Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Two Consecutive Level-ups

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Su Mo sat cross-legged next to the corpses of the men in black and released his Devouring Martial Soul.

Their essence, blood, and Martial Souls immediately converged toward him.

Their Martial Souls, including the leader’s, were all only at Rank 3 Human Class Martial Soul, so they barely had an impact on Su Mo’s Martial Soul progression.

However, most of them were at Lv 7, and the leader was at Lv 8, so their essence and blood held a great amount of energy.

After devouring only half of their essence and blood, Su Mo felt his genuine Qi increase intensely and break through a barrier in cultivation.

He had reached Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm!

As he kept devouring, his cultivation was still rapidly increasing.

Early Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Middle Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Late Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm!

When Su Mo’s cultivation had almost reached the peak Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm, he had devoured all the remaining essence.

All the corpses became mummies.


He slowly exhaled a mouthful of heavy air.

He turned to look at Xi’er, who was staring at Su Mo with her mouth slightly ajar and a stunned face.

“Xi’er, now you know what I meant!” He stood up and walked toward her.

“Brother Su Mo, this…”

Xi’er was shocked beyond words and stared at him with wide eyes.

“Haha, this is my Martial Soul’s special ability.” Su Mo explained with a smile.

Even he himself had been extremely shocked by this ability at first.

He had never heard of Martial Souls that could turn essence into Qi, or more importantly, increase their level.

“Oh!” Xi’er nodded in confusion.

“Let’s keep hunting demonic beasts!”

“Brother Su Mo, your wound is still bleeding!” Xi’er exclaimed, looking at the gash on his body.

“It’s alright. It’s just a scrape. I’ll be fine after I take an elixir!” he said with a wave of his hand and swallowed a healing elixir.

Once the pill healed his wound, he and Xi’er continued to forge into the woods.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Su Mo crazily killed demonic beasts as he went like a maniac.

Anything that walked into his path was instantly killed.

He would have killed the flying beasts, too, if only he could reach them!

Soon, he had walked over 15 kilometers into the woods and killed more than 40 demonic beasts.

However, even after he devoured their Beast Souls, essence, and Qi, his Martial Soul and cultivation still did not progress.

All these demonic beasts were of Class 4 or 5 Lv 1. They had little effect on his Martial Soul, and their blood only increased his cultivation to the peak Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm.

The essence and blood of more than 40 Class 4 and 5 Lv 1 demonic beasts was not even equivalent to the essence and blood of a martial artist at Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

As they got deeper into the woods, they began to meet demonic beast with higher levels.


A giant Demonic Bear appeared in front of him.

This bear was as black as ink, almost seven meters tall, and weighed about 1500 kilograms. Its massive body exuded a thick cloud of demonic Qi.

This was definitely a Class 6 Lv 1 Demonic Beast.


Su Mo was overjoyed and swiftly ran forward.


Spotting a human that had ventured into its territory, the Demonic Bear immediately let out a roar that shook the entire forest.

Its giant body thundered towards Su Mo, breaking countless tall trees in its path. It swung its paws, which were as big as millstones, towards Su Mo’s head.

Although this Demonic Bear was only Class 6 Lv 1, its massive body and powerful strength made it equivalent to a Class 7 Lv 1 one.


Despite this, the Demonic Bear still could not block Su Mo’s brilliant sword, which immediately cut off its paw and half of its head.

Blood and brains spewed everywhere.


The Demonic Bear’s giant body immediately crashed down.

Su Mo immediately devoured its essence and blood, transformed it into genuine Qi, and absorbed it into his elixir field.

The genuine Qi in his elixir field had already reached the brink.

He wanted to break through to Lv 7 but was still unsuccessful after two tries.

“It’s still not enough. I need a little more!”

Su Mo moved on with Xi’er.

On the way, he kept killing and devouring.

Finally, after Su Mo had killed and devoured eight Class 6 Lv 1 demonic beasts and two Class 7 Lv 1 ones, his elixir field swelled.

His genuine Qi increased greatly once again, and an aura arose from his body that was much stronger than that of Lv 6.

He entered the Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm!

In a short couple of hours, Su Mo had progressed from the Peak Lv 5 into the Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

If other martial artists learned about his cultivation speed, they would be scared to death.

“Leveling-up is too easy!” Su Mo exclaimed with joy.

He had originally estimated that it would take him two days in Breezewind Mountain to reach Lv 7.

He had not expected that he would achieve it in only half a day.

“It’s so fast!”

Devouring essence and blood increased his cultivation much faster than he had expected.

Of course, all of the men in black had also helped greatly.

“If I kept killing here for two weeks, would my cultivation reach the Spiritual Martial Realm?”

Su Mo’s heart was burning with excitement.

However, he soon rejected this notion.

Increasing his cultivation this way no doubt muddled his genuine Qi and made it unstable.

Also, after he killed the guards from the Mansion of the City Governor and prevented Lin Xiao from getting his way, Lin Xiao would probably send more men after him.

It was best for Xi’er’s safety to go home soon.

Su Mo could tell from the sky that it was still early in the afternoon, so he decided to hunt a few more demonic beasts before taking Xi’er back.

He continued killing and ended up hunting more than 10 Class 7 Lv 1 demonic beasts by nighttime.

After he devoured them, Su Mo’s cultivation reached Late Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

His cultivation had improved drastically.

However, his Martial Soul had still not progressed even after devouring all of these Beast Souls.

Su Mo estimated that if he wanted to increase his Martial Soul to Rank 7 Human Class, he would have to devour at least a couple hundred more Class 7 Lv 1 Beast Souls.

This task was too big to be undertaken by killing demonic beasts one by one.

It was better to buy them directly.

It was late, and Su Mo did not want to stay any longer. He swiftly left Breezewind Mountain with Xi’er and returned to Sunnywood City.

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