Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 141 - Chapter 141: Coquettish in Huo Sicheng’s Embrace

Chapter 141: Coquettish in Huo Sicheng’s Embrace

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Huo Sicheng once again quelled the words lingering at the corner of Gu Qingcheng’s mouth, a gesture that spoke volumes of his familiar control over her.

From behind, Damon’s voice, filled with astonishment, momentarily diverted his attention.

Even as Gu Qingcheng, ensconced in his embrace, maintained her silence, her hands roved restlessly over his body.

Intoxicated, her hands continued their exploratory journey, navigating him with an intoxicated determination.

Her unsteady touch threw him into turmoil, akin to being engulfed in a blazing furnace.

An overwhelming heat coursed through him, making his body nearly unbearable to touch.

Damon held his breath, his ears attuned to any stirrings within the room.

Two minutes slipped away, yet the room remained shrouded in silence.

Bewilderment set in. Had he misjudged the situation?

“Sicheng?” he called again, concern lacing his voice. “Are you alright?”

Huo Sicheng extended his hand, firmly grasping Gu Qingcheng’s restless one, his tone stern as he reprimanded, “Stop.”

The severity in Huo Sicheng’s voice took Damon aback, prompting him to promptly exit the room.

“Sister,” Renila inquired of Damon, “Is Sicheng awake? I prepared a glass of orange juice for him.”

“Sicheng is in a foul mood,” Damon accepted the orange juice from Renila’s hand and took a sip. “It might be better to visit him tomorrow.”

“Why wait till tomorrow?” Renila’s displeasure was palpable. “No, I want to be with Sicheng tonight.”

“Since when has your brother lied to you?” Damon’s grip tightened on Renila’s wrist. “I went to see Sicheng, and he told me to leave. He truly isn’t in a good state. I’m not deceiving you. Trust me, I’ll keep you company tomorrow.”

Reluctantly, Renila conceded, knowing her brother cared for her and wouldn’t deceive her. Filled with lingering resentment, she left reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Huo Sichenz’s stern reprimand had unsettled Gu Qingchenz. Her thoughts were a jumble, a sense of unjust scolding weighing heavily on her.

A sob escaped her lips. “You scolded me.”

In Huo Sicheng’s heart, a whirlwind of heat and restlessness churned as he regarded Gu Qingcheng’s pitiable, aggrieved expression.

Not adept at comforting, he felt somewhat at a loss, attempting to soothe her with an unfamiliar gentleness. “I told Damon to leave, not you.”

“You scolded me,” Gu Qingcheng’s gaze grew unfocused, the sight of two faces instead of one clouding her vision. Tears welled up, a profound sense of injustice filling her as she teetered on the brink of crying. “You yelled so loudly, it scared me.”

Huo Sicheng had never witnessed Gu Qingcheng display such vulnerability. His emotions surged, his body responding with a restless heat.

He offered a gentle pat to her back, his voice both hoarse and reassuring. “I didn’t yell at you. Don’t be afraid.”

Perhaps Huo Sicheng’s words carried weight, for Gu Qingcheng leaned her head onto his shoulder, weariness and discomfort evident in her posture.

“Promise you won’t scold me,” she murmured.

“Alright, I promise not to scold you,” Huo Sicheng affirmed. With his assurance, Gu Qingcheng found a unique sense of security within his embrace.

The familiar, safe hold allowed her to release the pent-up tension that had plagued her heart for so long. Drained and hurting, she closed her eyes, drifting into a deep slumber.

As Gu Qingcheng’s steady breaths filled the room, Huo Sicheng’s own body remained aflame, his restlessness unquelled.

Watching Gu Qingcheng sleep peacefully, he suppressed his inner desires and pressed a kiss to her cherry-red lips.

“What am I to do with you?” he whispered, gently lifting and placing her on the bed.

In the bathroom, icy water cascaded over his head, yet it failed to douse the inner fire that raged within him.

For an uncertain span, he stood beneath the cold stream, waiting for the feverish heat to abate. Finally, he exited the bathroom, drawing near to Gu Qingcheng once more.

Unusually red cheeks adorned Gu Qingcheng’s face, her brows furrowed in apparent discomfort.

Concern etched Huo Sicheng’s features deeper as he urgently summoned a doctor.

“Fetch a doctor immediately, hurry!”

Her fever was high.

Damn it!

His woman, once tormented by Chu He, hadn’t fully recuperated before reuniting with her lover.

Now, fueled by alcohol, she was stricken once more, seemingly indifferent to her own well-being.

“You grow more reckless. When you’re in pain, where is the person you supposedly treasure most, Qi Shaoze?” His jealousy flared, the words escaping him like embers. “Then and now, the one standing by your side is me. I’ve never abandoned you. Every time you turned, I was there, steadfast.”

As these words, rooted in jealousy, spilled forth, they mingled with concern as he observed her suffering. Regret and empathy surged, eclipsing his initial anger.

Soon, the doctor arrived, applying treatment aided by Easy Water. Both left the room afterwards.

Within that space, only Gu Qingcheng and Huo Sicheng remained, an atmosphere fraught with chilly tension.

After a prolonged silence, Gu Qingcheng’s gaze shifted to Huo Sicheng, who persisted in his seat, displaying no intention of leaving.

Breaking the stillness, her voice, raw and strained, pierced the air. “I’m thirsty.”

Huo Sicheng’s demeanor remained unaltered, his tone frosty. “The glass is by your bedside.”

Huo Sicheng’s tone retained its chill. “Your weakness stems from your ailment, not from being incapable of holding a glass.” Gu Qingcheng:

Why did this exchange feel so familiar?

Their interactions during his sickness mirrored this.

Oh my, how reminiscent.

He was turning her own words against her, throwing them back like accusations.

What a miser, a man who couldn’t even fetch his own glass of water! She had said this before, yet she still fetched water for him, and he even attempted to eat her.

His memory solely retained her faults, a ceaseless teasing!

How maddening!

If he wouldn’t bring her water, she would fetch it herself. She wasn’t incapacitated; she could manage alone.

As she moved, pain shot through her, a gasp and grimace escaping her.

Witnessing her genuine agony, Huo Sicheng’s heart clenched, his hand reaching out to assist before retreating in hesitation.

Couldn’t she yield, just this once?

Did she need to be so stubborn?

Without locking eyes with Huo Sicheng, Gu Qingcheng still sensed his frigid gaze upon her.

She reached out for the glass, but it slipped from the table and shattered on the floor.

Helpless, she turned toward Huo Sicheng.

“Huo Sicheng, the glass broke.”

Huo Sichengs expression remained icy as he coolly interrogated Gu Qingcheng, “And what do you wish to convey?”

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