Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Ten-to-One Odds

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The days leading up to Su Mo and Wei Liang’s fight flew by quickly.

Today, Su Mo would fight with Wei Liang.

On the day of the fight, no less than 1000 people filled Central Square in Sunnywood City, and they were bustling with chatter.

“I didn’t think a fight between two young disciples would attract so many people!”

“Exactly! The Master and elders of the Weis, as well as people from Mansion of City Governor have all come.”

“Many people from the Sus also come! Their Master and first elder are here, too!”

“Who do you think will win today’s fight to the death?”

“Who do you think? Of course, Wei Liang will!”

“I don’t think so. I’ve heard Su Mo is quite strong and even beat up the son of the city governor the other day.”

“Even so, Su Mo is no match for Wei Liang. I’ve heard Wei Liang’s cultivation has reached the peak Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm.”


A simple spectator stand had been set up in the square.

The Weis sat on the left. Wei Wankong sat in the middle, with elders flanking him and inferior disciples behind him, including Wei Liang.

On the right sat the Sus. Su Hong, the first elder, and some other elders were here, too.

Su Heng and the other disciples stood behind them.

Besides the Weis and the Sus, many big shots in Sunnywood City sat there, who were here on the Weis’ invitation.

The Weis wanted everyone in the city to witness a disciple from their family sadistically kill the young master of the Sus.

“Su Hong, why isn’t your son here yet? Does he get cold feet?” Wei Wankong glanced at Su Hong and asked mockingly after noticing Su Mo’s absence.

“Humph! Don’t worry! Since my son dared to accept the challenge, he’ll definitely come!” Su Hong huffed back coldly.

Wei Wankong sneered and thought, “Gloat on! Let’s see how smug you’ll be when your son dies!”

“Su Mo’s here!”

Loud cheers came from the outside of the square.

The crowd automatically parted to make way for a young man and lady.

The young man was carrying a long sword and was very handsome, while the young lady was such a beauty that she drew everyone’s attention.

They were Su Mo and Xi’er.

Everyone thought that they were such a lovely match, but they also lamented that Su Mo would die very soon.

Su Mo and Xi’er walked onto the spectators stand toward Su Hong.

“Father.” Su Mo saluted Su Hong.

“Mo’er, I look forward to your performance,” said Su Hong with a nod.

“Su Mo, since you’re already here, let’s not waste any time!” Wei Wankong sneered as he glanced at Su Mo. He then looked around and loudly said, “Ladies and gentlemen, today is the voluntary fight to the death between Wei Liang of our family and Su Mo of the Sus. Let Heaven determine their lives! With you all as witnesses, neither family can challenge the outcome afterward!”

“Let Heaven determine their lives!”

“Let Heaven determine their lives!”

The crowd was instantly invigorated and cheered.

A wide smile appeared on Wei Wankong’s face. He said all of this, because he believed that Su Mo would undoubtedly die today.

However, if Su Hong lost his mind after his son’s death and recklessly waged war against the Weis, there would be horrible consequences.

Now that he had said this in front of countless citizens of Sunnywood City, Su Hong would have no reason to argue after Su Mo’s death.

“Alright. Let’s begin!”

Wei Wankong took his seat again and nodded to Wei Liang, who was standing behind him.

With a spear in his hand, Wei Liang stepped out and flew to the center of the square.

“Su Mo, come and meet your death!”

Wei Liang glared at Su Mo murderously with his long spear pointing to him.

Su Mo glanced at his opponent and turned to Xi’er, saying, “Xi’er, stay by my father’s side.”

He was about to leave and meet Wei Liang’s challenge when Xi’er grabbed the hem of his clothes.

“Brother Su Mo!” Xi’er looked extremely worried.

“Don’t worry, Xi’er. I’ll be fine,” said Su Mo while patting her hand to comfort her.

Suddenly, a loud voice came from outside of the square.

“Purple Gold Pavilion is starting a handicap. The odds of Wei Liang’s victory is one-to-one. The odds of Su Mo’s victory is ten-to-one. Hurry up and place your bets!”

Hearing this, many went to place their bets.

Most betted on Wei Liang’s victory.

Su Mo was momentarily speechless and cursed in his head, “Ten-to-one odds? Purple Gold Pavilion is really looking down on me!”

“Master, we’re going to place some bets as well!” said the elders of the Sus with malice in their eyes.

The First Elder Su Yue, the Fourth Elder Su Tai, and the others wagered a good deal of money on the outcome.

Though they were from the Sus, they betted on Wei Liang’s victory. How ironic!

A few people nearby, who were hesitating, made their decisions when they saw that even the elders of the Sus made such a bet.

“Purple Gold Pavilion will rake in a huge profit this time!” thought Su Mo with the tempting figure of Luo Huan flashing in his mind.

As so many people bet on Wei Liang, Purple Gold Pavilion would earn a fortune if Su Mo won.

“Father, go and bet on me! The money is ours to take!”

With his ten-to-one odds, a bet of 50kg of gold would make a return of 500kg. How could he let such a great opportunity slip out of his hands?

“Alright! I’ll bet 100kg of gold on you!” Su Hong smiled and placed his bet on Su Mo.

“Haha! Since Master Su is so confident, we will definitely match you on that!”

Wei Wankong laughed and wagered a decent amount of money on Wei Liang.

The Weis was ecstatic about how easy it would be to make money from this obvious outcome.

After everyone placed their bets, Su Mo flew onto the field in a flash and stopped 10 meters away from Wei Liang.

The fight was about to start!

People fixed their gazes on the field.

“Su Mo, this date next year will be the anniversary of your death.”

Wei Liang sneered. He did not see Su Mo as a worthy opponent at all.

“Really? Wei Liang, I suggest you give this fight your all strength today. Otherwise, you don’t even deserve my full effort,” Su Mo said with a smile.

“How dare you speak so arrogantly!” Wei Liang angrily shouted and said, “I hope you won’t kneel down and beg for mercy later, but even if you do that, I still won’t let you live.”

“Are you done with your nonsense? Hurry up and attack! I don’t have all day,” Su Mo said calmly with a relaxed expression.

“Die for your arrogance!”

Wei Liang was completely enraged with genuine Qi spreading all over his body and turning into a fierce sweeping wind.

Su Yu and Liu Yushan stood closely together among the crowd of spectators, watching the two fighters on the field.

“Yushan, I didn’t want to come, but you insisted. What’s so interesting about a predictable fight?” Su Yu shrugged and said flatly.

“Though his talent is too poor to deserve me, he’s still my cousin and was very kind to me in my childhood. He’s fighting to the death today, so I have to come.” Liu Yushan sighed.

She still harbored feelings for Su Mo, but those feelings meant nothing in the face of martial arts. Thus, she had abandoned them without hesitation.

“Wei Liang’s cultivation is at the Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm. Even I can’t defeat him easily, not to mention that failure, Su Mo!”

Su Yu pursed his lips and said with certainty, “For some reason, Su Mo’s strength has greatly improved recently, but at most, he’s at the Lv 4. He’ll be killed by Wei Liang with one move…”

Before Su Yu could finish speaking, his face froze.

Su Mo had completely released his breath at the Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“Even if he’s at the Lv 5, he’ll still be defeated eventually.” Su Yu scoffed with an unpleasant look on his face.

As the top genius in the Sus, he had just reached the Lv 6 with the help of plenty of resources from the family.

How did Su Mo with his rubbish Martial Soul reach the Lv 5 so unexpectedly?

How did he cultivate this?

Su Yu could not understand this.

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