Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1873 - A Familiar Mountain

Chapter 1873: A Familiar Mountain

Kaboom boom boom!

A terrifying explosion erupted, sending balls of yellow flames into the dark and starry space as a mushroom cloud of smoke formed. A series of flashes broke out as great rags of fire soared out to create blast waves that sent people off their feet.

Empty space crumbled apart as the blast waves from the explosion wiped out everything a few thousand kilometers from the eruption.

The self destruction of a Middle Realm Martial Sage could be compared to the attack strength of an End Realm Martial Sage.

However, as the sweeping blast waves rolled out in a dramatic motion through the sky, a Seven-colored Pagoda swayed like a leaf in a huge storm, unharmed by the action around it.

As an Upper Sacred Class Weapon, even a King Sage martial artist would not be able to destroy it, not to mention a Middle Realm Martial Sage.

“It has finally ended!”

Su Mo heaved a huge sigh of relief in the pagoda. No one could have survived such self-destruction.

Thankfully, his reaction was fast and he just managed to hide in the pagoda. However, he had not managed to retrieve all his Natal Spiritual Swords and about 100 of them were destroyed in the blast wave. Su Mo’s heart ached with pain although the loss was not much of a deal for him.

The Grand Priest was even harder to kill than Mo Xiao.

Su Mo sighed deeply in his heart as he realized he couldn’t estimate the older generation of martial artists. While his talent and strength were invincible in those in the same realm as him, he could not look down on the experience and battling history of an older martial artist.


Right at that moment, Su Mo felt a strange hint of suspicion sweep over him. A small ray of black light that was the size of a fly sped out of the blast waves.

The black light was flooded in the sea of blast waves and it was thrown all around the space like it was a leaf in a raging sea.

If not for Su Mo’s spiritual consciousness being so strong, he would not have realized the small black dot.

“Could it be?” A flash of light crossed Su Mo’s eyes and he immediately controlled the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda to head towards the black dot.

Boom boom boom!!

Under the massive blast waves, the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda struggled to make its way through. It quickly sped through a few dozen kilometers to catch up to the black dot in a single breath. With that, dazzling light emerged from the pagoda to surround the black dot.

Sizzle sizzle~~

With the glaze light shining on it, the black dot instantly revealed its true face before it slowly disintegrated.

The black dot was actually a small, black needle, a high grade weapon that was as small as a strand of hair.

A few moments later, the black needle quickly diminished under the light, turning into dust.

“Su Mo, you must die…!”

Right at the last second, the loud roar of the Grand Priest’s emerged through the black needle, reverberating through the starry space.

“As I expected!” Su Mo’s eyes narrowed into a thin line. The Grand Priest had not perished in the explosion and his Fighting Soul had been hidden in the black needle, finding an opportunity to escape with the mass of blast waves around him.

“The schemes of elders!”

Su Mo sighed heavily as he couldn’t help admiring the Grand Priest in his heart. Had he not been extra cautious, or had a strong spiritual consciousness, the Grand Priest might have escaped under his own two eyes.

He couldn’t confirm that the Grand Priest had died in the explosions and hence he raised his guard to allow the pagoda to destroy the black colored needle. Luckily, his guess was correct.

A few moments later, after the invincible blast waves dispersed through the starry space, Su Mo walked out of the pagoda.

“It is time for me to leave!” With a silent sight, Su Mo kept the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and his body flashed as he flew into the distance.

After Su Mo left, a few black figures emerged closer to the explosion, it was Fei Tianyu and a few Martial Sages on Green Jade Star.

“Grand Priest Wu Lun has died!”

“Wu Lun, with his superior strength, had not managed to escape!”

“What a pity!”

“This battle will raise Su Mo’s name again!”

Many sighs echoed through the crowd as the onlookers muttered among themselves while looking after Su Mo’s leaving figure. Silence would fill the scene for a long time.

They could guess that in the future, Su Mo’s name would shake the universe.

Fei Tianyu’s face maintained a calm expression but his heart told a different story. Only after a long while, he left by himself.

In the subsequent period of time, the news of the Grand Priest and the Fourth Priest being killed by Su Mo spread through the Ancientspirit Galaxy and reached the ears of the Sorcerer Tribe.

The rage filled Sorcerer Tribe grew angrier and angrier each day as they could not find Su Mo at all. To relieve their anger and reinforce their reputation and power, they destroyed a few enemy tribes.

Ancientspirit Galaxy was shaken by Su Mo, most significantly because he killed the Grand Priest with only a Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm.

Once again, Su Mo became the talk of the galaxy. The battle between him and the Grand Priest had been a miracle.

Although Su Mo had left, his name and reputation of being a creator of miracles would last for a long time in the galaxy.

News of the battle had also reached the Imperial Ancestor Court, and once the King heard the news, he sat down alone on his chair, silently pondering to himself. Su Mo could not be offended!

In the empty space, Su Mo sat down cross-legged, an array covering himself as he headed towards Myriad World Mountain.

He would go through the wormhole in Myriad World Mountain to head towards Ah Mi Galaxy, saving himself a lot of time.

He could not delay the matter anymore as Qingxuan wasn’t safe in Sun Moon Tribe. Fan Yunsheng was eyeing her and there was the mysterious Grand Elder Jin Yang watching over her as well.

Only if Qingxuan regained her memories would she leave with him. Otherwise, Qingxuan had too much of a sense of belonging to the Sun Moon Tribe and she would not betray them.

A few moments later, Su Mo flipped over his palm and a green ring appeared in his palm.

This ring was the Sacred Green Ring that he had obtained in the auction of the Sorcerer Tribe previously.

Su Mo had given all the other items that he had auctioned to Firmament Palace. Before he left, he had personally handed over the items to Emperor Shi.

However, he did not stay in Firmament Palace for long as he left the place shortly after he arrived.

On the other hand, he kept the Sacred Green Ring for himself. Besides, there were other spacial devices in Firmament Palace and they temporarily didn’t need the ring.

“A 800 kilometer wide Spacial Device that has Spiritual Qi 10 times denser than the outside world, not bad!”

After carefully surveying the Sacred Green Ring in his hand, Su Mo smiled brightly. With that, he allowed his spiritual consciousness to flow out and enter the Sacred Green Ring.

He immediately saw a large world where dense forests and huge mountains lined the scene before him. The Sacred Green Ring held a mountain range in it.

Very quickly, Su Mo spotted a tall mountain in the mountain range that was a 10,000 foot tall large mountain. Like a large giant standing on the earth, it overlooked all the mountains in the world.

“What?” Upon catching sight of the mountain, Su Mo’s heart jumped in surprise and he couldn’t help stuttering.

“This… is Wild Holy Mountain” Su Mo muttered under his breath. This large, giant mountain was precisely the mountain that Qin Busi and his brothers lived in.

His heart vibrated violently as he surveyed the mountain. The large mountain range inside the Sacred Green Ring was precisely the Wild Mountain Range in Firmament World.

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