What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 968: A Feast For The New Goddesses (*RRR)

Chapter 968: A Feast For The New Goddesses (*RRR)


"Ara, ara? What's the occasion, Master?" Manami asked when the girls woke up to a literal feast in my courtyard the very next morning.

I grinned, "Did you really think I wouldn't know if any of my cute disciples ascended?"

All of them froze, obviously thinking that I saw their little rendezvous yesterday night.

Instead, I clapped my hands together and chuckled, "Both you and Kiyomi must have been going at it really roughly last night cultivating in bed, hmmm?"

They relaxed at my words, concluding that I had assumed they had ascended through their dual cultivation session in their own room last night.

I moved forward and gave both Manami and Kiyomi a kiss on their lips, pulling back to show them a smile, "I'm proud of both of you. Well done."

Manami's smile turned lewd, "Ufufufu~ It is all thanks to Master's guidance~ And if Master isn't opposed to the idea… We could show our appreciation too~"

I knew she was obviously joking, but there was a hint in her voice that suggested she wouldn't have minded if I accepted her invitation. Coupled with the fact that the adrenaline from their spar with the three goddesses yesterday must still be in their system seeing how tense they were, I don't doubt the girls are also quite pent up.

I checked to make sure that Cai Hong was still asleep, the little dragon having buried herself under a mound of my clothes last night which I still have no idea where she got them from.

"I wouldn't mind that," I grinned, stepping into Manami's personal space and sneaking my hand to rest on her bottom.

Her look of surprise was quickly replaced with a gaze of lust, her tails moving to wrap themselves around me.

"Ara, ara? How bold, Master~ Are you going to be our appetiser for the feast?"

"Oh? I think I could be your entire feast if you wanted me to," I teased back, pinching her bottom with my hand.

The rest of my disciples got the cue and moved towards the feast, starting the little party I had prepared for them while Kiyomi joined her sister by hugging me from behind.

My white fox whispered sultrily in my ear, "Master… We would very much like to show how appreciative we are~ Would you allow us to do so?"

I only managed to get the first words of an affirmative from my mouth before my head was turned to the side so that she could kiss me, her tongue pushing past my lips almost immediately.

In front of me, Manami had already slipped to her knees to strip me of my bottoms.

"Ahhnnn~ Is this because of us, Master? I'm flattered~" Manami giggled, her soft hands caressing my erect cock.

I could only grunt in response since my lips were still claimed by Kiyomi, her hands and tails now busy with stripping my robes from behind.

I felt something soft wrap around the base of my rod while the tip was engulfed with a comfortable warmth.

From this, I could tell that Manami was currently using one of her tails to stroke me while occupying her mouth with sucking me off.

My own hands went to her head, running my fingers through her silky hair while also teasing her fluffy ears at the same time.

That incentivised her to start sucking me with much more enthusiasm, taking me all the way to the base until her nose was pressed up against my navel before pulling back.

I groaned as she repeated it again, swallowing my length and massaging the tip of my cock with her throat, the vibration she made as she hummed serving to push me closer to the edge.

Kiyomi shifted herself to the side and my free hand was commandeered by her to move between her legs and under her kimono, letting me feel just how wet she already was through her panties.

I deftly slid the wet fabric aside and pushed my finger against her slit, sliding my digit back and forth her entrance but never pushing past it.

Her response was to start grinding herself on my finger, trying and failing to get me to penetrate her with it while moaning into my mouth.

Eventually, I relented and pushed my index finger into her wanting depths, feeling her pussy walls squeeze down on my invading digit while her body shuddered in delight.

As though spurred by her sister's moans, Manami redoubled her efforts in sucking my cock, going so far as to using both hands and her tail in pumping me while she sucked on the head relentlessly.

My hips bucked and my groan was the only warning I gave before I started pumping my seed into Manami's eager mouth.

My red fox took it all, swallowing every bit of cum that poured into her mouth and even giving my cock a good long suck to make sure every spurt of it ended up in her stomach, moaning as though it was the best thing she had ever tasted.

Kiyomi broke our kiss to make a sound akin to a soft growl, prompting Manami to pull back from my cock with a soft pop and a few spurts of cum still sitting in her mouth.

She stood up without a word and went to kiss Kiyomi, sharing my seed with her even while I continued to finger the white vixen.

My cock twitched at the sight of the two foxes making out, taking all of me to not push them down and start mounting them on the floor.

Most likely nearing their own limits themselves, they broke their kiss and took me by the hand, pulling me towards the party that was already in full swing. My disciples had already gathered at a large table to enjoy themselves with the food I had personally prepared for them.

I wondered what their plan was until Manami pushed Kiyomi down on her back atop the table, laying themselves down right in between the rest of the girls who had been seated at said table.

My red vixen then laid herself on top of her sister, turning back to show me a sly smirk at the position she had put both of them in. Obviously she wanted the other girls to watch them get fucked up close.

Both the foxes had pulled their panties down and discarded them at the side, leaving me with a clear view of their dripping wet slits and their wiggling bottoms.

Since they already set themselves up like this… There's no reason for me to hold back either.

With a simple thought, an extra cock sprouted out from above my first one, putting me in the perfect position to penetrate them both at the same time.

Their eyes shone with wanton lust as they saw what I did and I could swear I saw them getting wetter when they realised what was going to happen.

Positioning both my cocks at their entrance, I pushed into their slits without so much as a warning, hilting myself inside them with a single thrust.

"Masssterrr~ So deeeeeeep!"

"Ahaaaannn~ Master's coooock!"

The two foxes moaned unashamedly. I suspect they were doing it on purpose to rile the other girls up.

Not that it was necessary since Diao Chan had already stripped off her panties to start masturbating with her legs spread for me to see, her food forgotten.

I gripped my foxes by their waist and started pumping myself in and out of them at the same time, heedless of the multiple moans of pleasure that was filling up my courtyard.

I could see a few of the servants also had their hands in between their legs, no doubt also getting themselves off at the sight of our lovemaking.

The sounds of their moans were eventually drowned out by the increasing volume of my hips slamming against theirs as I increased my pace, my balls already clenching as I neared my inevitable release at feeling double the pleasure from having two pussies milk my cocks.

A few more thrusts of my hips was enough to break the proverbial dam, my own release spurting into their wombs.

The feeling of being filled with my cum also made the two foxes scream out their own orgasms, their bodies shaking violently as they came.

I stayed inside them until I finished spurting all of my seed and painting their insides white, slowly pulling myself out of them which caused a dribble of my cum to leak out of their quivering entrance.

Unbidden, Diao chan immediately came forward and started cleaning my cocks with her mouth, slurping up both my seed and the fox sisters' juices from my length.

"Ufufufu~ That was wonderful… Master." Manami gasped when she recovered from her orgasm.

The look the other girls were giving me was obviously hinting at their want for a turn too but I shook my head and gestured to the table.

"Come now, it's early morning and I made all of this for you. We can have an orgy later during your break."

The girls groaned but refrained from saying anything else.

Though Diao Chan did smirk at me after she finished cleaning my cock with her mouth, even giving both of them a kiss before she pulled back.

I told my two foxes to dress themselves before I made my way to their room, intent on waking up Cai Hong.

No way my loli dragon would be happy if she found out she missed out on a feast!

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