Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Roaring Flame Saber Style

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As Lin Xiao stepped into the fighting ring, Su Mo smiled mockingly.

“Lin Xiao, you’re quite powerful. You deserve my full effort,” he said loudly with gleeful eyes.

“Humph! Don’t just assume you can beat me, even with all your effort!” Lin Xiao huffed coldly.

“Is that so?” Su Mo laughed and shouted, “Then I’ll try even harder! Make your move, Lin Xiao.”


Lin Xiao’s face grew serious, and he stopped wasting time and activated all the Qi in his body. With great speed, his palms flew towards Su Mo.

Su Mo saw the palms rapidly approaching, and his eyes became cold.

“I’ll make you pay for trying to kidnap Xi’er.”

He clenched his fists and swung them with an unstoppable force toward Lin Xiao.

The force of Su Mo’s punch was twice the force of the one that had just defeated Su Yu.

Even if Lin Xiao slightly stronger than Su Yu, he would still be seriously injured by this punch.



As expected, Lin Xiao was no match for him. His arm immediately snapped, and he was sent flying backward, screaming and spewing blood.

His crimson blood left a long trail in the fighting ring.

Lin Xiao crashed heavily below the ring and was hurt so badly that he could not get up for a long time.

The entire arena was dead silent.

Everyone looked at Su Mo in disbelief.

“The following matches will end when a competitor is about to lose. Anyone who purposefully injures their opponents will be heavily punished!”

Lin Sheng’s words from before still lingered in their minds.

Now, Su Mo had seriously injured Lin Xiao. It seemed like a blatant disrespect to the city governor.

“Damn it, Lin Xiao, I didn’t expect you to be so weak! You can’t even take one punch!” Su Mo stepped forward in shock and said guiltily, “It’s my fault. If I’d know you were so weak, I would’ve only used 10% of my force.”

“You… Ahem!”

Lin Xiao was furious. He was about to speak when he started coughing up blood again.

He obviously knew that Su Mo had wanted to injure him on purpose.

When he had sent his men to kill Su Mo, not a single hitman had returned alive, and he could not even find their corpses.

Su Mo must have known that Lin Xiao was behind this attack, and now he was getting his revenge.

Even though Lin Xiao knew this, he could not say it aloud.

Now, not only had Su Mo seriously injured him, but he had also embarrassed him.

He instantly felt rage building up in his heart, which made his injuries even worse.

“How dare you!” Lin Sheng suddenly roared from the north spectators stand. He smashed the arm of his chair in a fit of rage.

“Su Mo, how dare you act so ruthlessly. Do the words of the city governor mean nothing to you?” Lin Sheng asked, his face darkening.

Su Mo had not only ignored his words, but also injured his son. It enraged him to no end.

“I didn’t injure him on purpose!” Su Mo explained calmly, “You saw that I considered Lin Xiao to be very powerful, so I wanted to fight him with all my effort. I didn’t expect him to be so weak, so I injured him by accident.”

“You… you act so viciously, and then you dare to refute me?”

Lin Sheng was furious, and his eyes flashed with killing desire.

“City Governor Lin, please remain calm,” said Su Hong apologetically. “My son only hurt your son by accident. Everyone here witnessed it. I hope you can be gracious.”

“Humph! That’s easy for you to say. Your son wasn’t injured!” Lin Sheng huffed coldly.

“City Governor, your son’s injuries are of utmost importance at the moment. At the end of the martial arts competition, I’ll apologize personally to your son on my son’s behalf.”

Su Hong’s words skillfully saved face for Lin Sheng and gave him a way out.

Lin Sheng could not argue further, so he scoffed coldly and ordered someone to carry Lin Xiao out of the ring.

“Next, let the third round of matches begin!” announced Lin De. “There are seven competitors left. Four more will be eliminated to determine the top three in this martial arts competition.

Now, the seven of you will draw lots once again. Number one will fight with number two, three with four, five with six, and number seven can choose any competitor to fight.”

Lin De took out some bamboo sticks.

Su Mo and his competitors drew lots one by one.

Su Mo got number. 6.

Afterward, Lin De yelled, “The third round begins now. No.1 and No.2, step into the ring.”

No.1 was Lin Qiong. Her competitor was another Lin disciple.

“I give up.” The Lin disciple sighed dejectedly. He was hoping that he could fight against Su Mo and enter the top three.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. If he had encountered anyone else, he definitely would have fought them, even if he did not stand a chance.

However, since Lin Qiong and he were both disciples of the Mansion of the City Governor, they had already fought before outside of the competition. There was no need to fight again.

“No.3 and No.4, please step into the ring.”

No. 3 was Wei Rufeng, and No. 4 was exactly Su Hai from the Sus.

“Su Hai, you’re no match for me!” Wei Rufeng said pretentiously as he glanced at Su Hai.

“Really? You can’t win a fight just by talking!” Su Hai retorted.

“Humph! I’ll show you just how much better than you I am,” Wei Rufeng sneered. “You’re worthy of my Roaring Flame Saber Style, which I learned in Scorching Sun Sect.”

Su Hai frowned. He glanced at Wei Rufeng and said, “Then make your move!”

Wei Rufeng raised his right palm slightly, which immediately began to emit scalding Qi. His hand became as hot as a soldering iron and burned with light flames.

“A hand knife is enough to beat you!”

Wei Rufeng smiled proudly and flew into the sky.

“You’re going down!”

Wei Rufeng swung his knife multiple times in midair. Countless knife shadows flew towards Su Hai.


Scalding saber Qi pierced the air, causing space to contort.

Wei Rufeng’s move was so powerful that it could instantly defeat even martial artists at the Peak Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“You’re so ignorant!”

Su Hai was enraged by Wei Rufeng’s belittling attitude. He punched repeatedly with his explosive fists, shattering all of the Sword Qi.

The ring sounded with continuous explosions. Qi was flowing everywhere.

“Roaring Flame in the Sky!”

Wei Rufeng used this chance to approach Su Hai and swing towards him. Before his hand knife had even touched him, Su Hai felt a scalding pain.

“He’s so powerful!”

Wei Rufeng’s power put a lot of pressure on Su Hai.

“Thunder Fist!”

Su Hai was using 120% of his combat force to meet Wei Rufeng’s attack.


As Su Hai’s fist met the knife, he was forced back many steps.

“You’re going down!” Wei Rufeng yelled. He jumped up, making three continuous slashes with his knife.

“Roaring Flame Triple Cut!”

Three flashes of sword radiance tore through the air and surrounded Su Hai’s head.

Su Hai’s pupils constricted. He felt an extreme sense of fear spread over his body.

“Infinite Thunder Force!”

Su Hai used his strongest move. His fists moved like lightning and gave off thunderous sounds.

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