Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2113 - Evacuate

Chapter 2113: Evacuate


Demon God Jiu Yang’s eyes were red with anger. Among those people who had been killed, 90 percent were from True Demon Tribe.

Other than the few Empty Gods, there were no Martial Sages in the other two tribes.

“I shall kill you this day!” Demon God Jiu Yang shouted angrily. In a flash, he dashed toward Su Mo.

At the same time, he brandished his Demon Saber. In a short while, he had thrown out 100 blows.

The sharp Black Saber Qi carried with it destructive aura, and it moved toward Su Mo like a windstorm to attack him.

“I will refine you into a dead spirit!” Gu Ling said in his hoarse voice as he flew toward Su Mo.

He extended his hand and the Bone Spear flew out. It followed behind Demon God Jiu Yang’s Saber Qi and stabbed toward Su Mo.

The Bone Spear was like lightning and it possessed horrifying aura and radiance that could pierce anything.

Li Zun struck as well. His purpose was to kill Su Mo and he was not concerned about other matters.

However, someone was eyeing on him.

“Clan Leader Li Zun, I shall take you on!”

Long Cang shouted. He threw out a punch, and the fist might was like a Light pillar, piercing the starry sky to attack Li Zun.

The punch was overbearing. There were nine dragon shadows circling around the fist might.

The Dragon’s Might surged around and the vital energy was vast like the ocean. The power of the punch was mighty and it was apparent that the power was mightier than that of Demon God Jiu Yang and Gu Ling.


When Li Zun saw that Long Cang had thrown out a blow, he threw out a punch immediately to counter the attack. He knew that Long Cang was powerful and he dared not take him lightly.

As the Tribe Leader of the Dragon Tribe, Long Cang’s strength was comparable to his.

As Li Zun was in Infinite Region, he was unable to display his full power, so he had to be cautious.


There was an explosion when the two fist rays hit each other and they caused a large area in the starry sky to collapse.


As Li Zun moved back hastily, Long Cang moved toward him. Soon, the two of them got into a fight.

The starry sky was in chaos. Other than the few Empty Gods, the rest of the top powers were trying to move away from Su Mo.

The top powers were frightened by the horrifying devouring power. They had to move away from Su Mo in order to be safe.

The top powers from the Dragon Tribe, Li Feng, Jiang Fengran, and the rest charged toward the top powers from the three tribes and a chaotic battle took place.

At the other end, Su Mo remained fearless in the face of the attacks from Demon God Jiu Yang and Gu Ling. Instead of retreating, he took them head-on and attacked them.

Su Mo’s body was like an arrow and he moved toward the thousands of Saber Qi, brandishing his two swords.

The Sword Qi was powerful. It created a mighty windstorm and it was oppressive.


Loud explosions filled the sky. The thousands of Saber Qi formed a destructive windstorm and hit the windstorm that had been formed by the chaotic Sword Qi. They continued to hit each other and explode.

Su Mo was unable to suppress the Rank 3 Empty Gods and his combat strength was only slightly more powerful than theirs.

However, he had a strong defense force, thus he was not afraid of being besieged.

All the Rank 3 Empty Gods used to be gifted geniuses before they reached their current level.

At that realm, they basically lost the strength to fight beyond their rank.

Long Cang was one of the best Rank 3 Empty Gods.

However, he did not have the ability to kill the other Rank 3 Empty Gods as he was only slightly more powerful than them.


The destructive windstorm continued to swirl out to all corners.


A ray of white light shot out from among the windstorm, targeting Su Mo’s head.

That was Gu Ling’s Bone Spear. It was sharp and mighty and as it was an actual Bone Spear and not formed by the Dark Force, it was not destroyed by the windstorm. In an instant, the mighty force was before Su Mo.


Su Mo remained calm and he crossed his swords together to fend off the blow.


There was an explosion when the Bone Spear hit the swords. The force was so great that it caused Su Mo’s body to shake.


Su Mo had been thrown back again. However, he remained unscathed.

As he had reached the King Sage Realm, he had the ability to protect himself.

If he was dealing with one Empty God, he even had confidence in defeating him.

“If you wish to kill, come with me!”

Su Mo flew back and went deep into the starry sky at lightning speed.

He wanted to get out of the place, not because he wanted to escape, but because he wanted to shift the fight to another location.

He did not want the Dragon Tribe to suffer casualties because of him.

Moreover, Jiang Fengran, Qing Ya, Cai Yun, and the rest were not as powerful and they could easily get themselves killed in the battle.

After all, he did not have the extra energy to take care of them once he was besieged.

“Where are you running to!?”

“Go after him!”

Demon God Jiu Yang and Gu Ling immediately pursued Su Mo when they saw that he was trying to escape.

“Everyone, evacuate!”

Before Demon God Jiu Yang left, he commanded his tribe members to leave with him.

After all, they were there to kill Su Mo and not to fight the Dragon Tribe.

Since Su Mo had escaped, it made no sense for them to continue fighting the Dragon Tribe.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, the top powers from True Demon Tribe flew off with Demon God Jiu Yang.

Not only the top powers from True Demon Tribe, but the top powers from the Sorcerer Tribe had retreated as well, and had gone after Gu Ling.

“Long Cang, I shall settle the score with you another day!”

Li Zun was fuming with anger and he threw a punch at Long Cang before leaving.

Just before he left, he glanced at Li Feng, who was afar off, and looked gloomy.

The Empty Gods who were with Li Zun dared not stay on and they flew away in a hurry.

In the twinkle of an eye, all the top powers from the three tribes dashed off, leaving a large number of dead bodies behind.

The martial artists who were watching the fight were shocked to see that Su Mo had escaped and the men from True Demon Tribe and the Sorcerer Tribe had gone after him.

Long Cang looked cold. The top powers from Dragon Tribe heaved a sigh of relief as what Su Mo had done had saved them from getting into the battle.

Jiang Fengran, Long Teng, Qing Ya, and the rest looked grave. They were worried for Su Mo.

However, they were unable to help him, given their strength.


Without hesitation, Li Feng went after Su Mo in a flash.

An Shang and An Jian, who had been hiding, went after Su Mo as well. Within a short period of time, the two of them had killed nine people.

“Let’s join them!”

Long Teng shouted out to Jiang Fengran and the rest and went after the people in a hurry.

Jiang Fengran, Zhan Luan, Wenren Tiandu, Cai Yun, Qing Ya, and Xiao Xiao followed Long Teng immediately.

“Long Teng!” When Long Cang saw that Long Teng had flown off, he called out to him. However, Long Teng ignored him.

Long Cang’s face turned pale. The Dragon Tribe could wash their hands of the matter but Long Teng had put his life in danger by following Su Mo.

Long Cang was furious. He knew that Long Teng was on good terms with Su Mo, but it was foolish of him to disregard his own safety.

“You shall stay here to guard Archosaur Star!”

After pondering for a while, Long Cang waved his sleeve and told his tribe members. He then went alone to catch up with the people.

He did not have to bring anyone with him as he was there solely to protect Long Teng.

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