Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: Let’s Play, Little Girl

Chapter 109: Let’s Play, Little Girl

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Chuyu seemed to feel very uneasy after asking Huo Sicheng about it.

He quickly explained, “Mr. Huo, I apologize. I will investigate now.”

Huo Sicheng’s eyes were nervous and complex as he looked at the phone that belonged to Gu Qingcheng.

He quickly left the seaside, sending someone to repair the phone to see if they could find out who the last person to contact Gu Qingcheng was from the phone.

“Mr. Huo, the surveillance shows that Mrs. met Qi Shaoze first, then went to the Biyue Bay residential area, and hasn’t appeared since.”

Mr. Huo watched the monitor, his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white, seeing Gu Qingcheng’s appearance on the screen.

“The last contact was Yuan Feng. He invited her to his place for dinner. He’s been at the company for the past two days. According to the investigation, he mentioned that his mother asked him to go out to get something that night. When he returned home, the servant told him that Mrs. had something to do and left without having dinner.”

“However, his mother, Yuan Qiaolan, hasn’t returned home for two days and only got home today. According to my investigation, she got off an unregistered car and hailed a taxi.”

“That night, about five hours before Mrs. went to Yuan Feng’s place, an unregistered van with tinted windows that concealed the interior entered the residential area. Not long after Mrs. went to Yuan Feng’s place, the van left the area, and Mrs. disappeared around that time. The van went to the seaside, then towards the mountains. There’s no surveillance there, and the trail went cold.”

“We must find Gu Qingcheng, even if we have to level the mountains!” Huo Sicheng, full of tension, rushed towards the place where Gu Qingcheng disappeared, “Detain everyone related to Yuan Qiaolan.”

Mountains covered the landscape, the roads rugged.

The surrounding mountains seemed to be hands, gripping Huo Sicheng’s heart tightly, making him feel anxious as he searched for Gu Qingcheng.

Helicopters and vehicles traversed the area. People were searching for Gu Qingcheng everywhere.

At this moment, Chu He arrived home, utterly exhausted.

“Mom, where were you?” Gu Mei sat in her wheelchair, looking at Chu He. “Dad was looking for you.”

Chu He, tired, prepared to take a shower. “What does he want?”

Gu Mei’s eyes were filled with resentment and hatred as she spoke, “Dad said you should prepare to attend Huo Group’s auction. The CEO of Mars Group will also be there. He wants you to invite that slut Gu Qingcheng to improve relations.”

The mere thought of Gu Qingcheng filled Chu He with anger, and hearing her daughter’s words didn’t help.

Before she could erupt, her phone rang.

Seeing the number, she answered in a panic, “Quickly find a chance to push her off a cliff and stage a scene where she falls to her death. Make her die, quickly!” “Mom?” Gu Mei stared at Chu He in astonishment. “Who do you want to kill?” Chu He was too hasty and forgot that her daughter Gu Mei was present.

Since Gu Mei had heard, Chu He didn’t hide it and told her about tormenting Gu Qingcheng.

Gu Mei was first shocked and then filled with malice. “Mom, you did the right thing! You should’ve killed that slut Gu Qingcheng long ago!”

She continued with a sense of revenge, “When you tortured Gu Qingcheng, you should’ve called me. I would’ve loved to torment that slut myself.’

“No! I don’t just want to torment her. I want a group of men to play with her until she’s broken. Then, neither Qi Shaoze nor Huo Sicheng will like her, this ruined woman.”

Listening to Gu Mei, Chu He felt a pang of regret. She realized that she should have used men to violate Gu Qingcheng, destroy her purity, and spread it online, making her a disgrace.


Chu He tapped a photo in her phone album, her eyes filled with sinister cunning.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t let men violate Gu Qingcheng. There are other ways to let the whole city know that she’s a filthy slut.”

“When that happens, Gu Qingcheng will definitely be tarnished in Huo Sicheng’s eyes, and he’ll surely divorce her. Qi Shaoze will also distance himself from such a dirty woman. She’ll be left with nothing!”

Gu Mei, following Chu He’s gaze to the phone, was filled with malice. “Mom, this time, we must utterly ruin Gu Qingcheng!”

“Rest assured!” Chu He walked to Gu Mei, affectionately touching her daughter’s face, “Mom won’t allow anyone to bully you. Especially that slut born to Mu Xia. Just as I could defeat Mu Xia back then, I can make her infamous and dead now!”

Gu Mei held deep trust in her mother, her eyes filled with admiration.

“Mom, you’re amazing.”

“Of course.” Chu He raised her chin slightly, then reminded Gu Mei, “Only you and I should know about this. Don’t tell your father and the others.”

“Don’t worry, Mom. Dad only cares about the inheritance and doesn’t care about the grievances we suffer in front of Gu Qingcheng.” Gu Mei mentioned her father, Gu Tianhao, with anger. “So, as mother and daughter, we’ll kill Gu

Qingcheng together!”

Chu He was pleased with Gu Mei’s maturity.

“Mom, did you find out the information I asked you about last time?” Gu Mei’s eyes were thoughtful as she asked Chu He, “The little white-haired kid who left with Huo Sicheng, like a ghost.”

“The hotel’s surveillance was down that day.” Chu He shook her head, “I didn’t find that child. But Huo Sicheng couldn’t have fathered a child. I think you might have been mistaken.”

“After thinking it over, I’m sure I wasn’t mistaken.” Gu Mei bit her lip. “Anyway, keep investigating for me. Also, get me some nice clothes. The Peach Blossom Cup is approaching, and there’s Huo Group’s auction. I want to appear at my most gorgeous.”

“Why dress up so beautifully?” Chu He asked Gu Mei. “To attract other men?

Aren’t you still dating Qin Jun?”

Gu Mei certainly wouldn’t reveal that she wanted to allure Huo Sicheng with her beauty. She muttered, “Just help me, Mom.”

Chu He could only nod.

After Gu Mei left Chu He’s side, she had the driver take her to a bar.

Looking arrogantly at the ruffian sitting across from her, she extended her hand. “Where’s my stuff?”

“Right here.” The ruffian grinned and placed a small bottle in front of Gu Mei.

“This stuff is strong, who are you giving it to?”

Gu Mei put a thick stack of money on the table and stashed the small bottle in her purse.

“None of your business.”

“Hahaha…” The ruffian laughed, slightly annoyed by Gu Mei’s dismissive attitude. He stopped her as she was leaving. “Hey, girl, this drug is potent.. Wanna try it together?”

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