When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 2 - Bai Di

Chapter 2: Bai Di

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Confirming host, Lin Huanhuan.

Information transfer begins.

Information transfer successful. System fully activated!

“Hello, Host. Welcome to System 438!”

Lin Huanhuan slowly woke up.

She rubbed her head. A voice in her head had been talking to her.

The other party seemed to be speaking about a system…

Bai Di suddenly said, “You’re awake.”

Lin Huanhuan regained her senses.

Only then did she realize that she was lying on the back of a tiger!

When she saw this, Lin Huanhuan recalled the scene of the living person transforming into a tiger. She was still a little afraid.

As he carried her along, he asked, “How do you feel? Are you still feeling unwell?”

Lin Huanhuan carefully sat up.

“I’m fine. Where are you taking me?”

Bai Di was fast, and the wind howled past them as they moved. Lin Huanhuan was still naked and shivering due to the cold.

“I’ll take you to the Wolf Tribe and witch doctor.” Bai noticed the change in her and immediately stopped.

He transformed into a human and placed Lin Huanhuan on a large tree, and then took off his leather skirt. He stuffed the leather skirt and the bone knife into her hand as he instructed her. “Wait for me. I’ll be back soon.”

With that, he jumped down from the tree and landed lightly on the grass in the form of a tiger.

Lin Huanhuan sat on the tree trunk, her hands clenched tightly around the bone knife.

She saw the huge white tiger hiding in the bushes. Not far in front of him was a wild boar that had just eaten and was dozing off.

The white tiger waited quietly for a moment. When the wild boar had completely let its guard down, the tiger suddenly rushed out and bit the wild boar’s neck!

Blood splattered, and the boar squealed in pain.

The wild boar struggled desperately, but in the end, it could not escape the tiger’s jaws and was bitten to death.

Lin Huanhuan, who had witnessed the entire process, was stunned by this hunt.

A wild boar that size could send her flying with a casual bump.

But Bai Di had killed it with a single bite!

Lin Huanhuan felt that she had to reevaluate Bai Di’s combat power. If she really fought with such a powerful man, he could kill her with just two fingers.

For the sake of her personal safety, she would try not to provoke him anymore.

After going back to his human form, he walked to the tree and stretched out his arms while staring at the small female. “Jump down.”

Lin Huanhuan was very afraid.

She was more than four meters high up right now. If she wasn’t careful, she would end up breaking a few bones even if she didn’t die.

He saw the fear in her eyes and understood immediately.

So, his little female was afraid of heights.

Bai Di hadn’t lived with a female since he left his parents as an adult. He was pretty much blind to their traits and knew nothing about them.

When he reached the Wolf Tribe later, he would have to make some inquiries.

The Wolf Tribe was large, and there were females in the tribe. Surely, they knew how to take care of females.

Bai Di climbed the tree with vigorous movements and carried Lin Huanhuan. He then jumped down and landed firmly on the ground.

He said, “Give me the knife.”

Lin Huanhuan handed the bone knife back to Bai Di.

Bai Di used a bone knife to remove the skin from the boar’s body in one piece, then cut the meat and bones separately.

Bai Di cleaned the boar skin and wrapped it around Lin Huanhuan. “This way, you won’t be cold.”

A familiar voice suddenly spoke in her mind—

“You’ve obtained a wild boar hide and triggered a novice mission!

Host, please collect three animal hides. After the mission is completed, you’ll be given a novice gift bag!”

Lin Huanhuan was stunned.

Novice mission? Novice gift bag? What were those?!

But the system gave no response.

She could only wrap the boar hide tightly around her and ponder the answer alone.

The untanned boar skin smelled of blood, but she had to admit that it was much warmer to have it wrapped around her. At least, she didn’t have to run around naked anymore.

Lin Huanhuan whispered to Bai Di, “Thank you.”

The sight of her small form hidden in the boar hide made him have the urge to reach out and touch her ears. “I’ll buy you some clothes when we get to the Wolf Tribe.”

Lin Huanhuan’s ears were very sensitive. When he touched them, they immediately turned red.

She endured her shyness and asked, “What’s the Wolf Tribe?”

“That’s where the wolves live. It’s not too far from here. Usually, if I need anything, I go there to trade or buy from them.”

“Sounds a lot like a village.”

“Village?” He wasn’t sure what the word meant. “I’ve only heard of tribes and cities. I’ve never heard of a village.”

Lin Huanhuan’s eyes lit up. “A city? What kind of place is that? Are there humans there?”

“Humans? I’ve never heard of them. Those cities are built by beasts. They’re very powerful, but they’re also very fierce. If you’re interested, I can bring you there to have a look in the future.”

Lin Huanhuan didn’t know what the city was to these beasts. She just took up Bai Di’s offer as an ordinary trip and nodded. “Okay.”

Bai Di cut off the tender part of the boar and handed it to Lin Huanhuan. “Eat.”

Lin Huanhuan looked at the bloody meat in front of her and was stunned.

“T-This is raw meat!”

Bai Di said, “What’s wrong with raw meat? It’s fresh, and it tastes good. Eat it quickly.”

Lin Huanhuan slowly shook her head in horror. “No, no, no! I don’t eat raw meat!”

He frowned. “You don’t eat meat? No wonder you’re so skinny. You can’t remain like this. Not eating meat is bad for you. Eat it.”

But no matter what he said, Lin Huanhuan refused to touch that bloody piece of raw meat.

He had no choice but to find some wild fruits for her to eat.

Lin Huanhuan ate the wild fruits contentedly.

He stared at her for a moment, then asked, “You’re not a vegetarian beast, are you? Are you like rabbits and deers?”

Lin Huanhuan was a little astounded.

She was neither a rabbit nor a deer.

She was human!

But Bai Di had never met a human, and she had no idea what the consequences of telling the truth might be. She thought for a moment, then said vaguely, “I’m an omnivore.”

“An omnivore? That means you eat both meat and vegetables?”

Lin Huanhuan nodded. “Yes.”

“Then why did you refuse to eat the meat just now?”

Lin Huanhuan swallowed the wild fruit in her mouth and explained. “It’s not that I don’t eat meat. I just don’t eat raw meat. If it’s cooked meat, I quite like it.”

“Cooked meat? How? Tell me and I’ll get it for you!”

Bai Di was a carnivore through and through. In his mind, one had to eat meat every day or one would fall sick!

He could never let the little female get sick.

There was no pot here, so a stir-fried dish definitely wouldn’t do. She could only settle for a barbecue.

Lin Huanhuan said slowly, “First, there has to be fire.”


Lin Huanhuan asked carefully, “Have you never seen fire?”

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