Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 151 - Chapter 151: Harmonious Marriage

Chapter 151: Harmonious Marriage

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Renila roared, “Because Brother Sicheng’s wife can only be me, only me, Renila! Anyone who dares to steal Brother Sicheng from me will die! They must die!”

Damon weakly raised his hand to his forehead.

He steadied his emotions, firmly reprimanding Renila, “I won’t let you harm Gu Qingcheng! After Sicheng’s parents passed away, he lived a difficult life. It’s rare for him to have a beloved woman, a family. Life has started anew. I hope he finds happiness, not destruction from you!”

“You can’t stop me!” Renila roared, “Gu Qingcheng is just a shrew. Brother Sicheng couldn’t possibly like her! It must be a lie. That wretched woman deliberately humiliated me to say such things!”

“I don’t think Gu Qingcheng is a shrew. On the contrary, you insulted her, and she calmly let it go. It shows her generosity,” Damon reasoned with Renila. “Gu Qingcheng has a fiery personality, which actually suits Sicheng’s reserved nature. If they were both quiet and peaceful, life would be boring! Marriage should be lively to be stimulating!”

“You… You…” Renila was infuriated by Damon, “You’re my brother. If you don’t support me, fine, but you’re actually speaking up for an outsider like Gu Qingcheng.”

Damon replied, “I’ve always favored you. This time, I won’t be biased, and this time, it’s good for you to let go of Sicheng.”

Renila became furious and started smashing everything on the plane with her hands.

Damon didn’t try to stop her; he let her vent. After she was done, her anger subsided, and her mood improved a bit.

Under the night sky of Nice, inside a villa.

Gu Qingcheng insisted on cooking in the kitchen, and Huo Sicheng couldn’t stop her, so he allowed it.

He sat not far away, watching her tie an apron and hum a song, a face of happiness and joy, skillfully cooking.

Gu Qingcheng walked over to Huo Sicheng, holding a chopstick full of seaweed, and passed it to his lips, “Taste it, see how it tastes?”

Huo Sicheng took a bite, “Delicious.”

Being praised by Huo Sicheng, Gu Qingcheng felt quite happy.

“Then I won’t add any other seasonings.” She curiously asked him, “Husband, what were you thinking just now? You were so focused. I called you a couple of times, but you didn’t respond.”

When Huo Sicheng heard Gu Qingcheng’s words, his heart raced, feeling moved and content.

“I was thinking, am I dreaming? We’re married, and you’re cooking for me, calling me your husband.”

Gu Qingcheng lowered her head and took a bite of Huo Sicheng’s neck.

Huo Sicheng let out a suppressed moan in his throat.

Seeing the hickey she left on his neck, Gu Qingcheng mischievously asked him, “Does it hurt?”

Huo Sicheng chuckled softly, “It hurts.”

“Hurting is good.” Gu Qingcheng kissed Huo Sicheng’s lips again, “Pain means it’s not a dream, it’s all real.”

Huo Sicheng reached out and embraced Gu Qingcheng, letting her sit on his lap.

“Chopsticks.” Gu Qingcheng was startled and hurriedly placed the chopsticks on the nearby table. She pouted and glared playfully at Huo Sicheng, “I’ve told you so many times, don’t always be handsy. I have chopsticks in my hands, aren’t you afraid they’ll poke your eyes?”

Huo Sicheng’s slanted eyes glowed, his voice husky, “Not afraid.”

Gu Qingcheng noticed that Huo Sicheng’s breathing had quickened strangely, so she said, “Stop fooling around, we’re about to eat.”

Huo Sicheng held Gu Qingcheng even tighter, “Your cooking is better than any meal.”

After saying that, he kissed her lips.

Gu Qingcheng’s heart was full of Huo Sicheng, enjoying his tenderness and indulgence, closing her eyes to accept his kiss.

Until they both ran out of breath, Huo Sicheng released Gu Qingcheng, his breath slightly heavy, his gaze fiery, “You’re captivating.”

Gu Qingcheng blushed, poking Huo Sicheng’s chest with her fingertip, half-acting spoiled and half-playful, “I’m simmering soup. Let me go.”

Huo Sicheng chuckled softly and let go of Gu Qingcheng.

At the dining table, Gu Qingcheng served Huo Sicheng a bowl of chicken soup.

“Drink more; you’ve lost a lot of blood. You need to nourish your energy and blood.”

Huo Sicheng nodded. “Okay.”

This dinner was the best and most heartwarming meal Huo Sicheng had had in recent days.

On the bed, Gu Qingcheng lay next to Huo Sicheng, her eyes showing weariness.

“Goodnight, hubby.”

Huo Sicheng kissed Gu Qingcheng’s lips, his voice gentle, “Don’t sleep yet. Say something to me first.”

Gu Qingcheng kissed Huo Sicheng’s cheek in a daze and asked, “What do you want to hear?”

Huo Sicheng’s long slanted eyes were full of depth. “I want to hear you say that you care about me.”

Initially drowsy, Gu Qingcheng’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing Huo Sicheng’s words.

She forced herself to wake up and opened her eyes, meeting Huo Sicheng’s sharp and clear features, along with the unforgettable depth of his eyes. She lifted her hand and held his face, speaking gently and sincerely, “I care about you.”

In fact, she cared for him very much.

Huo Sicheng felt like a bright light had pierced through the clouds in his heart, illuminating his soul.

Happiness, sweetness, and contentment.

He pressed his forehead to hers, his voice tender, “Sleep.”

In a half-dazed state, Gu Qingcheng heard Huo Sicheng’s soft whisper in her ear.

She wanted to understand what he was saying clearly, but she couldn’t quite catch it. However, she still caught one sentence.

I care a lot; you belong only to me in this lifetime — Huo Sicheng.

Sure, he cared about her.

But she had cared about him for a long time; every move of his had touched her heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so easily ignited.

The next day, when Gu Qingcheng woke up, Huo Sicheng was still asleep, lying next to her.

She wore a satisfied and sweet smile, lightly kissing Huo Sicheng’s lips.

“Good morning, hubby.”

Speaking softly to avoid waking Huo Sicheng, she carefully got out of bed and left the bedroom.

Huo Sicheng, who had been awake for quite some time, didn’t notice Gu Qingcheng’s departure. He was sleeping soundly thanks to her presence.

When he woke up, Gu Qingcheng was no longer by his side.

His heart tightened, and a sense of unease mixed with bitterness spread in his chest.

Could it be that last night’s happiness was just his dream?

His heart felt empty as he got up.

In the spacious living room, there was no one around. Just like before, he was always alone.

Gu Qingcheng had promised that she cared about him, promised to love him.

Yet, in the end, she had taken advantage of his sleep to escape.

Was she so anxious to return to Jiang City and find Qi Shaoze?

He had agreed to accompany her back today; he definitely wouldn’t go back on his word. She didn’t need to sneak away like this.

At this moment, Gu Qingcheng walked into the living room, and she saw Huo Sicheng staring at the doorway with a dazed expression.

Surprised that he was awake so early, Gu Qingcheng asked in astonishment, “Hey, husband, you’re awake. Why are you looking at the doorway? What are you looking at?”

Huo Sicheng’s body visibly stiffened.

Hearing her voice, he turned to see Gu Oingcheng standing a few steps away, looking at him with a shocked expression.

“You…. Didn’t you leave?”

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