, were curved slightly at this moment. His short silver-white hair fell down, covering his sharp eyebrows.

Her heart suddenly accelerated uncontrollably.

When he saw that she was silent, he couldn’t help but ask, “Will you?”

Lang Zhu, who had been watching from the side, was too afraid to disturb them, but he finally couldn’t help but speak.

“Huanhuan, Shuang Yun is risking his life for you this time. Say yes to him, lest he feels uneasy and gets into an accident outside.”

When she heard the last sentence, Lin Huanhuan’s heart tightened.

She couldn’t care about anything else and hurriedly replied, “Okay! As long as you can return safely, I’ll agree to anything!”

After getting the answer he wanted, Shuang Yun’s lips curved into a smile.

This smile did not contain a trace of mockery or disdain but it was a smile that came from the heart. It was so pure that it made one’s heart race.

“You said it. No going back on your word!”

Lin Huanhuan covered her thumping heart and avoided his burning gaze. Embarrassed, she said firmly, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do what I say.”

The snow was relentless and the way down the mountain was blocked with snow. Shuang Yun had tied a rope to the rock wall at the mouth of the cave.

He grabbed the rope and slowly slid down.

Lin Huanhuan stood at the entrance of the cave and watched his figure disappear into the vast snow. The worry in her heart rose to the peak.

The snowstorm outside was very strong. After just a short while, Lin Huanhuan’s body was covered in snow.

Lang Zhu pulled her back into the cave. “Don’t worry too much. Shuang Yun has gone out hunting in the snow before. He has experience dealing with snow. He’ll definitely be fine.”

Lin Huanhuan clasped her hands in front of her chest and silently prayed for Shuang Yun and Bai Di.

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