Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2133 - All Gone

Chapter 2133: All Gone

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The next day, in the morning.

A beam of light rose from Star Guzhou and instantly reached the starry sky.

The beam of light suddenly stopped and turned into a young man in green.

The young man was none other than Su Mo.

Su Mo stood high up in the starry sky, looking down on Firmament Palace as he saw many familiar figures.

Although those tribesmen, kith and kin did not see him off, they stood high up on the mountain peaks of Firmament Palace and watched him leave.

Su Mo scanned the crowd and saw a familiar figure before his gaze finally landed on Mu Li.

Mu Li’s appearance had changed. Her previous teenage appearance had turned into a white palace dress, making her look to be of high status, noble and elegant.

This was the dressing of a lady, and it indicated that the teenage girl had become a woman.

Everyone looked up at the sky where there were countless disciples, yet it was silent.

“Goodbye, everyone!”

Su Mo whispered and once again surveyed the crowd. He immediately turned and walked away.

Firmament Palace was silent for a long while as they watched this scene.

Everyone was going through different emotions. Some could not bear to see Su Mo leave, some were bestowing their blessings, some were hopeful while some were nostalgic.

After Su Mo left Star Guzhou, he hurriedly went back to Dark Region. He did not go past Myriad World Mountain but travelled on his own route.

On the way, Su Mo transmitted a message to Si Kongyan and the latter would soon reply him.


Li Zun had indeed returned to Sky Tyrant Tribe. However, the entire Sky Tyrant clan was like a copper wall. It was difficult for Si Kongyan to obtain any information.

Su Mo let Si Kongyan continue monitor the Sky Tyrant Clan as he rushed to Dark Region extremely carefully.

Time flew by and Su Mo went on his way with his Imperial Sword, cultivating as he rushed.

His cultivation had reached King Sage level and the speed was extremely slow. Even if the Chaotic Power in his body was consolidated, it still felt as if it was ten times slower.

Time was like sand, slipping through one’s fingertips unknowingly.

After a while, Su Mo came to Dark Region and gradually approached Sky Tyrant Star.

In the starry sky, Su Mo stopped and went towards a small star.

Through his spiritual imprint he could accurately sense Si Kongyan’s location.

Not long after, Su Mo saw Si Kongyan in a vast valley above the small star.

“Su Mo!”

Realising that Su Mo had arrived, Si Kongyan immediately came before Su Mo.

“Any movement from Sky Tyrant Tribe?” Su Mo asked in a deep voice as he looked at Si Kongyan.

“Nope, it is extremely peaceful!” Si Kongyan nodded.

“What about Li Shi from Sky Tyrant Clan? Is there any news of him?” Su Mo asked once again. There was nothing to fear about Li Zun. Li Shi was the only hidden danger.

“I’m not sure about Li Shi, some say that he has already brought Gongcheng Tai Hao to God’s Path. There are also some who say that he has always been sitting in the Sky Tyrant Clan. I do not know the specific details!” Si Kongyan shook his head.

“Brought Gongcheng Tai Hao onto God’s Path?” Su Mo immediately frowned when he heard this. He had come to Dark Region not just to eliminate the hidden danger of Sky Tyrant clan but also to integrate Gongcheng Tai Hao at the same time.

If Gongcheng Tai Hao had gone to God’s Path with Li Shi, he would not be able to attain this goal.

However, this matter had its pros and cons. If Li Shi was gone, there would be no need to worry about Sky Tyrant Clan.

Although Li Zun was powerful, he was unable to accumulate all power needed to attack Firmament Palace.

As such, with Li Shi gone, Firmament Palace had nothing to fear.

However, he still had to test if Li Shi was gone or not.

“Si Kongyan, I will give you another kind of Fighting Soul. Go to Star Guzhou after that!”

Su Mo looked at Si Kongyan and spoke in a low voice after a while.

“Su Mo, do you not need my help here?” Si Kongyan asked curiously. Although he wanted to integrate another Fighting Soul, he was not as excited as he was before.

“It is enough for me to be here. With regards to this, I will go directly to God’s Path and will not return to Infinite Region!” Su Mo sighed.

“Ah! Not going back?” Si Kongyan was immediately stumped to hear this. He was speechless, he did not expect Su Mo to be in such a hurry to leave.

“Yes, I have already made arrangements at Firmament Palace!” Su Mo nodded.

“Alright!” Si Kongyan sighed helplessly.

“Go to the Spacial Device!” Su Mo said in a low voice. After speaking, he directly pulled Si Kongyan into his Bangle Space.

At that time, Si Kongyan had Quadruplet Fighting Souls. Although blending a fifth one would be difficult, there was no surprise about it.

After a few hours, Si Kongyan successfully blended the fifth Fighting Soul and bade farewell to Su Mo.

“Su Mo, wait for me at God’s Path, I will find you soon!”

Si Kongyan said confidently as he left. With another Fighting Soul, his confidence had been boosted.

“I will wait for you!” Su Mo smiled faintly. Immediately after, he left the mountain valley and went to Shang Qing Palace.

He wanted to see if Ling Shang was still around before going to Sky Tyrant Clan.

Su Mo was extremely fast. After three days, he came to Tai Qing Galaxy and entered Star Qingzu.

Su Mo descended upon Shang Qing Palace as the aura of his body exuded, reaching far and wide.

This was bad as the entire Shang Qing Palace was alarmed.

Swoop swoop swoop!!

In an instant, figures rose up to the sky as all the Elites of Shang Qing Palace flew out of it.

Su Mo looked around and saw Palace Master Yue Hai, Luo Rong, Qu Ya and the others from Shang Qing Palace.

However, he did not see Ling Shang.

“Su Mo!”

“It’s Su Mo!”

The faces of all those who saw Su Mo instantly changed as curiosity rose in their hearts.

“Su Mo, is anything the matter?” Yue Hai’s face remained unchanged as he asked in a low voice. He was not too worried. After all, his Shang Qing Palace had no enmity with Su Mo but in fact, was indebted to the latter.

“Is Ling Shang around?” Su Mo cupped his fists towards Yue Hai as he asked.

“She had already left!” Yue Hai shook his head.

“Left? Has she gone to God’s Path?” Su Mo asked in a deep voice. He was not too surprised as he had expected this.

“That’s right!” Yue Hai nodded.

“Ling Shang has left, are you not worried that Sky Tyrant Clan will attack you?” Su Mo asked curiously. Previously, Sky Tyrant Clan and Shang Qing Palace had a brawl, yet Ling Shang had taken her leave so frankly.

“We have already resolved our grudges. Li Shi has also gone on God’s Path!” Yue Hai explained.

“I see!” Realisation hit Su Mo. No wonder Ling Shang had dared to leave. However, it seemed that Li Shi had really left. In that case, it meant that Gongcheng Tai Hao definitely left as well.

“Goodbye Palace Master Yue!”

Su Mo did not stay any longer as he slightly cupped his fists towards Yue Hai and tore across the sky. Since everything was clear, he could go to God’s Path with peace of mind.

Seeing Su Mo leaving, Yue Hai and the group of Elites of Shang Qing Palace were silent. However, they were secretly shocked in their hearts.

Today, Su Mo had actually completely reached Martial Sage Realm. He was much stronger than Gongcheng Tai Hao compared to when they had fought before.

They reckoned that Su Mo’s combat power today was already close to that of a Rank 3 Empty God Realm Power. How terrifying was that?

If Su Mo went to God’s Path, they reckoned that there would be a huge scene there.

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