Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Infighting at the Scene

Chapter 119: Infighting at the Scene

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Chu He’s faint smile remained in place as her gaze met Gu Qingcheng’s from a short distance away. A malevolent glint briefly flitted across her eyes.

“The less you delve into these matters, the better,” she remarked with a calm yet vaguely ominous tone.

Gu Mei’s countenance displayed her discontent. “Mom, I want to know,” she voiced her dissatisfaction. “If you want me to heed Gu Qingcheng, I need to possess the confidence to do so. Otherwise, I’ll endure her taunts needlessly.”

Before Chu He could respond, Gu Mei pressed on, “Look at my arms and legs. I’m wheelchair-bound now because of that despicable Gu Qingcheng! Even the trending topics that should have been mine today were stolen by her!”

“Mom, I am the eldest daughter of the Gu family, the premier socialite in Jiang

City, and arguably the most beautiful woman globally! That deranged Gu

Qingcheng couldn’t even compare to me!”

Chu He observed her daughter, Gu Mei, her thoughts a mix of exasperation and affection for the daughter she cherished.

Nevertheless, Gu Mei remained her child, the treasure she held dear.

“This time, Gu Qingcheng’s downfall is certain,” she comforted Gu Mei. “Your father, the Qin family, and I have collectively orchestrated a plan.”

Gu Mei was taken aback. The confidence in her mother’s eyes left her grinning smugly.

“Mom, I’m relying on you to avenge me,” she gazed up at her mother with a blend of obedience and admiration.

Chu He basked in her daughter’s praise, her heart swelling. Turning to Gu Mei, she said, “Let’s go and meet your ‘sister.’ After all, we are a family, aren’t we?” A sinister glint flickered in Gu Mei’s eyes.

Simultaneously, Gu Qingcheng openly posed for photographs with the media, every gesture exuding grace and allure that drew everyone’s attention.

“Ah, my dear daughter,” Chu He approached Gu Qingcheng and draped an arm around her. “You look absolutely stunning today,” she uttered, her smile masking her true feelings.

Gu Qingcheng harbored an intense aversion to Chu He, and ordinarilv, she would avoid her touch.

Despite outward appearances, she was still recovering from severe injuries, a fact Huo Sicheng had noted earlier.

The perpetrator behind her debilitating injuries was none other than Chu He.

These injuries impeded her movements. Once Chu He laid her hand on Gu Qingcheng’s arm, the latter missed her prime opportunity to shake her off in front of a multitude of cameras.

“Dear sister, your radiance truly outshines all,” Gu Mei approached Gu

Qingcheng with a soft demeanor. “You’re a beacon of beauty. In fact, you’re the most exquisite woman alive.”

As Chu He and Gu Mei engaged, the media’s cameras zoomed in and clicked away.

Observing their interaction, perceptive onlookers discerned the meaning behind their words.

“Eldest Miss Gu and Second Miss Gu are both paragons of beauty. Their mother is no less elegant,” some remarked.

“Second Miss Gu, please grace us with a look.”

“Second Miss Gu is undeniably alluring and stunning.”

“I also hold the opinion that my sister is enchanting and stunning. However, she shouldn’t be confined to a wheelchair,” Gu Qingcheng responded, her tone suggestive, as if exposing a secret. “Isn’t it true that you fractured your arm and leg after attempting to steal someone else’s boyfriend? How did that turn out? Did your father attain justice for you?”

Gu Mei’s demeanor transformed drastically.

“Wait… Second Miss Gu was accused of boyfriend stealing?”

“Isn’t snatching someone else’s boyfriend tantamount to being a mistress? Who could have guessed that Second Miss Gu would be embroiled in such moral misconduct?”

Gu Mei’s complexion turned ashen. Consumed with anger, she yearned to choke Gu Qingcheng.

The whispers that reached her ears, labeling her a mistress, combined with the disdainful and mocking gazes from onlookers, pushed her to her limits.

Gu Qingcheng, that wretched woman, had deliberately humiliated her in the presence of everyone.

“Qingcheng, your sister incurred her injuries from a car accident, not from a romantic entanglement,” Chu He’s demeanor remained unchanged. Beneath her genteel exterior lay a strategic mind. She was subtly aiding Gu Mei by rectifying the narrative. “You are Jiang City’s preeminent socialite, the head of the Imperial Arts School, and the judge of the Peach Lotus Cup. Your words need to be substantiated by evidence, not unfounded allegations. Furthermore, the person you mentioned happens to be your sister.”

Chu He’s seemingly innocent words raised suspicions about Gu Qingcheng’s statements.

Gu Qingcheng was well-acquainted with Chu He’s manipulation of the truth.

She smiled and produced her phone from a concealed pocket in her attire. “Indeed?” Gu Mei’s spine tingled as she met Gu Qingcheng’s grin. Dread and unease enveloped her.

Each time Gu Qingcheng unveiled her phone, it unveiled sordid truths about Gu Mei and her mother, Chu He.

In the ensuing moment, Chu He subtly tightened her grip on Gu Qingcheng’s wrist.

“Don’t act recklessly. Should you attempt to humiliate my daughter publicly, I’ll ensure you endure a lifetime of suffering,” she cautioned in hushed tones. “Recall the dark days we shared. While you were incapacitated, I engaged in activities that you’d never anticipate.”

Chu He’s eyes held a silent warning as she assessed Gu Qingcheng’s expression.

Gu Qingcheng’s irritation peaked. If she had her way, she’d gouge out Chu He’s seemingly innocuous yet malevolent eyes.

Ultimately, she resisted her urge to use the evidence, for she knew Chu He’s vindictive capabilities.

Chu He possessed something that rendered Gu Qingcheng vulnerable, explaining her audacity before numerous reporters.

Curse it!

What had Chu He done to her while she was incapacitated?

What incriminating evidence did she uncover?

“Don’t imagine you can intimidate me with whatever you’ve unearthed! ”

Undeterred, Chu He goaded Gu Qingcheng, who retorted, “I recognize that fearlessness lies at your core, yet rest assured, the information I possess will indeed invoke terror.”

Gu Qingcheng’s unwavering gaze met Chu He’s. The latter’s grip on her wrist intensified, causing her pain.

“Your manicure is truly exceptional,” Chu He admired Gu Qingcheng’s nails, squeezing them slightly. Although her tone was conversational, her intent was malevolent. “It’s even finer than mine. Where did you acquire it? I might avail of the same service sometime.

A surge of agony coursed through Gu Qingcheng. Beads of sweat materialized on her forehead.

“Should you find it so splendid, I can accompany you for a session.”

She refused to allow herself to appear defeated before Chu He, so she endured the pain, adopting an authoritative facade. She also embraced Chu He’s calculated redirection.

“Alright, my beloved daughter,” Chu He beamed, aware that she had secured a victory over Gu Qingcheng. “Mommy adores you greatly.”

The reporters were perplexed by the sudden change in Gu Qingcheng and Chu He’s dynamics.

Anticipation had

centered around Gu Qingcheng furnishing evidence, yet the atmosphere shifted rapidly from hostility to familial warmth.

“We seldom gather as a trio for the Peach Lotus Cup. It’s growing late; let’s proceed inside together.”

She shifted her gaze to Gu Mei, her eyes brimming with fondness. “Xiao Mei, shall I propel your wheelchair?”

Gu Mei, bewildered by the abrupt transformation in Gu Qingcheng’s and her mother’s interactions, was left flabbergasted.

Unaware of the measures Chu He had taken to prevent Gu Qingcheng from targeting her, Gu Mei was baffled by the shift in atmosphere.

“Of course, sister.’

As Gu Qingcheng’s stomach churned with revulsion, she managed a warm smile, and together with Chu He and Gu Mei, she headed toward the competition venue.

“Miss Gu, earlier you accused Second Miss Gu of being a mistress,” a journalist queried, their voice raised.. “Why have you suddenly ceased your allegations?”

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