Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Final Hit of Heavenly Wind

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In the arena, Wei Liang’s genuine Qi surged, and his strength at least doubled.

The influx of strength made him feel like he could bring down the sky.

“Su Mo, I’ll admit that you’re exceptionally strong. I’ve underestimated you.” A cold light gleamed in Wei Liang’s eyes as he continued, “Now, you no longer stand a chance.”

“Do you really think you’re definitely going to win?” Su Mo asked calmly.

“Is that not the case?”

“How about this, Wei Liang? Let’s not waste each other’s time and settle this in one move!”

Su Mo’s eyes blazed with fighting desire.

“Alright, ending this match quickly is exactly what I wanted.” Wei Liang roared, and the genuine Qi in his body increased infinitely and all poured into his spear. The spear shook and emitted a blinding light.

Su Mo’s face was solemn, and, like his opponent, he put aside his mocking attitude.

He twirled his long sword, which was surging with Primordial Genuine Qi. The sword radiance grew much brighter.

At that moment, Su Mo’s mind was as still as water and only focused on his burning desire to kill.

Everyone held their breath and kept their eyes glued to the arena.

It was finally the deciding moment!

“Starlight Illuminating the Earth!”

Wei Liang attacked first with his usual strongest move, but this move was far more powerful than before. His spear turned into a raging dragon that crazily shot toward Su Mo.

Suddenly, everything came to a standstill, and all that was left was the blinding light of the spear.


Su Mo threw his body forward and lept into the air.

An unparalleled sword radiance pierced the air so violently that it seemed to break the restraints of space and time.

Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!

This was the last and most fatal move of Divine Wind Swordplay.

This move was overpowering, sharp, strange, and ethereal.

This move shocked all of the Sus and the Weis!

This move shocked all of the spectators!

Su Mo’s swordsmanship did not belong to the Sus’. They had never seen such powerful and sharp swordplay.

Wei Liang felt the menace of this attack more than anyone, but both men had made their moves, so there was no going back.

Wei Liang could only howl and increase his genuine Qi to make his attack 30 percent more powerful.


Amidst everyone’s shock, the two attacks violently crashed into each other and exploded like meteors hitting the earth.


The air streams from the explosion shattered the ground and sent debris flying everywhere.

Su Mo and Wei Liang’s silhouettes were enveloped in a layer of smoke. No one from the outside could tell what was going on.

On the spectators stand, everyone got up from their seats and fixed their gazes on the square.

“Who won?” This was the question burning in everyone’s minds.

The smoke dissipated after a while, revealing Su Mo and Wei Liang standing five feet away from each other.

Everyone stared with wide eyes.

Everything was dead silent.


At this moment, they heard a slight noise.

In the middle of the square, Su Mo’s body shook, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.


” Su Mo has lost?”

“At the end of the day, the powerful Su Mo has still been defeated!”

The spectators were shocked, but they soon realized that no matter how powerful Su Mo was, the gap between their cultivations was too great to overcome.

Just as this idea popped into their minds, they met with a surprise.


The spear in Wei Liang’s hand dropped to the ground with an echoing sound.

Amidst everyone’s stunned stares, Wei Liang’s tall figure came crashing down and sent up a cloud of dust.

Upon closer inspection, everyone saw a terrifying sword wound on Wei Liang’s body.

The gash extended from his neck to his abdomen, practically slicing him in two.

However, since the Seething Blood Pill had almost dried up all of his blood, he was not bleeding much.


Gasps were heard everywhere among the crowd.

“So Wei Liang actually lost!”

Everyone looked at Su Mo in awe.

This martial artist with a Lv 5 cultivation was able to kill Wei Liang, who was at Lv 7.

Nothing like this had ever happened in the history of Yunyang City.

Who was a genius?

Su Mo was a true genius!

The entire square erupted with thunderous noises, including the adoring screams of young women.

“Haha! Great! Great!” On the stand, Su Hong was beaming and could not contain his laughter. His son never failed to surprise him.

One person’s joy was another’s sorrow. Unlike the overjoyed Su Hong, Wei Wankong was stone-faced. This time, not only was he unable to avenge his son, he also lost a genius disciple.

He wanted to scream in rage, but he was too prideful to do so.

He himself had said in front of everyone that it would be a fight to the death.

In the end, he could only scoff and order for Wei Wankong’s body to be collected. He then pathetically left in defeat along with the members of his family.

“Mo’er, how are you doing? Are you badly hurt?” Su Hong asked with concern as he approached Su Mo.

“Haha! Father, I’m fine! It’s just a scratch.” Su Mo shook his head with a smile. He was telling the truth. He only suffered some trauma to his abdomen, which would heal in a couple of days.

This was due to Su Mo’s physical strength. Elephant’s Strength Skill not only made him powerful but also greatly improved his physical resilience.

Otherwise, even if he was not killed by this blow, he would still be severely injured.

“Alright, since this battle is over, let’s go home!” said Su Hong.

“Brother Su Mo, let me help you walk,” said Xi’er while rushing to put her arm around him.

“Xi’er, it’s just a minor injury.”

“You spit up blood! How is that a minor injury?” Xi’er shook her head and insisted on helping him.

Su Mo smiled helplessly. Next to Xi’er, he could smell the faint fragrance of her body, and he was instantly captivated.

Subsequently, he accompanied his father to collect the winner’s prize and returned home.

Having betted 100 kg of gold, Su Hong walked away with a whopping 1,000 kg of gold.

Aside from him, everyone else had lost their bets and were all wailing in despair!

The First Elder and other members of the Sus had all lost their bets and were extremely displeased.

Prior to the match, they were certain that Su Mo would lose, so they had bet heavily against him.

Now, they had lost all their money.

As the crowd slowly thinned out, Su Yu and Liu Yushan stood outside the square in shock.

Liu Yushan’s emotions were complicated. She had always believed that Su Mo was not good enough for her, but his performance today proved her wrong.

A faint feeling of regret stirred in her heart.

“He only has a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul. Even if he’s strong now, it’s only temporary. He can’t go far in martial arts!” said Su Yu.

His words gradually calmed her down.

“Xi’er, wasn’t I cool?” asked Su Mo shamelessly on their way home.

“Very cool!” said the girl shyly with a faint blush spreading on her face.

“Did you fall in love with me?” Su Mo was in a great mood and teased her mischievously.

Xi’er was instantly embarrassed and practically buried her flushed face in the ground.

“Haha!” Su Mo burst out laughing.

After they returned to the Sus, his father gave him healing elixirs.

Su Mo began to heal in seclusion.

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