Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2000 - : Chasing Saint Elder Jia Shen

Chapter 2000: Chasing Saint Elder Jia Shen

The sky of Heavenly Sorcerer Star was stained with blood.

Long Teng and the rest held no mercy against the escaping Sorcerer Tribesmen.

Blood rained down from the sky, so much so that it formed a rushing river on the ground below. Corpses and bones piled up into a mountain.

The group chased the Sorcerer Tribesmen for a few hundred meters, killing more than a million of them before they finally stopped the murders.

Every Sorcerer Tribesmen that had fallen behind were killed by them and the remaining tribesmen had dispersed in all directions in the starry sky, there was no way to kill the rest.

“Long Teng, are we going to continue chasing after them?” Si Kongyan’s killing intent remained thick. It had been many years since he could kill at his leisure.

Back in Firmament World, he had to hold back his breath of anger towards the Sorcerer Tribe.

Twenty years had passed and the grudge in his heart could finally be released: the hatred and anger he felt towards the Sorcerer Tribe.

“Forget it, they have all dispersed. It is hard to chase after them already!”

A sigh escaped the Five Claw Golden Dragon’s mouth before he turned towards the Heavenly Sorcerer Star and said, “Let’s take our spoils and wipe out all the resources on Heavenly Sorcerer Star before we destroy it!”

“Mm!” Si Kongyan and the others nodded their heads.

With that, the six returned to Heavenly Sorcerer Star and retrieved their spoils and resources.

Heavenly Sorcerer Star was big and it had a wealth of resources. Although a large number of them were taken away by the Sorcerer Tribesmen, there was still an unimaginable amount of resources left.

Only after three days did the six people wipe the Heavenly Sorcerer Star clean and obtain a treasure trove of wealth and resources.

After that, explosions echoed out through the starry sky as the Heavenly Sorcerer Star was destroyed by the six.

Under the relentless attacks of the six people, the massive star slowly started to crumble apart into a mass of wreckage that floated through the starry sky.

With that, the ancient Sorcerer Tribe that had existed in Ancientspirit Galaxy for a long time was finally destroyed.

Granted, only the surface of the Sorcerer Tribe was destroyed, so it did not mean that the Sorcerer Tribe had perished.

After all, a large number of Sorcerer Tribe experts and tribesmen had escaped.

With the Sorcerer Tribe’s strength and connections, they could easily rise again.

“Head back to Firmament Sect!”

With that, Long Teng led the group back towards Star Guzhou.

They did not wait for Su Mo because they knew that Su Mo would return to Firmament Sect once he was done with his matter.

In the boundless starry sky, Su Mo chased after Saint Elder Jia Shen. They were already very far away from the Heavenly Sorcerer Star.

“Ming Xu Galaxy!” Su Mo’s face darkened. The direction that the elder was escaping was towards Ming Xu Galaxy.

Su Mo naturally understood why the elder was heading towards Ming Xu Galaxy. The Tribe Leader, Wu Sheng of the Sorcerer Tribe was there.

Furthermore, there was the Sun Moon Tribe, Su Mo’s enemy in Ming Xu Galaxy.

As such, Elder Jia Shen could be guaranteed to be safe once he reached Ming Xu Galaxy.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

Su Mo gave a mental thought and immediately a few hundred Natal Spiritual Swords shot out. Although the Natal Spiritual Swords were insignificant to his current strength, their speeds were fast and they could influence Saint Elder Jia Shen.

The hundred Natal Spiritual Swords were like streaks of lightning that ruptured the sky and tore through empty space as they sped towards Saint Elder Jia Shen.


However, Saint Elder Jia Shen was on guard and he immediately dodged the attacks of the Natal Spiritual Swords.

Yet, as soon as he dodged the Natal Spiritual Swords, another few hundred Natal Spiritual Swords shot out at him.

The few hundred Natal Spiritual Swords were like a sky full of Sword rain that blocked off the starry space, leaving no room for Saint Elder Jia Shen to breathe.

“Get lost!”

Elder Jia Shen roared out in rage as he flipped over his palm. Instantly, a mountain-sized palm print heavily struck against the Natal Spiritual Swords.

Boom boom boom!!

As the palm print exploded, the few hundred Natal Spiritual Swords were forced away from the impact.

“Young brat, you will not be able to kill me!” Saint Elder Jia Shen roared out loud, his speed not stopping as he sped off in the starry sky.

“I said that you won’t be able to escape!” Su Mo’s face darkened. Even if he had to travel through the whole of Infinite Region, he had to kill the elder.

“If you chase me, you will definitely die once we reach Ming Xu Galaxy!” Saint Elder Jia Shen coldly scoffed. He knew that Su Mo would not dare to head towards Ming Xu Galaxy and hence he boldly said.

“Let’s talk again if you can reach Ming Xu Galaxy!” Su Mo laughed. With that, he raised the large sword in his hand.

Saint Elder Jia Shen immediately stood on guard as he saw Su Mo’s actions.

From the battle before, he knew that he was no match for Su Mo.

As such, he had to be fully aware against Su Mo’s attack.

Killing intent surged in Su Mo’s heart as Chaotic Energy rolled off the large sword. He had to heavily injure Saint Elder Jia Shen with this strike.

If that wasn’t possible, he had to injure the elder. Once the elder was injured, he could use the devouring power.

The devouring power was too weak against an Empty God and it would not have any significant influence.

Chaotic Energy surged up the sword as Blood Force activated and an invincible Sword Force rose form the Sword Fighting Souls.


Su Mo roared as he struck down with the sword. His arm drew an arc across the sky as the sword was brought down for Saint Elder Jia Shen.

In an instant, a mess of Sword Qi flooded the sky like a torrential downpour headed for the elder.

Every Sword Qi was terrifying, stretching more than a kilometer long with incredible Sword Force.

As the Sword Qi split the starry sky, the area ten kilometers away from the two roared under the pressure as destructive aura rolled out in all directions.

“What?” Saint Elder Jia Shen’s face instantly fell. He could not avoid the sky full of Sword Qi and could only face them head on.


Saint Elder Jia Shen immediately turned around and retreated backward. As he retreated backward, he attacked the sky full of Sword Qi in front of him.

Grasping two hands together, Dark Force gathered in them. Evil Spirits growled ominously as a large palm print formed.

The palm print was immensely strong. Not only did it have horrifying force, a large number of Evil Spirits were channeled into it.

“Death of Heavens Evil Spirit Palm!”

Saint Elder Jia Shen shouted, pushing his hands forward. The large print instantly flew out towards the Sword Qi.

In the blink of an eye, the Sword Qi and palm print struck against each other.

Booom boom boom!

Yet, after the string of explosions, the palm print crumbled apart by the tornado like Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi appeared to be a death god, sweeping everything in its way as it closed down on Saint Elder Jia Shen.

“Shit!” The elder jumped in fright. The Death of Heavens Evil Spirit Palm was his strongest move but it appeared to be powerless in front of Su Mo.

Su Mo’s strength really scared him.

With the sky full of Sword Qi about to strike him, the Honorable Soul Banner appeared in the elder’s hands and started to swing around quickly.

Whew whew!

The Honorable Soul Banner whipped up strong wings and in an instant, cold winds blew through the sky as dark aura rolled out and piercing roars rang through the air as though 10,000 beasts were roaring.

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