What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 29 - A Conversation In One's Head

(Eris POV)

It seems like Manami will get her month long ticket to seduce Master now. [Eris]


Yeah, but did'ja see that mid-air spin?! That was so damn cool! [Bait]

Strong… [Laverna]

Yes, this one still has a lot to learn. [Denna]

"Elite Practitioners, please make your way to the stage!"

Hmm, these would be the creme of the crop for each Sect. [Eris]

Ho~ I wonder how different the so called 'elites' are gonna be from our sisters? [Bait]

Study… [Laverna]

Yes, this is a good chance for us to learn, Master must have brought us here with that in mind. [Eris]

"Welcome back. Congratulations on your win," I greeted Manami and Lian Li.

The two of them had received congratulatory head pats from Master before returning here to spectate the next round.

"Ufufufu, thank you Eris."

"Hah…" Lian Li sighed. "Please at least start tomorrow, Manami?"

"Fufufu, I suppose this big sister can give you that much."

The bell sounded and the chaos on the stage resumed.

Cultivation Techniques were thrown here and there, Practitioners teaming up and shouting out their Technique names against their opponents.

Most of them only attacked from a distance, relying on pure firepower to overwhelm their opponents.

"Ara? These are the so called 'Elites'?" Manami muttered, tilting her head.

Lian Li pinched her chin, "Hmmm… How do I say this? They seem to be… Lacking?"

Hyperbole… [Laverna]

This one humbly agrees. [Denna]

Ehh~~ I was so looking forward to see good fights too, what a bloody let down! [Bait]

No, Master must mean for us to know how the Elites fight in order to find counters. [Eris]

Ah ha! That sounds right! Heh heh, we'll need to pay attention then! [Bait]

Mmm… Loud… [Laverna]

You're right, they're really flashy. Master's way is more elegant. [Eris]

Haha! But isn't flashy good too? Nothing beats pummeling some dumbasses into the ground with your own fists! [Bait]

Disagree… [Laverna]

This one too. [Denna]

I… I think it depends on the situation? [Eris]

Whaaa? You as well?! I get the other two since they're all weird as hell but come on, surely you agree the best thing is to punch the hell out of a heretic?! [Bait]

… Says the one with a penchant for outdoors… [Laverna]

Ha! That's the most I've heard you say in a single seating! Did I hit a nerve with the weird comment? [Bait]

Annoying… [Laverna]

Ok, ok. Don't fight in there. I'm still trying to watch the battle. [Eris]

This one humbly believes that this one is not weird as well. [Denna]

Ooh? Did I ruffle your feathers too? Who knew that there's something you're not humble about? Hahaha! [Bait]

This one is only being honest. [Denna]

Arrogant… [Laverna]

Hey, teaming up on me isn't fair ok? Don't make me smack you! [Bait]

This one dares you to. [Denna]

Ok, enough. [Eris]

After the three of them finally stop bickering, I turned my full attention to the stage.

About a little more than half have already been ejected out of the stage, there were only a few solo fighters left and even now their numbers continue to dwindle.

Truly, this 'festival' was meant for Practitioners to learn and get used to war zones. The question is why? A tradition? Or was it preparation?

Master did not explain either and none of us deem it necessary to ask either.

Then again, there is still the country of Dong south of the Death Mountains. I know for a fact that the militaristic country was ruled by a dictator who governs it with an iron fist. The only reason why they have yet to march into our side of the continent was because the Death Mountains prevented them from doing so.

To get from our side to theirs, travellers have to journey through a treacherous mountain path for thirteen days, a single slip up would result in death which gave the mountains their infamous name. Still, many people make the journey since it was a better alternative than living in that hell hole, even if the success rate was only fifty percent..

I would know, since the orphanage I had stayed for a time was in that Dong country before I made the journey here.

The group of people I followed lost five out of the ten people on that journey.

I suppose this Festival might have been a way to prepare Practitioners for war in the past but because most people believed the Dongs to be a non-threat, the event devolved into a dick-measuring contest for the Sects instead.

Pffft! Hahaha, you said dick! [Bait]

Why are you making noise again? [Eris]

I can't help it! It's funny! Right? Right? [Bait]

Immature… [Laverna]

This one refuses to comment. [Denna]

You guys are boring you know that? You need to be a little more assertive to get what you want! [Bait]

It is this one's humble opinion that too much assertiveness might bring the opposite outcome. [Denna]

Oh really? Well we just need to wait and see how successful Manami is in the coming month don't we? I'd bet my money on her. Anyone of ya taking? [Bait]

No bets… [Laverna]

Oh come on, let's do it! If Manami bags Master, let me jump him. Like in a forest somewhere would be good enough! [Bait]

Could you not use this body as a collateral? And Master is not someone for you to 'jump' on. [Eris]

Cheh, just because Master named you, you get to act bossy, huh? [Bait]

Yes, just because Master named me. [Eris]

Oohh, where did you learn how to be sassy huh? [Bait]

You, of course. [Eris]

Hmph… I should probably talk less then, huh? [Bait]

Yes. [Eris]

Yes… [Laverna]

Yes. [Denna]

… Touche. [Bait]

This one humbly suggests you to be a little more humble. [Denna]

And end up like you? Nahhh, that'll be too boring! Life is about the excitement you know?! [Bait]

Ah, look. Because of all the bickering, the match has already ended. [Eris]

Nothing to learn… [Laverna]

Heh, I agree with her on this one, they're nothing much after all. So much for Elites. [Bait]

The next round is the open segment isn't it? This one wonders who will participate? [Denna]

Elders… Master… [Laverna]

Ohh, I'd love to watch Master kick some ass too! Mmm, speaking of ass, don't you think Master's ass are really tight? I'd tap that anyday. [Bait]

You are unbelievable. Why am I even sharing a body with you? [Eris]

… Agree with her… [Laverna]

This one… Also thinks Master has a nice behind… [Denna]

You three… [Eris]

"Ara? The Sect Master seems to want Master to participate?" Manami remarked.

I turned my head, just in time to see Master leap on stage.

Now this is something worth watching.

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