Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 415 - Chapter 415: Liked Huo Sicheng, Liked Him Very Much

Chapter 415: Liked Huo Sicheng, Liked Him Very Much

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Lu Chi glanced indifferently at the sleeve Ye Rong was pulling on.

With a forceful pull, he withdrew his sleeve and ignored Ye Rong, intending to leave.

Ignored once again by Lu Chi, Ye Rong stamped her foot in frustration, her displeasure evident in her petulant demeanor.

She quickly stepped in front of Lu Chi to block his path.

“Brother Lu Chi, why must you be so heartless towards me?” Her eyes reddened, filled with grievance as she stared at Lu Chi. “I’m just asking a few questions. I haven’t done anything outrageously wrong.”

Lu Chi looked at Ye Rong with calm eyes. “I’ve told you, there are things better left unknown for your own good.”

“I don’t need you to decide what’s good for me,” Ye Rong insisted stubbornly. “I just want to know who Huo Sicheng’s wife is. Why are you protecting his wife?”

“You want to know who Huo Sicheng’s wife is?” Lu Chi scoffed. “Ye Rong, you’re not just curious. You want to know about the woman I care so much about. Is she a potential rival for you, right?”

Ye Rong turned pale, suddenly at a loss for words.

“No… it’s not like that…” She stammered, then froze.

Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at Lu Chi.

“You… you…” She was stunned. “The only woman Brother Lu Chi cares about is… could it be Sister Qingcheng… She… She’s married? And she’s Huo Sicheng’s wile!

Lu Chi remained silent, his expression unchanged.

“Sister Qingcheng is married, then you… you don’t stand a chance anymore?” Ye Rong looked at Lu Chi in disbelief.

She was astounded, recalling the conversation between Lu Chi and Huo Sicheng.

The phrase “strength value maxed out” should have made her think of Gu Qingcheng.

After all, aside from Gu Qingcheng, no other woman mattered to Lu Chi, especially when even she, who had been chasing him for years, couldn’t catch his eye.

She was foolish for only realizing now that Gu Qingcheng was the person Huo Sicheng and Lu Chi were discussing.

So, the person Huo Sicheng was looking for was Gu Qingcheng, which explained why Lu Chi would go to such lengths to protect her.

Gu Qingcheng was someone she could never compare to.

Yet, it never occurred to her that someone as smart as Gu Qingcheng could be kidnapped.

Suddenly, a malicious thought crossed her mind: she wished Gu Qingcheng had been killed during the kidnapping, so no one would compete with her for Lu Chi.

But the moment this vile thought emerged, she was overwhelmed with fear and helplessness. How could she harbor such a dreadful wish to kill Gu Qingcheng?

Lu Chi, noticing the change in Ye Rong’s expression, spoke sternly, “I won’t allow anyone to harm Gu Qingcheng. If you harbor any malicious intent, I’ll ensure the Ye family’s ancestral graves are dug up.”

Ye Rong’s pupils shrank, shocked by Lu Chi’s words.

“Brother Lu Chi…” Her voice was hoarse, but she clearly understood that Lu Chi would do anything for Gu Qingcheng, fueling her jealousy and envy, yet forcing her to face the harsh reality.

Lu Chi took out a cigarette pack from his pocket, lit a cigarette, and exhaled a smoke ring.

“It’s getting late. You should go home.”

Tears streamed down Ye Rong’s face as she asked Lu Chi, “Sister Qingcheng is married, yet you still won’t give up on her? Are you still waiting for her to marry you?”

“Even if Gu Qingcheng weren’t married, I wouldn’t marry her,” Lu Chi said, blowing smoke, his demeanor indifferent as he looked at Ye Rong, now a crying mess.

“Why?” Ye Rong didn’t understand Lu Chi’s reasoning. “Why wouldn’t you marry Sister Qingcheng? Don’t you like her?”

“Who said liking someone means you have to marry them?” Lu Chi retorted. “My feelings for Gu Qingcheng are based on emotion but restrained by propriety.”

He added meaningfully to Ye Rong, “Accompaniment is the longest confession of love.

Ye Rong’s mind buzzed, the most striking words being that accompaniment is the longest confession of love.

For years, Lu Chi hadn’t glanced her way, always harboring feelings for Gu Qingcheng.

Even if Gu Qingcheng were single, Lu Chi never pursued her. It took years for Ye Rong to understand that Lu Chi’s pursuit was a silent accompaniment, a silent confession.

“Why?” She sobbed. “I don’t understand why, when you had a chance to pursue Sister Qingcheng, you chose not to, just for this silent confession, I…”

“That’s why I said you’re still young and don’t understand love,” Lu Chi extinguished his cigarette, his gaze on Ye Rong softened for once, “True love isn’t about possession, but about letting go. Love is selfish; in this lifetime, you either marry her or never see her again. There’s no third option. Therefore, true love means either finding a way to make her happy or stepping aside to let someone else do so.”

“But how can you be sure Huo Sicheng can make Sister Qingcheng happy?” Ye Rong challenged Lu Chi. “Huo Sicheng is disabled. Didn’t you see him in a wheelchair? I admit Huo Sicheng looks good, but marriage isn’t just about looks.”

“You’ve never seen the way your Sister Qingcheng looks when she talks about Huo Sicheng,” Lu Chi chuckled lightly, recalling, “But I have seen her eyes light up like stars, soft as the dawn, radiating happiness when she mentions Huo Sicheng. It’s something that can’t be faked. Having known her for years, I’m genuinely happy for her happiness.”

“Ye Rong, sometimes letting go is also a form of love,” he hinted at her, “Whether in the past or now, I’ve only seen you as a sister. So let go. You deserve someone more suited for you, not wasting your time on a man who’ll never marry.”

Ye Rong cried uncontrollably.

She knew Lu Chi was right. True love is about letting go, not possessing.

But Lu Chi was her first love, how could she easily give up?

“Brother Lu Chi, you’re just not planning to marry now. Maybe you’ll want to in the future, I…

“I won’t marry,” Lu Chi stated firmly. “Since the day this scar appeared on my face, I’ve had no intention of marrying. You should know the story behind this scar.”

Ye Rong shivered upon seeing the scar on Lu Chi’s face, suddenly forgetting to cry.

“I… I don’t know the story, I…”

Lu Chi looked at the nervous Ye Rong, his eyes flickered, “I’ve got things to do.

You should head home early.”

Ye Rong stood frozen, watching Lu Chi disappear from her sight, then covered her face and sobbed loudly.

“Brother Lu Chi, you’ve rejected my love again, you’ve rejected me.” Ye Rong’s cries echoed through the Lu family’s garden.

Meanwhile, Huo Sicheng sat in the car, with Yi Shui sitting opposite him.

“Gu Mei’s liver ruptured and is in critical condition at the hospital. Chu He is by her side.”

“Gu Tianhao is out of danger, with Bai Si taking care of him daily, which Qin

Chong is very unhappy about.”

“Qin Jun is grounded at home for wrongdoing.”

“The kidnappers of Mrs. Huo were Gu Mei and Qi Shaoze.”

Yi Shui was reporting to Huo Sicheng the findings, and Huo Sicheng’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this.

“What did you say?” His voice was ice-cold.. “The kidnapping involved not just

Gu Mei but also Qi Shaoze?”

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