Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1865 - Showcase

Chapter 1865: Showcase

With that, Su Mo flipped his palm and a few storage rings appeared in his hand.

“Grand Priest may use your spiritual consciousness to check through them!” Su Mo lightly replied.

The Grand Priest remained silent as he allowed his spiritual consciousness to flow out and check through the storage rings.

Spiritual Crystals! Demonic Crystals!

He saw a mountain of Spiritual and Demonic Crystals in the storage ring. Lower, Middle and Upper Spiritual Crystals lay in the storage ring in mountains and there were even some Higher Grade Demonic Crystals.

It was a mess of Crystals inside the storage ring, so much so that the Grand Priest found it a challenge to calculate the total number of it. A rough guess put the number at 30,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals.

Although this amount of wealth was lower than what Su Mo was required to pay up for all that he had bought, it was already very shocking and it was far higher than what the average Martial Honorable could possess.

“This is just a portion of what I have. I still have a large number of valuables on me, such as this long spear!”

Su Mo lightly claimed before he flipped over his palm. A few long spears appeared in his hands. They were Mo Xiao’s weapons.

Among them was also the Black Demon Spear that Mo Xiao used, a Middle Sacred Class weapon.

In actual fact, these Spiritual Crystals and Demonic Crystals were all the wealth that he had on him as he had spent a large sum of crystals buying the 5 Middle Sacred Class skills previously.

Saint Zhen Xian had returned to him the remaining sum of crystals from the pool that Su Mo had given him after buying the 4 martial skills for him.

Furthermore, there were more than 10,000,000 Demonic Crystals in Mo Xiao’s storage ring, along with a few Higher Grade Demonic Crystals.

“Does the Grand Priest also demand that I hand over all that I have for you to check? Aren’t you just looking down on me? If that is the case, then I would rather not participate in the remaining part of the auction!” Su Mo coldly said.

“Hehe, the wealth that that young junior has on him is shocking. Since you are determined to hand over the sum at the end of the auction, we will calculate the total at the end of it!” The Grand Priest’s face slowly relaxed as a smile emerged on his face.

His foresight was incredible and he naturally could see how valuable the long spear was worth. At the very least, it was worth 10,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals.

Granted, although the Spiritual Crystals, Demonic Crystals and the weapons were worth less then what Su Mo had purchased thus far, it was enough to demonstrate his wealth.

If that was the case, the Grand Priest relaxed with a sigh of relief.

He did not ask Su Mo to reveal all his wealth and assets as no one would naturally show all their wealth to another party.

However, the Grand Priest was suspicious as he pondered over how the young man would have so many Demonic Crystals.

After all, Demonic Crystals were rare. Although the value of them was similar to Spiritual Crystals, only the Demon Kingdom Galaxy possessed them.

“Mm, total the price at the end. I will not short-change you!” Su Mo lightly acknowledged, fully confident.

“I will take my leave first!” Politeness filled the Grand Priest’s voice as he cupped his fists towards Su Mo and swiftly backed out of the room.

He was resting assured as long as the young man’s wealth was guaranteed. Furthermore, the young man’s cultivation rank was not high. With him around, the young man could not play any tricks.

Many in the crowd sucked in a cold breath in the auction grounds. The Grand Priest had gone to verify that the man in room 68 was wealthy enough. It seemed that there was nothing wrong.

The Fourth Priest nodded his head slightly on the auction stage. Since the Grand Priest had verified that nothing was wrong, the auction could continue.

“Alright, let the auction resume!” Scanning the crowd, the Fourth Priest shouted out and resumed the auction again.

Once the Grand Priest left the room, a bright flash of light crossed Su Mo’s eyes.

Since the Grand Priest had verified his wealth, Su Mo could engage in reckless bidding again.

In the next few moments, Su Mo showed to everyone in the auction what a billionaire was as he hurled out his wealth like it was dirt, not holding back anything.

“1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

“4,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

“5,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

Su Mo’s voice continuously rang through the grounds. As long as he called a bid, no one else dared to follow him.

Minute by minute, the number of items he obtained increased from 30 to 40 to 50 and then 60 items, with no signs of stopping.

The auction grounds had become a solo stage for him. Su Mo crazily bid for 70% of all the items in the auction, all of them were the more valuable items.

He couldn’t be bothered with average items and hence left them to the other bidders to compete for.

“My god, that man must be mad. We aren’t even allowed to bid with him around!”

“This is so boring, I haven’t even called out a single bid!”

“Damn it. A rare chance of an auction, but what a sickening person!”

“How much wealth does that guy have?”

Angry voices and curses rang through the auction hall. The crowd was so dispirited and enraged, they were ready to puke blood.

Some older-looking attendees had participated in many auctions but had never met such a scenario.

Eyes flashed red with anger and hearts burned with rage.

Inside the back palace, a few Sorcerer Tribesmen were engaged in an intense debate.

“Grand Priest, this man must be mad. He has bid for more than 80 items already and their total value is above 10,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!” A Sage-to-be stared with a serious face at the Grand Priest.

The Grand Priest remained silent as he thought to himself for a while before saying, “It is alright, if this man dares to short change us, I will definitely kill him, no matter which superpower he comes from!”

Resolution filled his voice. Although the man in room 68 currently owed them a large sum of Spiritual Crystals, the Grand Priest was not worried about him.

The man was a mere Martial Honorable and he would be seeking death if he played tricks with the Sorcerer Tribe.

Of course, the Grand Priest had thought about whether the man could be hiding his cultivation rank when the man was actually stronger than him.

However, that didn’t seem too possible either. If the man was stronger than the Grand Priest, he would not go through so much trouble and would have directly robbed the auction house!

The Grand Priest remained cautious, and after a long moment of silence, his eyes flashed brilliantly. In order to be safe in case the man had some special ability that allowed him to slip away, the Sorcerer Tribe had to take precautions.

“The few of you, head out of the yard and strengthen the array. Increase the powers of it to its maximum. Without my command, no one is allowed to open the array!” The Grand Priest instructed.

“Understood!” The group of Sorcerer Tribesmen nodded before they snuck out of the back palace.

The eyes of the Grand Priest shifted around and he used his spiritual consciousness to peek through room 68.

As long as the strength of the array was increased to its maximum, the Sorcerer Tribe would be prepared.

The array had defensive and capturing abilities. At its maximum strength, an average Initial Stage Martial Sage would not be able to destroy it. Even he himself would need to exert his full strength to break the array.

At that point, the auction in the grounds continued as bids sounded through the sky.

The auction was in its final stages and many others started to call bids. If they didn’t, they would not be able to obtain anything from the auction.

“5,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

Su Mo called out in a loud voice without much thinking. As always, he successfully obtained the next item.

“Forget it, I will leave the others some room!” As he sat in his room peacefully, Su Mo observed the desperate calls of bid from the participants. With a shake of his head, he decided not to call any more bids.

It was obvious that the auction had reached its final stages. If he called out further bids, others would inevitably fight intensely with him and that would jeopardize his plan.

As such, Su Mo could only wait until the final climax item was brought up to stage. After he obtained that item, it would be time to kill the Grand Priest.

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