Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1870 - King Sage Board

Chapter 1870: King Sage Board

As the Sword Qi sliced through the green palm print, sizzling sounds cackled through the air like water being poured onto lava.

Crack crack crack!

In an instant, the sound of glass breaking apart followed the crumbling of the green-flame palm print. Dark Force and flames spread apart, rolling out in all directions.


Chaotic Sword Qi was also affected by the collision. After slicing apart the palm print, its strength greatly weakened but it continued on its original path towards the Grand Priest.

“How is it so strong?”

The Grand Priest’s heart trembled coldly as he was surprised by Su Mo’s strength.

With the Sword Qi about to hit him, the Grand Priest waved the Honorable Soul Banner desperately and stopped himself as he brought the banner in front of him to block the attack.

However, right at that moment, Su Mo unleashed another attack as the Ancient Demon Eye on his forehead opened wide and blood-red light shot towards the Grand Priest’s head.

The speed of the ray of light was incredibly fast, much faster than Su Mo’s attack. In the eyes of observers, the light seemed to teleport through the space, instantly arriving right before the Grand Priest.

“Is it here?” Yet, the Grand Priest was not taken aback as his eyes flashed with brilliance. Untold years of experience battling with others had given him enough experience to know how to anticipate Su Mo’s move!


The Honorable Soul Banner in his hand did not stop moving as the Grand Priest brandished it for bright green flames to morph into a flaming, long dragon that flew forward towards the Sword Qi.

Since the two parties were relatively close together, there was no room for the Grand Priest to retreat from the attack of the Ancient Demon’s eye.

One by one, circular marks appeared in front of the Grand Priest’s forehead. This was a unique defensive ability that relied on mental energy. It could protect a user against strong mental energy attacks.


The blood-red light instantly clashed against the rings of markings in a silent crash.

Buzz buzz~~~

As though a mountain fell into the large ocean, waves upon waves of shockwaves appeared and rolled out in all directions.


The face of the Grand Priest turned as pale as a sheet as his body jerked sharply to the side and a low cough escaped his lips.

At the same time, the Chaotic Sword Qi collided against the bright-green, flaming, long dragon.


A loud explosion that blasted the protective Dark Force around the Grand Priest’s body apart consequently sent him flying uncontrollably down through the air.

However, since the Chaotic Sword Qi had gone through trial after trial of moves, its strength had greatly diminished and the force it exerted on the Grand Priest was minimal.

“How could that be?”

In rags and torn clothing, the Grand Priest raised his head towards Su Mo as his face filled with disbelief. Not only was the blow from Su Mo incredibly strong, the mental strength attack was also terrifying.

His Spiritual Soul had been injured by the blow previously and his mental strength had dipped wildly. A slight dizziness also accumulated in his head.

How could this not surprise the Grand Priest? Mental strength attacks were only effective if the attacker’s mental strength was more than the victim’s.

Otherwise, the attacker would be injured instead.

The Grand Priest had only barely managed to fend off Su Mo’s mental strength attack. As such, it was evident that Su Mo’s mental strength was on par with his.

How could a Rank 8 Martial Honorable have the mental strength and power to compare with a Middle Realm Martial Sage?

At the same time as the Grand Priest was forced backward, the spectators in the distance were petrified in surprise.

Everyone stared blankly in front of them. It was simply a miracle that the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Su Mo would be able to defeat the Middle Realm Martial Sage Grand Priest. A miracle from the heavens and a miracle of the martial world!

This was an unheard-of event in the whole of Ancientspirit Galaxy and Su Mo created a miracle that day.

All hearts gushed with emotion as bright, blank eyes stared at Su Mo.

It had been rumored that Su Mo had exceptional godly talents and was unrivalled everywhere he went as a godly genius that appeared once in a millennia. Now that the people had seen it with their own two eyes, not only did the find the rumors to be true, it appeared that the rumors downplayed Su Mo’s talents. How could a godly genius be described? It was a miracle.

“Incredible!” A complicated look crossed through Fei Tianyu’s eyes, he could only bow down in front of Su Mo.

When he was known as one of the 5 godly talents under 100 years old in Ancientspirit Galaxy, confidence filled his heart. However, this confidence and arrogance disappeared with Su Mo’s appearance.

With comparison, there would be disappointment. Without comparing to Su Mo in the past, he had thought that his own talents were enough for him to be considered an exceptional talent.

Yet, he felt incredibly small in front of Su Mo, as though he was an ordinary genius that had no surprises.

This strengthened Fei Tianyu’s resolve to leave Ancientspirit Galaxy. He could only grow personally if he travelled the universe.


Beside him, Xuan Yuanlong also exclaimed in surprise.

Witnessing Su Mo’s strength was motivation for him. Every time he saw Su Mo fight, he felt that he was incredibly weak and hence, this spurred him to continue improving.

“With your strength, you have a hope of entering the King Sage Board once you break through to the Martial Sage Realm!” Xuan Yuanlong sighed to himself.

The King Sage Board was a specialized board that catered to famous talents in the whole universe. It recorded 100 experts in the whole galaxy who were below the Empty God Realm regardless of age and cultivation rank. Anyone who had the strength of a King Sage would have the qualifications to enter the board.

Although King Sages were rare, when considering the innumerable galaxies in the universe, they added up to more than a few tens of thousands of people!

However, the King Sage Board only recorded the top 100 experts. These men were top talents below the Empty God Realm and were the strongest King Sages in the universe.

According to rumors, the top 3 King Sages had the strength to defeat Empty Gods and were highly terrifying.

Granted, these were only rumors, although the Ancientspirit Galaxy had a few strong King Sages, none of them made it to the King Sage Board.

In Xuan Yuanlong’s opinion and from his judgement of Su Mo’s strength at only the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm, Su Mo’s strength would be unimaginable once he broke through to the Martial Sage Realm. Su Mo could highly possibly be listed in the King Sage Board.

If that was the case, Su Mo would be a legend to enter the King Sage Board as a Initial Stage Martial Sage.


A loud roar of rage filled the sky as Su Mo did not hesitate to attack the Grand Priest upon seeing the latter retreat backward.

Vast Sword Force rose from his body as Sword Radiance flashed through the sky and Sword Qi flooded the starry space. Chaotic Sword Qi enveloped the sky like a massive giant and flew toward the Grand Priest without any reservation.

Boundless energy shook the nine heavens and ten grounds as bright Sword Qi created tumultuous winds through the space as it swept the air.

Although each strike of the sword was weaker than Su Mo’s previous attack, there was a large number of them that overwhelmed any who saw it.

At the same time, Su Mo threw out his left hand, allowing the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda to spiral forward like a bolt of lightning towards the Grand Priest.

Su Mo’s figure followed closely behind the attacks as he rushed towards the Grand Priest at the speed of light.

The Grand Priest’s strength was nothing spectacular and he had 90% confidence in killing the Grand Priest with the blow. However, the Grand Priest’s cultivation rank was high and if he wanted to escape, Su Mo would be in trouble. As such, he had to kill the Grand Priest at the highest possible speed he could. There was no way the Grand Priest would escape from him.

“Imbecile!” Killing intent surged out of the Grand Priest’s heart as he saw Su Mo flying towards him. A cold, murderous glare of light crossed his eyes.

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