What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 39 - The Sable Cicada

(Lian Li POV)

"Master, where is the Fiery Flames Sect?" I asked, trying to keep my breathing calm.


Master had just returned from his bath and there were still traces of moisture on his neck, a droplet of water rolling past his collar temptingly. I won't deny having thoughts of licking it once or twice… Maybe a few dozen times.

Master designated the day we returned as a rest day, letting us relax after the journey back from the Phoenix Sect and also as a reward of sorts for doing so well during the Sect Showcase Festival.

We wanted to peek on Master's bathing but upon reaching the Sect, Sect Master Long, or who we know as Shameless Long, called Master away for some reason.

When Master returned, he had already taken his bath and joined us in the garden's pavilion within his courtyard.

Wasted opportunity indeed...

Right now he was busy with brushing the last of Manami's tails while I waited for my turn with my hair. Eris was seated beside me, silently listening to our conversation while no doubt conversing with her other selves inside her head at the same time.

Cai Hong had chosen the most enviable position by using Master's lap as a pillow while she napped.

"Hmm? The Fiery Flames Sect is it? They should be northwards of Jin city," Master answered, running his hands enviously through Manami's fur.

I spotted a glistening trail of drool escaping from the corner of Manami's lips, her hands gripping her knees tightly while her body shuddered in pleasure.

"It should be a four day journey on foot from here, their Sect is smaller than ours but they are ranked third because of their expertise in Spirit Fire. The Sect is built in between a small hill and forest with a village just south of it."

I nodded, Manami and I would be paying a visit to that Sect soon to complete the baptism for those two trash that I can't remember the name of.

"Heaven Sect is only ranked first because of Master, isn't it?" Eris asked.

Master nodded slightly, "It's a bit sad to admit, but yes. The other experts in Heaven Sect can't match up to the experts in other Sects. The disparity in talent is quite disappointing."

I tapped my chin with a finger, "Then why does Master stay here?"

Master smiled, "I've already spent a long time here and I'm familiar with the people. No reason to just abandon them like that."

As expected of our kind Master.

How could I have thought Master would abandon me so easily back then? I truly have shamed Master greatly because of my insecurities…

Ah, but Master had hugged me though… Ehehehehe~~

Master ran the hair brush through Manami's tail one last time before tapping her on the shoulder, "Manami, I'm done."

"Funyaaa~~" Manami answered eloquently, standing up from her seat on shaky legs.

I switched places with Manami, the fox youkai leaning heavily on Eris when she sat down with half-lidded eyes.

Master ran the comb through my hair, sending shivers down my spine.

Trying to distract myself from the pleasure, I asked, "Master… If I may… What did Shame-- I mean Sect Master Long want from you just now?"

"Hmmmm… There were a few problem students in the Sect that he wanted me to take charge of."

I frowned, "Problem… Students?"

Master nodded, "They have special circumstances and no one else in the Sect can teach them properly."

"Master… Best Teacher…" Eris commented.

Indeed, Master possesses knowledge that is beyond normal mortal comprehension. With such skills and wisdom, Master is definitely someone beyond this mortal world.

"Hunymmmm… Where… Where are the students?" Manami asked, wiping the drool off her face.

"The leader of the group is a disposed prince from the country of Dong, he resents having to bow his head to someone younger like me. So they have yet to accept being my students," Master shrugged.

Eris perked up, "The prince of Dong?"

Master smiled while braiding my hair, "Yes, Eris. The prince of Dong. Do you know him?"

Eris nodded, "He is quite feared in that country and also acknowledged as the best warrior in history. He personally lead armies to conquer many territories for his foster father, the king."

"Oh? He was adopted by the king? He claims to be the rightful heir to the throne, though?" Master recounted.

"Not wrong… King without children…"

"Ara? Does that mean Eris is from there as well?" Manami questioned, finally recovering her senses.

Eris gave a bark of laughter, "Ha! Yep, born and bred there! A real piece of work that place. If you ain't good at fighting or a rich supporter of the king, you're totally screwed!"

Master hummed, "Do you know why he's here then?" 

Eris tapped her chin thoughtfully, "The last that this one heard… The prince was interested in a woman whom the king also had his eyes on, they had a falling out because of that. This one isn't sure what happened in the end but humbly thinks it is related."

"Umu… There was a young woman accompanying him that introduced herself as his retainer. She introduced herself as Diao Chan," Master added.

"Ah, yes, I remember now," Eris hammered her fist into her palm. "She was supposedly known as Dong's top four beauties. It was said her beauty could topple nations."

Ah, that prince must have murdered the king in cold blood and fled here with her then, no doubt painting himself as the victim to the people here to garner sympathy.

While I was starting to immerse myself in the feeling of Master running his fingers through my hair, a voice called out from the garden's entrance.

"Apologies for the rudeness, Master Lin. May I take a moment of your time?"

All of us turned to see a breathtakingly beautiful young woman standing at the archway of the entrance.

Her lustrous brown hair that seemed to glow in the light, her angular fairy esque face with gleaming blue eyes and seductive red lips. The scandalously fair leg that peeked out from the slit in her qipao alongside her well rounded curves was enough to incite the fires of lust in many.

I had never felt this threatened before.

Judging by how the others sat straighter and even Cai Hong waking up from her nap, they felt the same as I did.

It wasn't because of her beauty, no. It was this aura of malice that seemed to cling to her, choking the life out of her surroundings and making everything seem darker.

"Ah, Diao Chan," Master called out. "Are you here to learn? If you are, I'm afraid today is a rest day so there won't be any lessons. You can return tomorrow if you wish."

She shook her head, "I'm afraid not, Master Lin. I was sent by my lord to inform you that he refuses to learn under you."

This girl… She's lying. Her skills aren't as good as Eris but the skill involved with how she controls her features and voice are comparable.

"Oh? Then I'm surprised he even bothered to send you here, I'd thought he would send one of his men or not even bother telling me at all."

It seems Master has caught on too, resuming his braiding of my hair.

"He is still imposing on your Sect after all, he would rather not be too rude."

'Your Sect'?

What is she trying to achieve?

"You flatter me, Diao Chan. But I am not the Sect Master of Heaven Sect."

"Ah, apologies. I had assumed since Master Lin seemed to be the most respected figure in the Sect."

"No harm done," Master assured, his hands still braiding my hair. "You can tell your lord that I have received his intentions quite clearly."

She bowed, "In that case, I shall take my leave."


She left without another word.

I'm not totally sure if I was only imagining the place getting a little brighter after she left.

"Papa… Scary person?" Cai Hong tugged at Master's sleeve.

"Ah, I believe her constitution is rather special. But I'm not sure of how special it is at the moment."

We sisters were all in silent agreement that we had to keep an eye on her.

"I'm done, Lian Li."


I had been too distracted by her appearance to properly appreciate Master's touch…

Oh, that reminds me. I had promised myself to do this once we've returned to the Sect.

"Master, would it be too much to ask to sleep with you tonight?"

"... Eh?"

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