What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 978: Passing On The Torture Baton

Chapter 978: Passing On The Torture Baton


"For… Forgifth meefth…" The young master pleaded, his face thoroughly messed up after I was done slapping his face.

Like literally, I spent the last few minutes just slapping his face with my hand until his entire face swelled up.

I dropped him on the ground, "Now, you were saying something about kneeling and putting my head on the ground to beg for forgiveness? Since you said it, I assume that's the normal way someone begs for forgiveness in the Star Plane right? Isn't it weird you aren't doing that now?"

He didn't even hesitate and went straight into a perfect dogeza, "Forgith meefth!"

Not good, am I turning into a sadist? Because doing this definitely felt good. I blame Lilith and Diao Chan for this…

I cleared my throat, "Mmm… Good enough. I suggest you keep this in mind from now on. You're currently also regarded as an illegal immigrant in these lands, but the empress has decreed to allow people like you a chance at making yourselves useful. So you might be able to start a new life here if you lose that arrogance of yours."

"Yesh! Yesh!! I'll do it!!"

"Then go and report yourself to any of the administrative offices, they'll settle you in."

"This one thanths senior for your benefolenthce!"

Bootlicking skills must be ingrained in him too, seeing how well he was taking the sudden change in position.

The two guards with him were also keeping their heads to the ground, not even daring to look up at all.

The fact that they were literally smacked around by a pair of foxes may have contributed to them being so meek right now. Surely their pride must be ripped to shreds after knowing that they couldn't even stand up to two foxes using only their tails.

I nodded to the other travellers who bowed to me before flying off again with Akari and Shiori in tow.

"Master~ Is that a good idea though? He might just become belligerent again when Master isn't looking~" Akari pointed out, running to catch up to me.

I shrugged, "I already sent a telepathic call to Guiying, she should have already notified one of the officials nearby so that they'll come here to check. If they found him still acting like an asshole, then he'll be treated like one."

"Oohhh~ As expected of Master! So sneaky!"

"Sister, you're being rude to Divine One."

"Ehhh… This much is fine right? Master doesn't mind either!"

I simply just patted them on their heads.

"Unggh… Divine One really spoils us too much…" Shiori groaned, though she did not move away from my patting.

Akari had no qualms about enjoying it though, she even started purring when I did so.

"Mnnn… What are we doing now, Master? Do we continue to fly around and slap some faces of these trash?"

"Hmm… No, let's go back. The deal with the Star Plane Practitioners being able to meet gods caught my interest. I think it might be a good time for me to go there and look around."

Shiori tilted her head, "Is there a need for that though, Divine One? You could simply ask the Gods about it yourself."

"Yes, but it's a new place, you know? I want to go and see it for myself and it does sound pretty interesting. Things have been pretty quiet so far so I wouldn't mind going out to explore a bit."

"Quiet, Master? Ehehehe~ I suppose only someone like Master could think that everything that has happened in these few months was 'quiet'."

Hmm? I'm not sure what she's referring to but ok.

The four of us including Iris who had simply been following along silently went back to my courtyard just in time for dinner. Which was also the perfect time for me to announce my decision.

The announcement made everyone turn to me with wide eyes as though I just told them I was leaving them. I mean… I am, but only for this trip…

"Ehhh?! Master is going 'dere so soon?" Eris blurted out in Bait's voice.

"Are we going along too, Master?!" Diao Chan asked, a pleading look on her face.

I shook my head, "I'll only be bringing three of you along this time. Lian Li, Manami and Kiyomi, the three of you have already gained divinity and I heard there's a way to meet the gods there too, so it would be good for you to learn from them too."

Naturally, I have to keep my knowledge that they've met up with those three goddesses that night secret, but this should allow me to meet those three as well and express my thanks naturally.

"Ara, ara? A private trip with Master with just us? I'm already looking forward to it, Master~ Ufufufu~" Manami giggled.

"Ehhh… Not faiiiiir~ I wanna go play with Onii-samaaaaa…" Elaria whined, laying her head down on the table glumly.

"Aniue… Bring us along too…" Tsuki pleaded while grasping my arm.

I chuckled, "Why not let's do this? I'll go and check out that Plane first and if the trip proves to be fruitful, I'll bring the next group who manages to ascend there on the next trip?"

"WE'LL DO IT!!!" All of them screamed out at the same time.

I smiled at their enthusiasm, "In that case, I'll be looking forward to it. Oh, but please do it in moderation ok? It would be terrible if any of you get hurt during your training. Lilith, can I count on you for that?"

The demoness puffed up her chest, "Of course, Daddy! I will never let you down!! I'll make sure to whip them into shape!!"

That was not what I asked you to do but whatever.

I nodded, "In that case, we'll leave tomorrow morning. Prepare your things tonight girls."

"Yes Master!!"

Brendan raised his hand, "Forgive me Master, but could I just ask what brought about the sudden desire to go there so soon?"

I grinned, "Let's just say I met a very interesting 'immigrant' today and he told me quite a bit of stuff."

Kiyomi leaned forward in her seat, "Oh? What did he say to Master?"

"Well, he was probably someone important back in his home Plane, so he was acting pretty arrogant when he first met me, going so far as to demand I kneel and beg for his forgiveness," I chuckled, remembering the scene.

"What… What did Master do?" Lian Li asked, her voice suddenly quiet.

"Hmm? Nothing much, just told him off a bit and made him understand the difference in power. I already notified the relevant people about him so he should be getting processed soon."

There's no way I'm telling my cute disciples that I sadistically slapped his face of course.

"Ara? Did Master get his name?"

"Hmm… I believe he introduced himself as Master Lao. Why?"

"Ufufufu~ No reason at all, Master~ No reason at all~ Ufufufufu~"

Ok… That's a weird laugh there Manami…

In fact… My other disciples seem to be looking at each other with a weird glint in their eyes? Did something happen?

But whatever, I need to prepare for my trip to the Star Plane tomorrow! I'm already looking forward to it!

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