Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: Hubby Coming to Sleep on Her Invitation

Chapter 180: Hubby Coming to Sleep on Her Invitation

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“Mommy…” Huo Xuan panicked upon hearing her mother’s words. “You can’t tell Daddy.”

Huo Sicheng looked at his son, Huo Xuan. “Look at you. You must have said something bad. ”

Huo Xuan pouted and gazed at Huo Sicheng. “You don’t even know what I said. How do you know it wasn’t something good?”

“That’s right.” Gu Qingcheng hummed, “Honey, you don’t even know what our son said. Are you sure he didn’t say anything good?”

“He wouldn’t be anxious if he said something good.” Huo Sicheng looked at Gu Qingcheng. “Tell me, what did our son say to you?”

Gu Qingcheng playfully said, “It’s simple. I’ll tell you if you kiss our son and me.”

Huo Sicheng reached out his long arms and hugged his son and wife, giving them both a kiss.

“Now, tell me.”

Huo Xuan sat on Huo Sicheng’s lap, hugging her father’s arm obediently, and resting her head against her father’s chest.

Gu Qingcheng smiled brightly and kissed Huo Sicheng on the lips.

“Our son asked if we could sleep together tonight.”

“No.” Huo Sicheng replied straightforwardly. “Just let him stay with us. We can’t push our luck.”

Huo Xuan looked at her mother in surprise and smiled.

Gu Qingcheng blinked at Huo Xuan, then said to Huo Sicheng, “Alright, then let’s not let our son sleep with us. Let’s go eat first. I’m so hungry.”

Huo Sicheng had witnessed the interaction between Huo Xuan and Gu Qingcheng and couldn’t help but feel helpless.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zhao’s face turned livid as he observed the loving scene between Gu Qingcheng and Huo Sicheng. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the young master’s laptop.

Inside the dining room, Gu Qingcheng headed to the bathroom. Huo Sicheng looked at Huo Xuan, who was eating elegantly, and asked, “Tell me honestly, what did you tell your mother? I don’t believe that you want to sleep with us tonight. ”

Huo Xuan sighed. She knew she couldn’t hide it from her father, so she decided to tell him the truth. “I told Mom that you love her too much. Even if I’m her son, you would get jealous if she hugged me. I told her to only love you from now on and to stay away from other boys so that you wouldn’t get jealous every day.”

Huo Sicheng’s eyes flickered. “I do get jealous, but your mother has her own circle of friends. No matter how much you care about your father, you can’t ask your mother to stay away from her male friends.”

“I don’t like Qi Shaoze,” Huo Xuan pouted. “He’s always trending online with Mom. If I don’t like him, you definitely won’t like him either. You’re my dad, she’s my mom, and I’m your baby. The three of us love each other, and Qi

Shaoze is not allowed to ruin it.”

Huo Sicheng’s eyes darkened when he heard Qi Shaoze’s name.

“This is not something a child like you should be concerned about,” he reminded Huo Xuan. “Qi Shaoze is just your mother’s friend. In the future, don’t say such things in front of your mother.”

“I didn’t say much,” Huo Xuan pouted. “I just said that you get jealous and told Mom to stay away from other boys. I didn’t specifically mention staying away from Qi Shaoze.”

Huo Sicheng knew that his son, Huo Xuan, had good intentions, so he wouldn’t be angry with him. He said lovingly, “Let’s eat.”

Huo Xuan continued eating.

At that moment, Gu Qingcheng came out of the bathroom and saw Mr. Zhao passing by with a glass in his hand.

“Mr. Zhao,” she called out to Mr. Zhao. “Can we have a chat?”

Mr. Zhao turned to look at Gu Qingcheng. “Miss Gu, there’s nothing to talk about between us.”

“I have something to say.” Gu Qingcheng stood in front of Mr. Zhao. “I know you don’t want to hear me out, so I’ll keep it short and not delay your work at the villa.”

Mr. Zhao looked at Gu Qingcheng and had an idea of what she was going to say. Before she could speak, he said, “No matter what you say, my stance remains the same. Don’t embarrass yourself when Miss Li returns. Leave this place with dignity.”

“Mr. Zhao, please remember, I’m the one who married Huo Sicheng, not Miss

Li.” Gu Qingcheng had initially intended to have a polite conversation, but Mr.

Zhao’s words angered her. “Even if Miss Li comes back, what difference does it make? Even if Huo Sicheng wants to divorce me, he has to see if I agree. If I don’t want a divorce, it’s useless for him to hire a lawyer and sue me.”

“Furthermore, even if Huo Sicheng were to sue me with a lawyer, he would have no valid reason. Do you really think he’d sue me for cheating, using Qi Shaoze as an excuse, and try to make me leave with nothing? Mr. Zhao, you’ll be disappointed because after we got married, he and Ji Sisi were the first to trend online for alleged infidelity.”

“So, if we do get divorced, I want him to leave the family with nothing. If he leaves with nothing, even if I don’t get the entire Huo Corporation, I’ll at least get half of the Huo family’s assets. Then, I’ll take Wanmei Villa away, and the villa will belong to me. Do you think I’d let someone who favors outsiders stay by my side?”

Mr. Zhao hadn’t expected Gu Qingcheng to lay out the entire situation so clearly, and he felt embarrassed. He hadn’t thought things through and had just wanted Gu Qingcheng to leave.

“Furthermore, Huo Sicheng won’t divorce me, so you should rein in your thoughts,” Gu Qingcheng continued. “I admit that when I invited you back to the villa last time, I wanted your help to get a divorce from Huo Sicheng. That was the old me, not the current me. Now that I’ve decided not to divorce Huo Sicheng, you should stop having such thoughts. If you’re unhappy with me, you can either leave the villa or we can avoid interfering in each other’s affairs. But if you do anything against me, I will retaliate.”

Mr. Zhao’s face was ashen, and his lips moved, but he didn’t utter a word.

Gu Qingcheng had said everything, both the good and the bad, and had given him only one choice.

To stay or not to stay.

“There’s no rush for you to give me an answer,” Gu Qingcheng didn’t want to make things difficult for Mr. Zhao. “You can take a month to think it over.”

She turned around and took a step forward, then looked at Mr. Zhao with a gentle expression. “Mr. Zhao, I understand that you may be unhappy with me because of how I treated Huo Sicheng in the past. I sincerely apologize for that. I’m truly sorry. It’s my fault that you don’t like me; it’s my problem. However…”

“But now we’re a family, and I hope you can stay. With you here, Sicheng will be happy. The condition is that you don’t have any malicious intentions toward me, Sicheng, or this family.”

“It wasn’t easy for Sicheng and me to get to where we are today. I absolutely won’t allow a troublemaker by my side. After saying all this, I hope Mr. Zhao understands and makes the right choice.”

Mr. Zhao’s face became extremely unpleasant. “Miss Gu, a leopard can’t change its spots. No matter how nicely you put it, it’s just talk.”

Gu Qingcheng sensed that there was more to Mr. Zhao’s words, so she asked,

“Mr.. Zhao, tell me, what do you want me to do?”

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