Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2222 - An Unexpected Change Of Events

Chapter 2222: An Unexpected Change Of Events

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After Su Mo had destroyed Myriad Worlds Mountain, he returned to the Fifth Mountain.

In the palace.

Su Mo sat cross-legged on the Futon alone and he was like a withered piece of wood without aura.

He stared blankly at the palace and was deep in thought. He was stuck.

He was thinking of what he could do. If he leaves a part of his Spiritual Soul behind and refines it as his avatar, will his avatar escape from Di Yihun’s radar?

Su Mo was not sure. After all, the Celestial Spiritual Seal was not an ordinary seal. It had merged completely with his Spiritual Soul.

If this method doesn’t work, the other way out is to be reincarnated.

However, even if he is reincarnated, he will not be able to escape from Di Yihun when he comes down from the Plane.

Su Mo had no idea about Di Yihun’s might at the moment. He might be able to use his divine power to engulf the region.


Su Mo sighed and stood up. He had intended to make a trip back to Infinite Region to visit his old friends and son, whom he had never met, before making up his mind.

“Master, someone would like to meet you!”

At that moment, a servant from the Sky Tyrant Clan called out from outside the palace.

“No!” Su Mo replied. He was in no mood to meet anyone.

“This person says that he is from Shang Qing Palace.” The servant said.

“Shang Qing Palace?” Su Mo was surprised when he heard it. Why did Shang Qing Palace send someone over?

“Bring him in!” Su Mo waved his hand and said, after pondering for a while. Since this person was being sent by Shang Qing Palace, it could be related to Ling Chang and thus Su Mo agreed to meet him.

After a while, the gate of the palace opened and the servant brought an elderly man along with him.

The elderly man was wearing a brown robe and he looked aged. His cultivation level was at Rank 3 Empty God Realm.

“Greetings, Holy Sage Su!” The elderly man walked into the palace and immediately bowed to Su Mo.

Back then when Su Mo had defeated Sky Tyrant Clan, the people from the outside world had already addressed him as Holy Sage.

Although Su Mo’s cultivation level was not even at the Half Deity Realm, his strength was already there.

Su Mo waved his hand and signaled to the servant to leave. He then asked the elder, “Elder, don’t stand on ceremony. May I know your purpose for coming?”

“Holy Sage Su, back then before Palace Master Ling Chang left, she gave me a Jade Slip. She told me that if Holy Sage Su was still in God’s Path after 10 years, I should pass the Jade Slip to you!” The elder flipped his palm over and took out a Jade Slip as he spoke respectfully to Su Mo.

13 years ago, Ling Chang had handed the Jade Slip to the elder before she left.

Three years ago, he had visited Su Mo twice but he did not manage to see Su Mo as he was cultivating in seclusion.

Thus, he was three years behind in handing the Jade Slip over to Su Mo.


Su Mo was surprised. What has Ling Chang left behind for him?

Immediately, Su Mo stretched out his hand and took the Jade Slip.

He triggered his thoughts to look at the content on the Jade Slip.

However, the Jade Slip had been sealed and it blocked off Su Mo’s thoughts.

“There’s a seal!” Su Mo was amazed. However, the seal could only prevent the others from looking into it and not him.

Su Mo then used his thoughts to destroy the seal on the Jade Slip and started to check on the contents.


After a while, Su Mo broke out into laughter and looked elated.

“Haha, Ling Chang, oh Ling Chang! You are my savior!”

Su Mo laughed and said. He was grinning from ear to ear. It was not Ling Chang but Qingxuan who was helping him.

The method to break the Celestial Spiritual Seal was recorded on the Jade Slip.

On top of that, Ling Chang had stated on the Jade Slip that she knew Di Yihun.

Back then when she was at the Deity Plane, Di Yihun had encountered problems.

There was another Split-Soul in the Deity Plane whom Di Yihun was unable to kill as he was extremely powerful.

Ling Chang told Su Mo that there were three Split-Souls left.

The three of them were Gongcheng Tai Hao, Su Mo, and Tuoba Qingyun, who was at Deity Plane.

The rest of the Split-Souls had already merged with Di Yihun.

Ling Chang had told Su Mo that Tuoba Qingyun belonged to the era before her reincarnation and she had no information about him after so many years.

“Tuoba Qingyun!” Su Mo muttered to himself. If Tuoba Qingyun was still around, there were two Split-Souls left.

Ling Chang had gone to Deity Plane more than 10 years ago and she did not know that Su Mo had merged with Gongcheng Tai Hao.

“Holy Sage Su, I will make a move since I have handed the Jade Slip over to you!”

When the elder saw Su Mo looking elated, he did not ask him any question. He simply bowed and told Su Mo that he was leaving.

“Elder, please wait a while!”

Su Mo lifted his hand and stopped the elder. He then said with a smile, “Elder, you have been a great help to me. Let me know what you need and I will help you with it!”

The elder was shocked when he heard what Su Mo had said. However, he dared not ask Su Mo for anything. He shook his head and said, “I dare not ask you for anything!”

“Elder, don’t stand on ceremony with me. I am truly grateful to you. As long as I have the ability to do it, I will definitely help you fulfill your wish!” Su Mo said with a smile. He was filled with joy and he wished to thank the elder.

“Are you serious?” The elder asked, looking doubtful. Su Mo was currently a renowned figure in God’s Path. It would be great if he could help him.

“Of course!” Su Mo nodded.

The elder took a deep breath when he heard Su Mo’s reply. He pondered for a while and asked nervously, “Holy Sage Su, I have been stuck in Rank 3 Empty God Realm for 8,000 years. You are knowledgeable. Are you able to give me some good advice?”

The elder was full of anticipation. Although Ling Chang had stayed in Shang Qing Palace for a long period of time back then, she had not given them much guidance.

“This is a small matter. I will give you a Sword Soul to help you enhance your talent. You simply need to refine it so that it becomes a Primordial Spirit!” Su Mo said.

“Will you give me a Fighting Soul?” When the elder heard what Su Mo had said, he was stunned. He never knew that one could receive a Fighting Soul.

“Come, listen to my instructions!” Su Mo said and helped the elder to merge the Fighting Soul.

In actual fact, Su Mo was not left with many Fighting Souls. There were only about 70 types of Sword Souls left which he usually used for ordinary fights. He had already used the rest of the Fighting Souls when he had fought with Li Ba.

However, he did not mind giving away one type of Sword Soul as he could devour a large number of Primordial Spirits if required.

Moreover, he possessed the Unbeatable Power Primordial Spirit. Although Su Mo had not refined the Primordial Spirit, he knew its might.

A large amount of mental strength was required to activate the Unbeatable Power Primordial Spirit. Even though Su Mo was a Rank 3 Empty God, he would not be able to activate the 70 types of Fighting Souls if he activated the Unbeatable Power Primordial Spirit.

Thus, it was no big deal for him to give away one Sword Soul.

Two hours later, after the elder left Su Mo’s palace, he was jumping with joy.

His face was flushed with excitement and his eyes were beaming.

However, he was filled with regrets. He regretted not looking for Su Mo earlier.

If he had known that Su Mo would give him such a great gift, he would have handed the Jade Slip over to Su Mo more than 10 years ago.

“Di Yihun, I shall crush you!”

After the elder had left the palace, Su Mo held the Jade Slip, his eyes sparkling.

He was filled with confidence and he no longer had any more worries since he had obtained help from Ling Chang.

Although he had no idea how Ling Chang had found out that the Celestial Spiritual Seal had been planted in him, that was not important.

At that moment, Su Mo felt that Ling Chang was adorable and not as unreasonable.

Su Mo immediately studied the Jade Slip to find out the method to break the Celestial Spiritual Seal.

It was not an easy task to break the Celestial Spiritual Seal. In order to melt the Celestial Spiritual Seal, the purest and strongest flame had to be used to burn the Primordial Spirit and Spiritual Soul.

The stronger the flame, the faster the Seal would be dissolved. That said, the risk would be higher as the Spiritual Soul could be burnt.

According to the records on the Jade Slip, it would take around half a year to break the Celestial Spiritual Seal if a Rank 4 Empty God who possessed the fire properties used the flame from the Fire Based Energy to heat the Primordial Spirit and Spiritual Soul.

That was provided everything went on smoothly. If things got out of hand, Su Mo would end up having his soul dispersed.

“Flame?” Su Mo muttered to himself. The first person that came to his mind was Si Kongyan.

Although Si Kongyan did not have a high cultivation level, he had a good understanding of the fire properties. His Flame Based Force was more powerful than Su Mo’s Fire Based Dark Force.

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