Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 156 - Chapter 156: Killing Gu Qingcheng and Her Son

Chapter 156: Killing Gu Qingcheng and Her Son

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Gu Mei’s eyes bore an unsettling mix of animosity and venom, like a storm cloud charged with lightning.

“On that day at the restaurant,” she began, her tone laced with a mocking edge, “I asked you to halt Huo Sicheng in his tracks, but you brushed aside my words as if they were mere whispers carried away by the wind. I told you I saw a shadowy figure departing alongside Huo Sicheng, and you dismissed it with disbelief! Now, do you finally believe me?”

Chu He remained unfazed by her daughter Gu Mei’s taunts.

“Why is this child so pale from head to toe? Even his hair is as white as snow, resembling a specter.”

“What kind of normal child could emerge from the clutches of that wretched Gu Qingcheng?” Gu Mei’s eyes gleamed with a malicious cruelty, “Only a deformed offspring could ever be a fitting match for the tainted Gu Qingcheng!”

Chu He inspected the photograph meticulously, her gaze scrutinizing every detail. “Did you manage to ascertain who sired Gu Qingcheng’s child?”

“The little bastard goes by the name Huo Xuan,” Gu Mei responded, her eyes never leaving Chu He’s face. “Huo Sicheng cannot possibly be his father, not by any stretch of human imagination. I wonder which man bestowed upon Gu Qingcheng the gift of motherhood, only for Huo Sicheng to swoop in and claim the child as his own, bestowing upon him the name Huo.”

Chu He’s thoughts meandered through intricate paths. “Given Gu Qingcheng’s enigmatic status, should news of her childbirth be unveiled, it would ignite a tempest of curiosity and entangle Huo Sicheng as well!”

As soon as Huo Sicheng’s name resurfaced, Gu Mei hastened to interject, “This mustn’t be exposed! The revelation of Gu Qingcheng’s motherhood would spell doom for both her and Huo Sicheng!”

“Why?” Chu He’s perplexity grew at her daughter Gu Mei’s sudden surge of emotion. “In the Peach Blossom Cup incident, Gu Qingcheng’s survival was attributed to Huo Sicheng’s intervention!”

“Should Gu Qingcheng’s maternal secret be laid bare, both her and Huo Sicheng shall meet their downfall. Furthermore, we can ensnare Qi Shaoze in the quagmire as well. This grand scheme shall eliminate three adversaries with one stroke, ensuring our unequivocal triumph!”

“And you have the audacity to mention the Peach Blossom Cup!” Gu Mei’s voice brimmed with ire, “You led me to obediently follow your commands, naively believing that you would vanquish Gu Qingcheng during the Peach Blossom Cup! Yet, not only did you fail to eliminate her, you permitted her to ascend the spotlight unscathed, overshadowing us all!”

“Pray do not extol Huo Sicheng’s role as Gu Qingcheng’s guardian,” Gu Mei’s tone turned acidic, “He, a handicapped man, by what means could he safeguard her? It is almost as plausible for Gu Qingcheng to protect him instead!”

“The discovery of Gu Qingcheng’s child is a fruit of my investigation. I forbid the revelation of this truth, as well as the public knowledge of Huo Sicheng and Gu Qingcheng’s clandestine marriage.”

Chu He understood the immense vexation Gu Mei had been subjected to, and she endeavored to mollify her daughter with a gentler tone. “Xiao Mei, could you share the rationale behind concealing Huo Sicheng and Gu Qingcheng’s marriage? Additionally, why do you withhold the revelation of your findings regarding the child Huo Xuan’s identity, almost as if safeguarding him?”

“I harbor no intentions of shielding Huo Xuan and Gu Qingcheng,” Gu Mei’s voice brimmed with icy determination. “My motives are my own.”

Her objective was to wrench Huo Sicheng away from Gu Qingcheng, a thought that rendered publicizing their marriage unthinkable.

After all, she was ostensibly Gu Qingcheng’s sister. Should she become romantically involved with Gu Qingcheng’s former spouse, Huo Sicheng, she would be subject to social castigation.

Should their union be unveiled, Gu Qingcheng’s reputation would plummet, inevitably culminating in Huo Sicheng’s desertion of the tainted woman.

Conversely, if her liaison with Huo Sicheng was displayed openly, she would remain unscathed by public ridicule.

At this juncture, her mind alighted upon the vials of medicine nestled within her bedroom. Those potent concoctions would render Huo Sicheng insensate, paving the way for her to seek solace in Qi Shaoze’s embrace.

With unwavering resolve, she vowed to strip Gu Qingcheng of all she held dear.

“Can’t even Mom be privy to this secret?” Chu He implored Gu Mei, her voice brimming with earnestness. “Share your plan with me, and allow your mother to assist in orchestrating it.”

“I shall remain silent,” Gu Mei’s faith in Chu He had been chipped away. “You’ve let me down consistently, allowing Gu Qingcheng to triumph repeatedly. You’ve never avenged me. How can I trust you with my plan?”

Gu Mei’s reproach induced a pang of guilt within Chu He’s heart. She wasn’t prepared to disclose the leverage she wielded over Gu Qingcheng so hastily.

As long as that leverage remained concealed, Gu Qingcheng would remain firmly under her thumb. The instant it came to light, Chu He would lose control over Gu Qingcheng.

And considering that Gu Qingcheng had already unearthed the truth about Yuan Qiaolan, relinquishing her dominion over Gu Qingcheng was perilous indeed.

Thus, when evaluating the larger scope of things, Chu He reluctantly resolved to sacrifice her daughter Gu Mei for the sake of self-preservation.

“Xiao Mei, know that your mother has her reasons,” Chu He explained ruefully, “You must place your trust in me. Your mother’s greatest devotion is to you, and vengeance shall be yours.”

Too many disappointments had soured Gu Mei’s trust in her mother Chu He, rendering her immune to these words.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Chu He inquired, “What do you need?”

After a contemplative pause, Gu Mei gestured toward Huo Xuan.

“What do you wish me to do with this child?” Chu He inquired.

Gu Mei’s gaze shimmered with lethal intent, “End his life.”

“Xiao Mei, Huo Xuan is but a child,” Chu He recoiled in shock, “Your vendetta against Gu Qingcheng isn’t reason enough to extinguish his life. What harm could a child possibly have done? We cannot take a life so young.”

“Must a child be spared?” Gu Mei’s indifference was palpable, “Even a child can warrant death! Tell me, Mom, will you kill Huo Xuan?”

Chu He’s response was hesitant, “Xiao Mei, Huo Xuan is an innocent child.

Though his appearance is unconventional, he doesn’t deserve death.”

“So you’re refusing me,” Gu Mei’s smile twisted into a mirthless grin, “If you won’t eliminate Huo Xuan, I shall.

“Once his life is extinguished, I’ll capture his lifeless form in a photograph and forward it to Gu Qingcheng. Can you imagine her anguish? Will she not be driven to madness?”

Chu He stammered, “Xiao Mei, you…”

“Why are you and Mom up so early in the living room?” A sudden voice cut through the air, belonging to Gu Tianhao. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting? Or have you risen at this early hour to discuss weighty matters?”

Chu He swallowed her unfinished words and hastened to Gu Tianhao’s side, offering a soothing explanation, “Tianhao, Xiao Mei is feeling rather downcast.

I am here to console her. What brings you up so early?”

“Is being upset a valid excuse for imbibing alcohol?” Gu Tianhao’s gaze turned reproachful as it landed on the scent of alcohol clinging to Gu Mei. “Your injuries are yet to heal, necessitating rest and recovery.”

Chu He offered a conciliatory smile, “You are right, dear. I was merely discussing Xiao Mei.”

“Xiao Mei, you’re no longer a child. Please refrain from acting in a manner befitting a juvenile,” Gu Tianhao chided Gu Mei, his words dripping with paternal authority. “Young ladies should embody virtue, submission, gentleness, and empathy, qualities that captivate the heart of a man. Tend to your appearance, for Qin Jun is coming for lunch, and your sister Gu Qingcheng shall also make her return. Do not tarnish your image in her presence, lest she seize another opportunity to mock you.”

The utterance of “virtue, submission, gentleness, and empathy,” coupled with the invocation of Gu Qingcheng’s name, stoked the embers of Gu Mei’s anger.

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