Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 218 - Chapter 218: You ‘re So Slow Tonight; Hurry Up

Chapter 218: You ‘re So Slow Tonight; Hurry Up

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“You’ll know when you open it,” Huo Xuan said lovingly to her father. Huo Sicheng stared at his son Huo Xuan for a while and said, “No.”

Huo Xuan was surprised. “Dad, why didn’t you play by the rules?”

Huo Sicheng raised his eyebrows. “Why should I follow your lead?”

Huo Xuan pouted and placed the box in her father’s hand.

“You’re so boring. I told you about my kidnapping to make you braver and not hesitate. Mommy is Daddy’s and my princess. We don’t allow others to snatch our princess away, so Daddy, please be brave to Mommy.”

With that, he strode away with his short legs.

Huo Sicheng watched his son enter the bedroom and looked down at the box in his hand.

He opened the box with his slender fingers. The things inside the small box made his eyes complicated and helpless.

“You stole Daddy’s things again.” He muttered helplessly and entered the room.

Gu Qingcheng was lying on the bed, playing with her phone. When she saw Huo Sicheng return to his room, she stared at him like a wolf for a while before saying sweetly, “Hubby, you’re so slow tonight. Hurry up and go to bed.”

Huo Sicheng liked the way Gu Qingcheng looked at him, so much so that she wanted to throw herself at him. Smiling, he asked, “Is what you said about going to bed what I think it is?”

Gu Qingcheng’s cheeks flushed red and she said coquettishly, “It’s not what you think! Hmph, come here quickly. I want to hug you to sleep.”

Huo Sicheng lay down next to Gu Qingcheng and held her in his arms.

Gu Qingcheng buried her head in Huo Sicheng’s arms and fell asleep, smelling his unique scent.

Huo Sicheng’s soft kisses landed on Gu Qingcheng’s hair, and out of habit, he wrapped her hair around his fingers, again and again.

He leaned forward to see that Gu Qingcheng’s phone was lit up. It was Qi Shaoze.

He furrowed his brows and felt sour in his heart.

At the restaurant the next day.

Huo Xuan looked at her mother’s slender hands and pouted at her father, Huo Sicheng.

Huo Sicheng noticed the look in Huo Xuan’s eyes, but he didn’t care about his son. Instead, he gently wiped the corner of Gu Qingcheng’s mouth with a napkin.

“It’s raining outside today.” His voice was gentle. “Don’t get wet in the rain when you go out.”

Huo Sicheng’s words reminded Gu Qingcheng of the fever she had once had. He braved the rain to send her to the hospital from her mother’s grave. In the end, he actually erased the traces of his presence and even put on a clumsy act to deny that he had sent her to the hospital.

Thinking about it now, she still wanted to punch him.

If he had admitted that he had taken her to the hospital and cared about her, there would not have been so many misunderstandings between them.

“Alright.” She replied, “You too. Don’t get wet in the rain.” “Alright,” Huo Sicheng said.

Gu Qingcheng couldn’t help but stare into Huo Sicheng’s eyes.

Seeing that Gu Qingcheng was staring at him, Huo Sicheng asked her softly, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Qingcheng shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Ever since she slept with him every day, she had never had nightmares again.

However, when he mentioned not to get wet in the rain, she thought of the dreams she had in the hospital.

Even now, she still didn’t know who that little boy was. Instead, she looked at Huo Sicheng’s eyes, which were similar to the little boy’s eyes in her dream.

Was the little boy who kept appearing in her dreams Huo Sicheng?

She tried to recall her memories, but she couldn’t remember meeting Huo

Sicheng in the cemetery when they were young.

Huo Sicheng touched his face. “Is there something on my face?”

Gu Qingcheng stood up and leaned over to kiss Huo Sicheng on the lips.

“There’s nothing on your face. I’m going out.”

Huo Sicheng stopped Gu Qingcheng. “Wait a minute.”

Gu Qingcheng turned to Huo Sicheng. “What’s wrong?”

Huo Xuan’s eyes lit up. She raised her hand and gave her father, Huo Sicheng, a cheering gesture.

Huo Sicheng put his hand in his pocket and made a gesture of taking something out. However, he hesitated for a moment and said calmly, “You’ve raced many times. Don’t race again, especially when it’s raining. If you have another car accident like the one two days ago, I’ll be angry.”

Gu Qingcheng was speechless.

Although Huo Sicheng was tough, she was not angry. Instead, she replied obediently, “Alright.”

“Daddy…” After Huo Xuan said goodbye to his mother, he pouted. “What racing?

Where’s the box I gave you last night?”

Huo Sicheng pressed the button on his wheelchair. “I’m going to the company.

You stay at home and study hard.”

Huo Xuan watched her father leave unhappily and helplessly.

In the private room of the cafe, Gu Qingcheng walked in and saw Qi Shaoze drinking coffee instead of alcohol.

“Treasure…Qingcheng…” Qi Shaoze saw Gu Qingcheng and quickly stood up. He said gently, “You…”

Gu Qingcheng gestured for Qi Shaoze to keep quiet.

After she sat on the chair opposite Qi Shaoze, she asked him expressionlessly, “You accepted my money and personally promised me to be on the trending searches. You didn’t do any of it. Do you think that just because I didn’t answer your calls or reply to your messages these past few days, you can pretend that this never happened?”

“Let me explain.” Seeing Gu Qingcheng’s cold face, Qi Shaoze explained nervously, “I’ve told the public relations department that it was their fault. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Qi Shaoze!” Gu Qingcheng raised her voice. “Don’t lie to me!”

Qi Shaoze’s face turned pale. “Qingcheng…”

“I’ve given in to you more than once because of our friendship.” Gu Qingcheng stared at Qi Shaoze coldly. “Six years? How many six years are there in life?” Our six-year friendship is not for you to play with me!”

Qi Shaoze’s expression was extremely ugly. “Qingcheng, do you have some misunderstanding about me? I…”

“I didn’t misunderstand you.” Gu Qingcheng interrupted Qi Shaoze. “It’s not that I’m brainless. It’s just that I cherish our friendship! That’s why I’ve never been angry with you when you said that Huo Sicheng was bad in front of me time and time again.”

“At that time, Huo Sicheng’s actions did make me unhappy and angry.

“What you said was not unreasonable, but your actions became more and more excessive. I admit that it was my own problem. It was my indulgence that made you repeatedly accuse Huo Sicheng of being bad.

“Yes, Huo Sicheng is indeed a mute. He is a reserved and taciturn man. You keep criticizing him, but he doesn’t have a mouth to explain to me.

“Qi Shaoze, I trusted you so much, and I still do. But what did you do? When Huo Sicheng and I misunderstood each other, you knew that we misunderstood each other many times, but you never told me about it. “That day at the club, you didn’t ask me to catch a prostitute by accident. You wanted me to catch a prostitute on purpose. You didn’t care what he was talking about with Gu Tianhao and the others. You only wanted me to see clearly that he was a playboy who went to the club to have women on his left and right.

“Unfortunately, I believed you. I went in to catch a prostitute. When Gu Tianhao and the others were hugging women, Huo Sicheng was the only one without a woman. You..

Qi Shaoze’s face was pale, and the intense emotions made his handsome face slightly contort.

“Qingcheng, you’ve misunderstood. Things aren’t what you think they are.” He interrupted Gu Qingcheng.. “Did Huo Sicheng say something to you?” That’s why you misunderstood me like this?”

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