Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1878 - One Acts Recklessly and Blindly

Chapter 1878: One Acts Recklessly and Blindly

Su Mo did not know that his reputation had spread to Ah Mi Galaxy. He followed the tall, skinny man and arrived at a courtyard after a short while.

“Son Shangguan, this is your room. There is a map of the array in the room. Just put in Spiritual Crystals and it will stimulate the array!” The tall, skinny man said to Su Mo.

“OK! Thank you!” Su Mo nodded.

“Also, you can claim a jug of Three Lady Wine every day from the shopkeeper. It is good stuff, don’t miss out on it!”

The tall, skinny man reminded Su Mo. After speaking, he flipped his palms and an ancient green wine jug appeared in his hands. “This is your Three Lady Wine today. In future, you will have to claim it yourself every day!”

“Thank you!” Su Mo took the Three Lady Wine and thanked the man once again.

Afterwards, the tall, skinny man cupped his fists and was prepared to leave.

“Brother, please wait!” Su Mo said hurriedly.

“Is there anything else, Son?”

“I want to ask, what is Ancient Dream Period?” Su Mo asked in a deep voice. He had previously heard Gao Haroran asking Ye San Niang about it, and as such he asked about it too.

“Ancient Dream Period is a safe period of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. There are still about four more months till then. The specific date is still unknown!” said the tall, skinny man.

“Safe period?” Su Mo’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. There was actually such a good deal. Did it mean that there would be no danger then?

“Son, the danger has just reduced relatively, however, it is still extremely dangerous!” The tall, skinny man reminded Su Mo as he noticed his demeanour.

“I see.”

Su Mo suddenly understood as he continued, “Brother, could you give me a detailed explanation of the situation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land?”

He needed to understand the overall situation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land before he could go in. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous.

“Son, there are still four more months till Ancient Dream Period. You just need to wait patiently now. Before that Period, the Three Ladies will introduce the situation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land to all the guests!” the tall, skinny man said with a smile. He did not agree to Su Mo’s request.

Truth be told, he had seen that Su Mo’s cultivation was only of Level 8 Martial Honoured Realm and was trying to advise Su Mo not to go to Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. However, he did not explicitly say it.

After all, he had no time to care about people who were irrelevant.

“OK!” Su Mo nodded.

Subsequently, the tall, skinny man left the courtyard and Su Mo began to look at this so-called Heaven room.

The room was ordinary, made up of wood. The courtyard took up an area of twenty feet and there was only one wooden house in the courtyard. It took up about five to six feet.

It could be said that this so-called Heaven room completely did not have any aura that it should have. Of course, Su Mo did not care about that.

As Su Mo walked into the room, he noticed that there was indeed an array blueprint on the floor of the room. The drawings were somewhat complicated and took up the entire floor, extending towards Su Mo and onto the wall.

Other than that, the room was completely empty.

There were card slots on the array blueprint to place Spiritual Crystals and Su Mo put in a few pieces.

Buzz buzz~~

In an instant, the light of the array blueprint spun and a huge Air Shield Array rose up from the outside of the courtyard.

The Air Shield Array was milky white, isolating the outside world and turned the courtyard into an independent Empty Space.

“Spiritual Qi has become richer!”

Su Mo was somewhat surprised that this array was no ordinary array. There was actually spiritual use. No wonder it was so expensive.

Immediately after, he sat down in his room and opened the wine jar in his hands. A rich fragrance instantly floated out.

This scent was extremely strong, like a ripened fruit, and it was extremely divine.

“Good wine!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up. He had never seen such fine wine.

After that, he took a sip and the strong wine flowed through his abdomen like fire as the majestic Spiritual Qi immediately circulated throughout his body.

Su Mo nodded secretly. It was only a small mouthful of Three Lady wine and it was almost equivalent to swallowing thousands of Upper Spiritual Crystals.

A jar of this wine could be claimed every day. If one were to calculate based on this, 5 million Upper Spiritual Crystals would not have gone to waste.

Moreover, in the next time, he had to cultivate a few martial skills to upgrade to the second level and this would require a lot of Spiritual Qi. Fine wine would be his resource.

After a while, Su Mo closed his eyes and started to cultivate the Metal-based Split Heavens Sacred Skill.

When the Fire-based Cangyun Sacred Sect Fire Skill was transported to Ah Mi Galaxy, he had already cultivated to the second level and Wood Based Blue Skies Sacred Skill was also flying on the way to Xu Mi Galaxy and was also cultivated to the second level.

Moreover, Split Heavens Sacred Skill was already reaching the second level. According to Su Mo’s calculations, it would take another half a month or so to reach the second level.

In that way, before the Dream Period arrived, the other Water-based and Earth-based Cultivation Skills would have almost reached the second level of the Realm.

Soon, Su Mo’s golden light disappeared and a supreme metallic light pervaded.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, the second day arrived. Su Mo finished cultivation and walked into the palace at the centre of the inn.

In a day’s time, the jar of Three Lady wine had already been used up by him and he was going to get more.

After arriving at the palace, Su Mo saw Ye San Niang again and successfully claimed his Three Lady Wine.

However, to avoid frequent round trips, he proposed to take away some other days’ wine as well.

With regards to that, Ye San Niang rejected his request and stated that he could only receive it in advance if he paid more Spiritual Crystals.

Helpless, Su Mo had no choice but to pay 500,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals before getting a month’s worth of wine.

“It’s routine!”

On the way back to the courtyard, Su Mo secretly shook his head. It was troublesome to only be able to claim one jar a day.

After all, all those warriors who lived here were high-level warriors. Once they locked themselves up, it would last for a few months. Who would go out every day?

As such, this rule was obviously extortion for others to pay up more Spiritual Crystals.

After returning to the room in the courtyard, Su Mo continued to cultivate.

After ten days, the Split Heavens Sacred Skill reached level two of the realm as he wished and he started to cultivate the Water-based Holy Water Sacred Art.

Time flew by as the cultivation process whizzed by. A month soon passed.

Su Mo left the courtyard once again and went to take another month’s worth of Three Lady Wine and continued to cultivate.

Just like that, time passed by quickly and another three months went by. In total, he claimed the Three Lady Wine three times.

On this day, he was cultivating and there was a knock on the door at the courtyard.

Su Mo finished cultivating and opened the door of the courtyard. A young lady stood outside. It was one of the ladies beside Ye San Niang at the counter previously.

“Tomorrow morning, the Three Ladies will be on the second level of the palace to explain the situation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land to all the guests!” the young lady said in a deep voice to Su Mo.

“OK, I’ll be there tomorrow!” Su Mo modded.

Afterwards, the young lady said no more and immediately left the courtyard, walking towards the central palace.

After three months of cultivation, the four based cultivation skills – Metal, Wood, Water and Fire, had already reached Level 2 of the Realm. Earth-based Cultivation Skill was still slightly behind.

However, there was still more than a month from Ancient Dream Period. He had sufficient time as he only needed half a month to cultivate Earth-based Cultivation Skill to the second level of the realm.

Not long after, Su Mo came to the palace once again. However, this time Ye San Niang was not at the counter. Only the two other young ladies were there.

There was a staircase that led to the second floor of the palace. Two subordinates were standing at the staircase. Seeing that Su Mo had come, they immediately guided him, “Son, head to the second floor!”

Su Mo nodded as he headed straight to the second floor.

The second floor was an open space. It was very spacious, lined with seats wrapped in animal skins. There were more than a hundred seats.

As it was rather early, there were not many guests there yet. There were only eight people there. Seven of them were young warriors and the other was a middle-aged warrior.

However, all of them were of Martial Sage Realm Cultivation. Six of them were of the beginner stages of Martial Sage Realm, while the other two were Intermediate.

Su Mo scanned the people and then found a seat to sit down.

The few Martial Sages looked at Su Mo, noticed that he was of Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation and then paid no attention to him.

Su Mo waited quietly and people streamed in from time to time. More and more people gathered there and soon there were more than 30 people, with more streaming in endlessly.

“Brother Zhang, we have not seen each other for over ten years. I trust you have been well since we parted!”

“Ha ha, I did not expect you to come too!”

“Yes, Ancient Dream Period only comes once every 50 years. I cannot miss it!”

There were elites who were familiar with each other as they sat and chatted together, reminiscing the past.

“All are Martial Sages!” Su Mo looked at everyone as he sighed inwards. Other than him, everyone else there was a Martial Sage Realm warrior.

Step! Step! Step!

At that time, footsteps on the stairs resounded and two young figures strode up.

“Hmmm?” Su Mo turned around and was instantly stumped. Among the two, another of them was Gao Haoran and the other was actually Fang Yunsheng.

Su Mo knew that Gao Haoran was there. He did not expect Fan Yunsheng to actually come as well and the two of them actually walked so closely.

Afterwards, Su Mo looked around. If there was a chance, he did not mind dealing with Fan Yunsheng. However, at that moment it was not the right time for him to attack.

He could not reveal his identity. After all, not only was he the mortal enemy of the Sorcerer Tribe, he reckoned that the True Demon Tribe would not let him off either.

“Brother Gao, there is actually a Martial Honoured Realm warrior here!” Fan Yunsheng strode over as he scanned the entire place and spoke coldly to Gao Haoran after spotting Su Mo.

“He does not know what’s good for him!”

Gao Haoran shook his head casually. It was basically courting one’s death to enter Ancient Dream Forbidden Land without having Martial Sage Realm Cultivation.

Afterwards, Gao Haoran and Fan Yunsheng both walked in front and found two seats side-by-side and sat down.

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