Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 130 - Chapter 130: Discovering Huo Sicheng’s Secret

Chapter 130: Discovering Huo Sicheng’s Secret

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Gu Qingcheng’s mind went blank.

Her eyes widened as she gazed at Huo Sicheng’s handsome face, especially his long and narrow slanted eyes that radiated intense heat towards her.

Her heart felt as if it had been struck by lightning—both exhilarated and numb. It raced so fast that it seemed ready to burst from her chest.

Suddenly, he lightly nibbled her finger.

“Huo Sicheng…” Her voice trembled. “Don’t…”

Huo Sicheng couldn’t help but gaze at Gu Qingcheng’s shy expression. His eyes burned with restraint, but he didn’t want to scare her, so he released her.

Gu Qingcheng’s face flushed, overwhelmed with embarrassment and uncertainty. She wanted to leave the room, but Huo Sicheng’s advances had left her flustered.

Huo Sicheng’s voice was hoarse and low. “You’re very attractive.”

Gu Qingcheng blushed, replying sweetly, “I didn’t.. ‘

Huo Sicheng’s intense gaze remained fixed on Gu Qingcheng.

Feeling self-conscious under his scrutiny, Gu Qingcheng averted her eyes.

“Your hand is injured, yet you’re resting it on my stomach,” her voice softened as she spoke. “Your hands are so firm.”

Huo Sicheng’s body tensed at Gu Qingcheng’s words. He looked at her with smoldering desire, saying with meaning, “Do you know that men are most dangerous in the morning?”

Gu Qingcheng was taken aback. “Why?”

Huo Sicheng met her innocent gaze and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

“I’m not telling you.”

“Eh…” Gu Qingcheng was both bashful and curious. “Tell me.”

Huo Sicheng changed the subject, asking, “Do you want to sleep or get up for breakfast?”

Realizing that Huo Sicheng wasn’t going to divulge his secret, Gu Qingcheng let it go.

“I’m hungry.”

Huo Sicheng’s gaze held a deeper meaning. “I’m hungry too.”

Gu Qingcheng didn’t grasp Huo Sicheng’s implication. She responded, “Let’s get up.”

Huo Sicheng reached out and pulled Gu Qingcheng into his arms. “Getting up is fine. Is anything missing?”

Gu Qingcheng felt his warm breath against her face, her heart skipping a beat.

The anticipation in his eyes led her to shyly kiss the corner of his mouth.

“Is that enough?”

Without that kiss, he probably wouldn’t let her go.

Under his teasing, she lacked the strength to push him away. “No.” Huo Sicheng didn’t release Gu Qingcheng. “Not yet.” Gu Qingcheng kissed Huo Sicheng once more. “Is that enough?”

He was truly insatiable.

He had initiated the kiss, yet he also sneakily kissed her back, leaving her feeling touched and embarrassed every time.

Sly fox!

His cold and noble appearance, like an exiled immortal, concealed the truth— he was actually a sly fox who had cultivated for centuries and endlessly enticed her.

Huo Sicheng enjoyed Gu Qingcheng’s kisses, yet he also didn’t want her to go hungry. “Good morning.”

Gu Qingcheng was surprised by Huo Sicheng’s words. She realized that he didn’t seek just a kiss but a simple greeting.

“Good morning, my hubby.” Her voice was gentle.

Huo Sicheng was pleased by Gu Qingcheng’s understanding. She comprehended his desire.

After breakfast, the doctor arrived to examine Huo Sicheng’s wound.

Gu Qingcheng glimpsed Huo Sicheng’s computer on his desk. Remembering the USB flash drive she had acquired yesterday, she looked at Huo Sicheng. “Huo Sicheng, I..

“Call me hubby,” Huo Sicheng declared with authority.

Gu Qingcheng bit her lip. She didn’t comprehend why Huo Sicheng insisted on being addressed as ‘hubby.’

“Hubby, may I use your computer?” She complied with his request and reassured him, “Don’t worry, I promise not to access any confidential files on your computer.”

Huo Sicheng was genuinely pleased to hear her call him ‘hubby.’ He responded without hesitation, “Of course.’

Gu Qingcheng powered on the computer. “Sweetheart, the password?”

“Your birthday.”

“I gave birth…” Gu Qingcheng was at a loss for words. She entered her birthdate and glanced at Huo Sicheng in surprise. “My birthday? Why did you use my birthday as your computer password?”

“Can’t you remember it?” Huo Sicheng inquired.

“Of course I can.” Gu Qingcheng smiled, “I’m just curious why you chose my birthday as your password.”

Huo Sicheng’s lips twitched as he prepared to answer Gu Qingcheng. However, the pain from his wounds made him wince, a look of discomfort flashing in his Seeing Huo Sicheng in pain, Gu Qingcheng’s heart ached.

She decided not to press the matter further, recognizing that her curiosity could wait until he was feeling better.

As she turned back to the computer, she was astonished by what she saw on the screen.

A photo adorned the desktop background—a photo of a girl.

The girl donned a white dress, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders. She stood beneath a cherry blossom tree, a faint smile gracing her face. The wind swept her hair into a graceful arc in the air.

The photo was remarkably beautiful. The words in the bottom right corner, however, held her gaze.

“Gu Qingcheng, my girl.’ These words stirred her heart.

His girl.

Wasn’t Gu Qingcheng her name?

When had she become Huo Sicheng’s girl?

Her eyes fixated on those seven words. She scrutinized them, pinching her thigh to confirm that she wasn’t dreaming. The reality of what she saw sank in.

Had she not needed to use his computer in a rush, she wouldn’t have discovered this image.

The pictures on the computer seemed to be from years ago. She was noticeably younger in them.

She couldn’t recall when this picture was taken or how Huo Sicheng obtained it.

Abruptly, a pair of hands closed the laptop. Huo Sicheng’s voice was low as he said, “Use this computer. I’ll take mine.”

Gu Qingcheng watched as Huo Sicheng set a new computer before her.

Turning around, she faced him with a mixture of emotions in her eyes. “Why is the desktop background photo of me?” She hesitated briefly before asking, “Where did you get this photo? What do the words in the bottom right corner mean?”

His haste to switch computers indicated that he’d realized his privacy was at risk. He likely didn’t want her to uncover the secrets within his computer.

But she had already seen them.


She needed answers.

Huo Sicheng’s gaze was inscrutable, and he remained silent.

“Huo Sicheng..” Gu Qingcheng tugged at his sleeve and repeated, “Tell me, why is the desktop background photo of me? Where did you get this photo? What’s the significance of the words in the bottom right corner?”

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