Way of the Devil

Chapter 637 - Return (2)

Chapter 637: Return (2)

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Lu Sheng smiled. The benefits he’d gained from this world could be regarded as abundant already. The Gesha Core alone had made this trip worth it. However, he felt that the better gain was these two children before him.

This world was similar to Earth. It resembled Earth so much that Lu Sheng would frequently get it mixed up. He often wondered if he had returned to Earth.

After substituting this world as Earth in his mind, some of his past regrets were addressed in this world without him realizing it.

However, the existence of the Gesha Core made him understand that this world merely resembled Earth.

“The two of you… are good children… Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I’ll return and be with you guys, and we’ll never say goodbye.”

He had made preparations for everything. As for Du Xiong’s substitute, he merely had to modify Du Xiong’s memories slightly with his psychological guidance art to rationalize some parts of the memory.

This way, even after his departure, the influence and resources he left behind for Du Xiong would still allow him to be unparalleled in this world.

Well, Lu Sheng would be taking away the body’s Limit Indestructible Body property and the Instant Destruction Fist Art.

The host would be slightly weaker because of his insufficient martial path tier, but Lu Sheng would still leave the host some ability to protect himself.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back for sure,” Lu Sheng comforted them with gentle words. “However, you guys should take good care of our parents while I’m gone. If anything happens, ask Big Sister Zhou for help.”

“Mm-hm.” After a brief moment of silence, Du Xia agreed.

Lu Sheng extended his hands and ruffled their hairs. A gentle smile was on his face.

Next, it was up to Du Xiong.

Naturally, Du Xiong’s spirit had been assimilated into Lu Sheng’s main body already. However, as long as the brain and the host body were still alive, Lu Sheng would be able to use his psychological guidance art to modify the memories and make a complete copy of Du Xiong.

In truth, it would be a newly born spirit.

The ability of shaping spirits was also one of the great benefits Lu Sheng had gained from this world. He had completely understood the so-called fundamental structure of spirits now.

He truly understood the functioning of spirits from the Gesha Core he obtained.

This was because the Gesha Core functioned in the same way. By constantly infusing Gesha Power through this structure, the Gesha Core created a large number of super powerful Geshas.

Lu Sheng left the café and went to meet Zhou Quanwu, the Imperial Phoenix, and the others. After being stripped of their Gesha Powers, their bodies still contained much Spiritual Essence given by Lu Sheng. The adequate amounts of Spiritual Essence infused into them through the spirit-prompting threads allowed their bodies to be in their peak condition where their vigor was at its best.

As long as they did not put their bodies under too much stress, they could at least live up to the limits permitted by their genetic makeup.

This was the powerful effect produced by combining the Gesha Core and spirit-prompting threads.

Lu Sheng carefully told the others his arrangements for after his departure. Then, he visited the nine warehouses once more. After confirming that he did not miss any Mental Energy, he returned to the great plains where the God Clock was.

Mi Guangyin had just recently left from that spot, so it was easier to tear the dimension there. He would also require much less energy to do so.


Three days later.

Lu Sheng tossed his special carving knife away and looked at the complete massive formation on the ground.

He waved his arms slightly.

Black crystals flew into the air from the truck behind him. They shot into the gaps between the formation runes.

These gaps were specifically left for the black crystals.

After doing all that, Lu Sheng walked to the center of the formation. He sat there cross-legged, closed his eyes, and stayed still.

Time ticked by slowly…


Suddenly, a black rift spread on his forehead. A fist-sized ball of black radiance shot out from it. The ball of light dropped to the ground and morphed into the shape of Lu Sheng’s main body.

He pointed a finger, and the crack on Du Xiong’s forehead closed as the wound healed and swiftly disappeared.

Then, he inserted spirit-prompting threads into Du Xiong’s heart to maintain his bodily functions.

Now that Du Xiong’s spirit was not in his body, he was completely brain-dead. However, even without any brain activity, the body was still functioning normally.

‘It’s time to shape the spirit.’ Lu Sheng could faintly sense that some uncontrolled and minute change was happening in Du Xiong’s body. He quickly flicked his finger.

A tongue of green flame shot out and plunged into Du Xiong’s head between his brows.

‘Spirit, spirit… Living spirits have three treasures: the essence, Qi, and mind. The records of Taoism indeed make sense. The intake of nutrition is merely using the machine known as the body to convert external substances into Essential Essence.’

Lu Sheng looked on as the first Yin Flame erupted in Du Xiong’s body. It started controlling the body and extracting the flesh and blood which belonged to the Limit Indestructible Body and converting it into massive amounts of Essential Essence.

‘After the Essential Essence is formed, it can be consumed and converted by the body into Qi energy. Some call this igniting the vital fire. Qi will fuel the organs and tissue so that the body will continue to function like a machine. The working cell structures and organs will naturally give rise to various kinds of needs and desires.

‘The collection of these desires and needs will form a massive life field, a spiritual field. This is the so-called “mind”.’

Lu Sheng moved his finger. The tongue of Yin Flame which entered Du Xiong’s body before immediately flew onto his fingertip.

The Yin Flame was dyed completely inky black right now. The center of the flame was beating slowly as if it was alive.

‘The mind is the reflection and extension of the body. It’s the collection of countless desires and needs of the cells. Only when the basic needs are completely met and it’s capable of becoming the master of the body will the mind sublime into a soul.

‘Spirit, spirit… The body is the root and origin. However, after sublimation, the mind will be able to take over the body. So, if I want to shape the spirit, I’ll have to start from the body… The mind is a reflection of the body. With the passage of time, countless traces and marks will be left on the body… These marks and traces will give rise to minute changes and differentiation in the countless cells. The collective desires and life field of the transformed cells is what we call memory…’

Lu Sheng extended his hand. Light green flames burst forth from his palm. He immediately activated his psychological guidance art. With his psychological guidance art which exceeded rank-1,000, he was no longer hypnotizing the mind, but was directly influencing the countless cells in the body. This was the powerful trait of this guidance art.

Yin Flames were originally special flames the Prime Devil Sect used to refine the impurities within Devil Qi. However, these flames could also burn spirits. The damage they could deal to physical objects was not as great compared to the one to spirits.

Hence, Lu Sheng used it to burn and refine the Limit Indestructible Body. He would slowly refine this powerful body into pure Essential Essence and absorb it with his main body.

Then, he would carve the various memories into Du Xiong’s body with his Yin Flames.

‘The body gives rise to the spirit, and the spirit in turn dominates the body. It’s only by constantly improving the spirit that one’s life can be continually prolonged, and the body be strengthened. Living beings… are like complicated machines. The various components of the machine work together to produce strength. The improvement of strength will in turn improve the body… How wonderful…’

Lu Sheng was equipped with his Tu Style Healing Art which was ranked in the hundreds right now. On top of that, his own cultivation base was extremely formidable, and he knew Du Xiong’s body like the back of his hand.

He shaped the spirit, modified memories by modifying the body’s traces, and fine-tuned the spirit’s condition with his Yin Flames…

In no time, a whole new Du Xiong appeared before him. He slowly opened his eyes.

“Take care of them in my place,” Lu Sheng said to Du Xiong before himself with a smile.

Du Xiong solemnly lowered his head, and responded, “I will!”

In the strictest sense, Lu Sheng had created him from nothing. He was a new life born from Du Xiong’s body. He merely possessed Du Xiong’s memories and personality.

Because of the Yin Flames, Lu Sheng had absolute control over Du Xiong. To prevent any accidents, he left several hidden switches within Du Xiong’s body and spirit which he could activate at any moment.

If Lu Sheng wanted to, he would be able to control Du Xiong at a moment’s notice, body and spirit alike.

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you.” Lu Sheng nodded. He swallowed the Yin Flames which contained the Essential Essence of the Limit Indestructible Body. The massive amounts of Essential Essence was swiftly converted into Spiritual Essence by his main body and assimilated with the Infinity Technique.

“Don’t worry…” There was some reluctance to part in Du Xiong’s expression. His creator, Lu Sheng, was his real parent. Everything about him originated from Lu Sheng. Hence, this nurtured mind had given rise to reluctance to part because of this unique relationship.

Lu Sheng smiled. He did not leave any martial path behind. All traces of power had been removed by his Yin Flames. The body had been removed, and the spirit was brand new as well. The current Du Xiong was exactly the same person he’d been before Lu Sheng Arrived.

The only difference was that the current Du Xiong possessed the memories of the period after Lu Sheng’s Arrival.


Black flowing lights started glowing on the formation on the ground.

“I’ll give you a final gift.” Lu Sheng gave it some thought. A peculiar gleam appeared in his eyes.

A spot of purest Spirit Power emerged from his body and instantly plunged in between Du Xiong’s brows.

The amount of spirit was very low. Even for a mere mortal, the amount of this spirit was exceptionally low, let alone for Lu Sheng, who was a Heavenly Devil Weapon Grandmaster.

However, after receiving this bit of spirit, Du Xiong would possess far greater mental power and vigor. He would also possess photographic memory and exceptional physical abilities.

That was enough.


Black radiance converged to a point and shot up suddenly. It tore a gray rift in the air.

Lu Sheng withdrew his hand with a smile. He suddenly transformed into a black line which shot into the rift and vanished.

The rift disappeared quickly. The formation and crystals on the ground shattered and scattered with the wind.

Du Xiong stood outside the formation as he looked at the leaving Lu Sheng. He turned around and boarded the car without saying a word.

He drove to the nearest city and silently boarded a flight back to Flower Tree City.

The instant he entered the house, the memories about Lu Sheng’s supernatural powers which he had seen, including the one about the formation, disappeared from Du Xiong’s mind.

This was the final memory hidden switch Lu Sheng left behind.


“Deep Blue!” Countless colorful air flows shot past Lu Sheng. He was spinning at a high speed. Yi Flames surrounded his body, protecting him as he shot toward the initial gray rift.

There was still quite some time before he would reach the rift’s exit. However, Lu Sheng was currently browsing through Deep Blue’s interface.

As he browsed, the edge of his lips slowly cracked open despite himself. The crack continued up to the base of his ears until his rows of ferocious saw-like teeth were revealed.

“Hahahahaha!” He suddenly threw his head back and laughed. Black shadows and Devil Qi emanated from behind him like distorted Devil Shadows.

On Deep Blue’s interface which shook as he laughed, the number of his Mental Energy units was displayed.

It read: 14,610,000.

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