What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 1144 Hello, Your Daughter Brought Me Here

Chapter 1144 Hello, Your Daughter Brought Me Here


We had the choice of going through the main door but apparently the Qilin didn't think that was the way to go and went straight towards one of the buildings located higher up the mountain instead.

"That's… My father's courtyard…" Long Er muttered softly, though she did not protest against us going there.

Surprisingly, the place was left unguarded and we managed to land in the middle of the courtyard without anyone stopping us, as though no one was even looking in this direction.

I knew this was not just a coincidence and it already told me what this family's feelings were in regards to their former patriarch.

Long Er also flew close to us, though her feet remained hovering just slightly above the ground.

I idly wondered if they really avoided touching the ground their entire lives… But how do they even sleep? Do they also sleep while floating in the air? If they do, that must suck.

The Qilin laid itself on the ground, giving me the hint that we should go and check out the main building.

Cai Hong had already leapt off the Qilin and looked around the place in awe, "Papa! Papa! Big place! Play?"

I patted her head, "Aahah, Papa needs to do something first unfortunately. Actually, why don't Cai Hong play with Mama for now?"

The loli dragon turned to Iris and looked at her with her big sparkly eyes, "Mama play with Cai Hong?"

Iris giggled, "Ufufufu~ If that is what Master wants, I don't mind~"

Awww~ Look at Iris going to play with Cai Hong~ That's definitely cute~

The Long Er girl floated her way to me, "Umm… I apologise… But would you allow me to go see my father?"

I shrugged, "I presume that's what we're here for anyway so lead the way."

The two of us went towards the main building, stopping right at the entrance where she curiously paused to take off her shoes to leave in front of the door before levitating forward to open the door.

Once she passed the threshold, she surprisingly stopped levitating and actually allowed herself to step onto the floor.

How curious…

"Is there a reason why it's ok for you to walk with your feet inside there?" I asked.

"Eh? Ah… Umm… All of our rooms are sanctified so that we are not tainted here…" She explained a little awkwardly.

I see…

I followed her example and allowed Xun Guan to retract from my feet when I stepped into the building, entering what appears to be the main hall.

One of the doors suddenly opened up and a woman that looked like the older version of the Long Er girl stepped out with furrowed brows.

"I already told you all that we don't know where… Long Er?! What are you doing here?!"

"Mother…" The young girl cried before rushing forward to hug the woman.

"Oh my poor girl… Mother is sorry for not being able to help you here… But why have you returned? Has your uncle changed his mind?"

"No… I… He sent Elder Long after me…"

"That bastard! But you can't hide here! They'll definitely find you even here!"

"That's… That's fine…." She sniffed before turning towards me.

The woman finally realised I was standing there all this while and she looked at her daughter perplexedly, "Long Er… What is this thing doing inside our hallowed halls?"

Long Er's eyes widened, "Mother! Please… Please don't offend him… He… He saved my life and… And… He's the one who killed Elder Long!"

Her mother cut her off, "Do you really expect me to believe something like that could kill one of the disciplinary Elders of the family? Are you being manipulated by this thing?"

"Mother, please… You have to believe me… He's an existence above Gods… I saw it with my own eyes!"

The woman nodded and patted her head, "I see… Let me talk to it, Long Er."

She gently pushed the girl aside to approach me with a look of disgust, "What do you want? Money? Locked up as I am, I still possess some Spirit Stones of my own. Will a few be enough for you to leave us alone and get lost from here?"

Long Er let out a cry of despair as she hurriedly knelt in front of me, "Please! Please don't hurt her! She doesn't know! She doesn't! I'll explain to her!"

Calm down girl, it's not like I would kill her over something so trivial. Why would you even think I would do that?

"LONG ER!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" The woman shrieked, already rushing forward to pull the girl up to her feet. "How can you kneel to such a thing?! Are you out of your mind?!"

Long Er was starting to get hysterical at this point, "Please Mother! You have to believe me! He really is an existence above the Gods! Wait! Just wait! I'll prove it to you!"

The young girl looked at me with pleading eyes and I tilted my head at her, "Well, what do you want me to do?"

"My mother… She's from the Divine Tian Family! They discovered how to nullify Divine influences on them! If you can even stop her from moving, that is proof enough that you are above the Gods!"

Just like that? Well that's a simple thing to do.

The woman sighed, "Please, Long Er, you are being hyste--"

I snapped my fingers and made the woman unable to move aside from her eyes.

The girl did not even doubt that this was caused by me and quickly turned back to her mother, "See, mother?! I'm telling the truth! They really are beyond the Gods! You have to believe me!"

Her mother narrowed her eyes and it was clear she still had her doubts about the situation.

Well, no surprise there to be honest.

"Your father is in a coma right? What if I woke him up?"

She swivelled around and gasped, "You… You can do that? Ah! Of course you can! If… If you can do that, there will surely be no doubt about your identity! Even our ancestors said they could do nothing for my father!"

Her mother's eyes shifted to her and I could see that she had her own thoughts about the situation, except that she couldn't speak them out.

Well, this was another easy thing for me to do.

I snapped my fingers again and there was silence for a while.

The mother rolled her eyes until the door behind her suddenly opened and a man walked through the doorway while stretching his arms and yawning out loud.

"Nnngg… That was a nice nap… Eh? What's going on here?"

Tadah, magic!

Look, the mother's eyes actually widened to the point it looked like her eyeballs were gonna pop right out of their sockets~

Oh, that father is straight up glaring daggers at me now.

I'm guessing I need to deal with him now?

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