We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World

Chapter 423 - Chapter 423: Kun City

Chapter 423: Kun City

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Even if they wanted to contact the Shadowless Hall, they were powerless. After all, the ancient teleportation formation was an outright gold-devouring beast.

In the past, the Heavenly Path Holy Land might have had the resources to activate their own teleportation formations. However, even if the current Heavenly Path Sect exhausted all of its resources, it was unlikely they could provide enough energy for even one person to teleport to the East Barrens.

It was also because of this that they were increasingly eager to get on Su Chen’s good side. With Su Chen’s backing, they could strut around in the Southern Region. At the very least, they would become a faction that no one dared provoke.

“Yes.” Su Chen glanced at Xu Zheng and the others, then nodded lightly.

Su Chen saw through their intentions at a glance. However, he did not point it out. Instead, he simply said, “The corpse outside is my gift to you all. If the Long family sends someone else, you can tell them the attacker was Su Chen! If the Long family dares make trouble for you, tell them that if they kill a single person from the Heavenly Path Sect, I will slay ten people from the Long family!”

That corpse was extremely valuable to human cultivators. There was also a storage ring on it. It was unknown how many treasures were contained inside.

Of course, the word “valuable” was relative to the Heavenly Path Sect. In Su Chen’s eyes, it was not that precious. After all, the other party was at most a semi-saint. To him, the opponent’s memories were the most valuable.

“Well… Thank you for your reward, Senior!” When Xu Zheng heard this, his aged face trembled slightly. He was extremely excited.

If Su Chen had not said this, they would not have dared to touch the Long family expert’s corpse once he left. They might have even enshrined it and waited for other Long family experts to retrieve it.

But now, with Su Chen’s words, the meaning was completely different. The Long family expert’s corpse was basically free for them to do as they wished – refinement into pills or weapons.

Moreover, they did not need to worry about the Long family venting their anger on the Heavenly Path Sect. The weight of Su Chen’s words could not be underestimated.

The Long family might laugh off the threat of a minor character. But Su Chen was different. Su Chen’s combat strength had reached the Saint Realm. The words of a Saint Realm expert were not something the Long family would dare to ignore, lest they stir up future trouble.

While the Heavenly Path Sect was nothing to the Long family, if its destruction invoked the vengeful retaliation of a Saint Realm expert, even the mighty Long family would have to think twice.

“Senior, we will always remember your kindness!” Xu Zheng instantly knelt on the ground, brimming with gratitude.

“Haha… It’s a small matter.” Su Chen waved his hand. He looked at the elders and core disciples of the Heavenly Path Sect kneeling behind Xu Zheng and felt a little emotional.

It seemed that as his strength grew, winning people’s hearts had become easier. The minor deed he had casually committed today did not elicit boasting. Yet who could guarantee he would not reap tremendous benefits from it in the future?

After all, the Heavenly Path Sect was a sect. Perhaps in a few decades or centuries, a peerless genius would emerge from within it and bring the Heavenly Path Sect back to the Holy Land level. By then, the Heavenly Path Sect would still be more or less useful to him.

Of course, it was also possible the Heavenly Path Sect would be destroyed in a few hundred years. But that was of no consequence to Su Chen. What he had done was merely plant a seed. As for whether it would sprout, that was not his concern.

After a long while, no one in the great hall spoke. When they looked up, they realized Su Chen had already left without them noticing.

At the same time, in Kun City.

This was an ancient city, extremely majestic yet also mysterious. It sat in the void, baptized by starlight, very shocking.

Meanwhile, Kun City had another name – Qian Kun! This ancient city occupied a vast area. The city walls stretched endlessly like mountain ranges, with no end in sight.

The palaces and halls inside were built layer upon layer, tall and grand, like mountains that pierced the sky. The wide-open city gates were like a giant beast baring its bloody maw, swallowing countless living beings, seeming able to swallow even an ancient saint. Even Quasi-Saint Realm powerhouses could not help but tremble upon arriving here.

At this moment, moonlight sprinkled down and starlight cascaded like waterfalls. Countless waterfalls of white spiritual energy poured down from the clouds beyond the nine heavens, like the Milky Way inverted, enveloping Kun City in a mysterious veil. Any existence approaching the city could feel that terrifying pressure.

Outside Kun City, countless experts lurked. Savage beasts roared, each as enormous as a mountain range, blotting out the sun. Their thick blood and Qi converged like a furnace, roasting the world and distorting the void.

Atop those beasts sat many experts. They traveled untiringly, their bodies flowing with divine light and eyes shooting out lightning bolts.

Clearly, each was an overlord of their domain. Quasi-Saint Realm powerhouses rarely seen in the Southern Region could be found everywhere here.

One could even witness the living fossil-like existences preserved from ancient times. These extremely ancient beings, having endured the passage of countless years, possessed strength whose depth was difficult to fathom. Despite spending much of their time in self-seclusion, they were beyond comparison with the current living beings in the Southern Region.

Boom! Just as experts from all directions converged on the ancient city, a loud explosion sounded.

Immediately after, the stars in the surroundings flashed and erupted with astounding brilliance. At this moment, it seemed the entire Southern Region was illuminated by supreme might. Everywhere became as bright as day, nothing visible to the eye.

As far as one could see, it was a vast expanse of white, indistinguishable up or down, left or right. At the same time, an abstruse fluctuation spread like the tide, enveloping half the starry sky. It was as if an ancient god had crossed the river of time and descended from the distant past.

Boom! Another explosion sounded.

In the next moment, as the light dissipated, creatures near Kun City suddenly looked up. Seeing the spectacle in the sky, their bodies shook and their eyes shone brilliantly, their hearts unable to calm for a long time.

This scene was far too astonishing and shocking..

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