Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 3307

.Chapter 3307

3307 tracking the spirit race!

heavenly lord taidao was silent.

he and tai yue had been staying in the zhenyu origin world all this time. furthermore, everyone thought that they were already dead.

therefore, the soul race would definitely not let go of this opportunity and would attack the great spirit origin realm.

both heavenly lord taidao and heavenly lord taiyue were well aware of this.

however, they had no other choice but to take the risk.

if they were able to obtain sufficient benefits from the zhenyu origin world, they would be able to accept the losses.

however, he did not expect it to end up like this.

after a moment of silence, the heavenly lord of supreme dao suppressed his anger and said calmly, ” “this friend, we have no enmity between us. what is your motive for repeatedly attacking my spirit race? if you’re willing to let me go, everything can be discussed!”

heavenly lord taidao wanted to calm su mo down first because he knew that he did not have the ability to escape.

he had been hit by true ancestor shangyu and su mo’s attacks, which had severely injured him. even his small world had been severely damaged.

therefore, he wanted to stall for time and recover as much as possible.

secondly, he also wanted to figure out su mo’s identity.

who was this person who knew about the great spirit origin realm and the soul race?

“how can there be no enmity?”

su mo’s cold voice rang out and he sneered, ” “heavenly lord of the supreme dao, the spirit race and the soul race divided the primitive world and enslaved billions of creatures. do you think there’s any enmity between us?”

a spiritual soul power descended and landed around the ice mountain, turning into su mo’s shadow.

“you are from the primitive world?”

heavenly lord taidao was astonished that the tiny primitive world could produce such a peerless figure.

“not bad!”

su mo nodded.

are you su mo? ”

the heavenly lord of supreme dao asked again.

however, his subordinates could not find any trace of su mo, so they did not pursue further.

the heavenly lord of supreme dao didn’t take it seriously as it was insignificant.

because a dao realm expert was like an ant.

however, it had only been a short while, and yet, an ant-like figure had already gained such power. it was hard for the heavenly lord of supreme dao to accept.

“you’re right!”

su mo chuckled and ignored him. he began to refine with all his might.

” su mo, i can return the other half of the primitive world to you! ”

” the primitive world is not worth mentioning to our ling clan! ”

” furthermore, my clan has also invaded other source worlds. they can all be given to you! ”

” su mo, i’m an almighty in the creation realm. even if your strength is close to the creation realm, you can’t refine me! ”

the heavenly lord of supreme dao continued to speak, his voice getting louder and louder. he was truly panicking.

the ice saber and emperor god of chaos attacked with all their might to suppress the heavenly lord of supreme dao.

time passed by slowly, two hours after two hours.

more than 20 hours later.

the heavenly lord of supreme dao’s broken body had long disappeared, but a bright little world appeared in the ice.

” hahaha, su mo, you can’t refine me. even if my body is completely destroyed, my small world has a strong defensive power that can protect my divine soul from being destroyed! ”

“an undying soul can also firmly control a small world. don’t even think about it! hahaha …”

the heavenly lord of supreme dao had gone mad, roaring and laughing.

however, what the other party said was the truth.

su mo had tried his best to refine it, but it was impossible to refine the small world of tai dao.

this made his bold idea of devouring the other party’s small world and directly advancing from the peak of the upper level of the heaven creation realm to the creation realm instantly go cold.

after refining for another four hours and making sure that he could not refine heavenly lord taidao, su mo had to give up.

“the three of you, stop here!”

su mo told the three of them to stop and then let them leave his small world.

” su mo, although you can’t refine heavenly lord taidao now, you’ll definitely be able to do it when you reach the upper level of the heaven creation realm. there’s no need to rush. ”

primal chaos god emperor said.


su mo nodded and looked at the crowd. ” ” now, i’m preparing to make a trip back to the heavenly soul origin world. next, it’s time to deal with the soul race. ”

since he couldn’t refine a creation-level grand dao, he could only settle for the next best thing. he could refine a heaven creation-level arcana and seize their small world.

however, it was clearly not suitable for him to do so in the zhenyu origin world.

first of all, the creation and empyrean realm cultivators of the feather race had basically all left with the other true ancestors.

even if there were still some in the zhenyu origin world, su mo felt that it would be risky for him to devour them since shangyu true ancestor was there.

therefore, he was prepared to go to the origin of heavenly souls.

the soul race had heaven creation realm and empyrean realm experts. furthermore, they also had an army of the spirit race. although he wasn’t sure if the spirit race was still there, it was fine as long as the soul race was there.

by seizing the small world of a heaven creation stage empyrean expert, he would be able to skip the process of producing the xuanhuang qi. as for whether he could directly advance to the heaven creation stage, that would depend on the situation.

“alright, let’s go back together.”

ling shang nodded.

” when this is over, all of you will go to the absolute beginning divine mountain. as for xue gu, you will stay in the origin of heavenly souls realm. the absolute beginning divine mountain is a world of origin …! ”

su mo explained the situation of the great origin world and the absolute beginning divine mountain to the crowd, which made them quite fascinated.

after a while, the group of them left the zhenyu origin world and entered the spacetime tunnel.

after a long time, they arrived at the battlefield of gods and demons.

when su mo’s figure appeared on the altar, he was stunned.

not far away from the altar, the ground was blood red, and there were many broken bones scattered on the ground.

not long ago, a brutal battle had taken place here.

it was worth mentioning that the landscape of the battlefield of gods and demons would repair itself after being destroyed, so the traces of the battlefield were very slight.

this was a place that had been created by those few genesis tier existences to connect to all the various source worlds. it was not a true source world, and possessed some unfathomable power that could be man-made.

“it’s the spirit race!”

emperor god of chaos’s eyes focused.

immediately, they stepped forward to check. they were indeed the bones of the spirit race. they were all broken, but they could be easily identified by their aura.

other than the bones of the spirit race, there were also some of the spirit race slave army’s bones, not the bones of any other race.

” it seems like after the spiritual race left the zhenyu origin world and arrived at the battlefield of the gods and demons, they were attacked by a powerful creation realm expert! ”

su mo said in a deep voice.

the army of the spirit race was large in number, and they even had some slave armies. therefore, those people would definitely not act openly after entering the battlefield of gods and demons.

therefore, it must have entered a spatial artifact or taiyue’s small world, and was carried by heavenly lord taiyue alone.

however, there were so many skeletons of the spirit race here. it was obvious that heavenly lord taiyue couldn’t deal with the enemies alone. therefore, he had summoned a large number of subordinates to fight the enemies together.

but even so, they still lost a lot of people.

from the looks of it, the enemy that the spiritual race encountered was at least an intermediate level creation realm expert.

“is the battlefield of gods and demons so dangerous?”

the great elder xue gu was a little surprised.

except for su mo, it was the first time for everyone else to enter the battlefield of gods and demons.

“it’s alright, there aren’t many true experts!”

su mo shook his head slightly. he had entered the battlefield of gods and demons two or three times, but he had not found any experts in the creation realm.

although they encountered a few foreign races, most of them were at the heaven creation realm.

in general, when there were no large-scale conflicts, there were not many experts from various races who came to the battlefield of gods and demons.

” let’s go and track the spiritual race! ”

su mo squinted his eyes. he was not in a hurry to go to the origin of heavenly souls.

if heavenly lord taiyue was severely injured, he might have a chance to take down taiyue or even wipe out the spirit race army.

then, without any explanation.

su mo immediately took action. he took ling shang and the others and used all kinds of abilities and means to track down the spiritual race.

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