Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 3311

.Chapter 3311

3311 Are you really going to stop me?

The members of the soul Race revealed smiles.

Because su mo was definitely going to die.

Now, even if there were hidden experts of the absolute beginning divine mountain around, they wouldn’t be able to save him in time.

Unless it was the kind of existence that was much more powerful than the Soul Master.

However, with su Mo’s cultivation and strength, it was impossible for him to invite an expert of that level.

A carefree smile appeared on Prince Golden soul’s face. He had wanted to kill su mo for a long time, but he had never had the chance.

Today, Yu ancestor had killed su mo. Although he was not the one who had killed su mo, he had also vented his anger and removed a hidden danger for the soul Race.

At this moment, there were two figures standing not far behind Crown Prince Golden Soul.

These two people were the prison Lord and the devil realm’s realm Lord.

Seeing this scene, the hell Lord and the demon world’s realm Lord Shen Luo had different expressions.

Shen Luo’s face was expressionless. There was only indifference and coldness. However, in the eyes of the hell Overlord, there was a flash of pity.

She did not know when she would be able to escape once su mo died.

At that moment, even Ling Shang and Chaos God Emperor, who knew su Mo’s strength, were shocked and worried that su mo had fallen into Yu ancestor’s trap.


Suddenly, a loud explosion shook the sky.

The huge saber hit su mo, but it stopped. A terrifying power burst out from the saber like a storm that could destroy the world.

The fifth city’s array was instantly activated to protect the fifth city.

Everyone focused their eyes and was shocked.

The saber did not tear su mo apart. Instead, it stopped.

Just as the saber was about to tear su mo apart, it was caught by su Mo’s hand.

The huge saber emitted a monstrous aura, but su Mo’s palm was like the hand of a God, holding the saber tightly.


The battle saber released a monstrous power, trying to break free. It shook violently.


However, su Mo’s other hand landed a heavy punch on the saber.

The powerful force almost shattered the saber. It immediately became much smaller and more illusionary.

Then, su mo waved his hand and put the saber into his small world, suppressing it by force.

The saber was transformed from Yu ancestor’s soul body. It was heavily injured by su Mo’s punch, so it was not a problem to store it in the small world.


“How is that possible?”

“This is impossible!”

In the fifth city, countless souls cried out. They could not believe it.

He couldn’t accept it!

The powerful Yu ancestor was like a toy to su mo. He was even forcibly taken into a space.

This was simply impossible!

Yu ancestor was a figure comparable to a burning venerate. He was an expert at the peak of the creation realm and was invincible under the Soul Master realm.

In the three major clans of the soul Race, other than blazing supremacy, meishang, and Yu ancestor, there were also a few other heaven creation realm and Sky Realm cultivators.

However, the other few middle-stage heaven pioneer realm cultivators were no match for Yu ancestor.

However, such a powerful Yu ancestor had been easily suppressed by su mo, who was in the upper level of the pioneer heaven realm!

This had completely shattered the sense of superiority that they had maintained for countless years as a noble race.

The black bone dhuta, Crown Prince Golden Soul, and the other high-ranking members of the soul Race were ashen-faced, but they were shocked.

Such a terrifying enemy must be killed.

“Next, it’s your turn!”

Su mo looked at the black bone dhuta and the others and said coldly.

“Kill! Kill him!”

kill him! black bone shouted and prepared to kill su mo with Lord flame and the others.

“Hold on!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the fifth city.

Senior brother Fana, along with his three companions, flew out of the fifth city, passed through the formation, and into the sky.


Su mo was slightly surprised to see the four people walking out of the fifth city.

Junior Brother Su mo!

Senior brother fan na cupped his hands together, let me introduce myself first. I’m van na, and I’m also from the absolute beginning divine mountain. The three beside me are also from the absolute beginning divine mountain.

“Is there something?”

He did not ask how the other party knew him. After all, he had caused a stir when he had challenged the absolute beginning tower, and many people in the absolute beginning divine mountain knew him.

It was normal for Fanna to know him.

However, he had not expected someone from the absolute beginning divine mountain to appear in the soul Race.

it’s like this. The soul Race has already sought refuge with our absolute beginning divine mountain. I have also promised to protect the soul Race. Therefore, I hope that you can give me some face and stop. Senior brother fan na said with a smile.

“Are you kidding me?”

Su mo narrowed his eyes and sized him up.

However, he was relieved to see that the other party’s cultivation base was only at the pioneer heaven realm and the Arcana plane.

“I’m not joking!”

Senior brother fan na shook his head. if you can’t let go of your hatred, I can ask the Soul Clan to give you some compensation. What do you think? ”

To be honest, van na did not want to come out. He felt that it did not matter much whether su mo or the soul Race lost.

However, when he saw su Mo’s extraordinary strength, he still stood up.

Su Mo’s strength was not simple. If he did not show up, there would only be two results if the two sides continued fighting.

First, su mo had failed and left!

Two, most of the souls here had been exterminated!

This was something senior brother Fana did not want to see. After all, he had formed some cooperation with the soul Race, which would benefit him greatly in the future.

Then, he turned to the black bone dhuta, the Golden Soul Prince, and the others. su mo is a member of the absolute beginning divine mountain. The souls should lower their heads and take the initiative to resolve the enmity between the two sides. What do you think? ”

The black bone dhuta and the others didn’t look too good.

As expected, brahna would not sit by and watch them kill su mo.

young master fan, the soul Race has always advocated peace and is willing to live in peace with anyone. As long as su mo is willing to release Yu ancestor, we are naturally willing to resolve our grievances!

The black-bone dhuta said in a deep voice.

“Very good!”

haha! the monk laughed heartily and looked at su mo. su mo, let go of Yu ancestor. The soul Race will give you a large compensation!

“I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to resolve the grudges!”

die! su mo said coldly and pointed forward. Suddenly, a sharp finger radiance burst out like a divine light and killed a medium-level heaven creation expert of the soul Race who was close to him.


With an explosion, the soul expert turned into ashes and scattered like a cloud of green smoke.

“You coward!”

Senior brother fan na was shocked and angry. Su mo had not given him any face and had killed the spiritlings in front of him.


su mo, how dare you be so arrogant in front of senior brother Fana? ”

“Quickly apologize to senior brother Fana!”

The dark-skinned young man and the grey-clothed young man behind senior brother Fana, as well as Junior Sister shuyue, began to berate him.

su mo, do you really want to fight to the death? ”

Prince Golden Soul roared, his heart filled with anger.

Su mo ignored him and looked straight at van na. He asked indifferently, ” “You really want to stop me?”

He was determined to exterminate the soul Race. No one could stop him. If anyone insisted on stopping him, he would kill them all.

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