Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1860 - Grand Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star

Chapter 1860: Grand Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star

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“Do you think that the Firmament Sect has the right to bargain with me?” The King expressionlessly asked. Him giving 5 rooms to the Firmament Sect was already an acknowledgement of Su Mo’s efforts. Otherwise, forget 5 spaces, he wouldn’t even give 1 to them.

A mocking smile spread across the First Prince and the Third Price’s face. If Su Mo was really there, perhaps he could argue with them. However, Su Mo has left Ancientspirit Galaxy a long time ago.

On the other hand, the yellow-robed middle aged man, who looked like the King, shook his head with a cold glare in his eyes.

“The Firmament Sect may not have it, but I do!” Su Mo lightly claimed as he stared back directly into the eyes of the King.

“Oh?” The wise, beaded eyes of the King’s instantly narrowed into a fine line, as did the two princes’ and the yellow-robed middle aged man’s.

The stern young man in front of them was acting very domineering, daring to argue against the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction.

“You are a mere Martial Honorable. What qualifications do you have to bargain with me?” The King asked suspiciously.

“I am here because I have a few words from Su Mo for you!” Without answering the King’s question, Su Mo continued.

“Tell me the details!” The King demanded.

“Su Mo says that he will come back to thank the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction for its graciousness towards the Firmament Sect. However, if the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction does harm to or bullies that Firmament Sect, the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction will perish by his hands!” Su Mo announced.


The moment Su Mo’s words fell, before the King answered, the yellow-robed middle aged man stood up quickly and cursed, “Isn’t Su Mo being too arrogant? Where does he get the guts from?”


Su Mo’s face hardened and the Ancient Demon’s Eye opened again. A sharp ray of light shot out of it in the blink of an eye and directly pierced the yellow-robed middle aged man’s head.

This time, he had released his mental strength to its maximum, without holding back anything. That was because the yellow-robed middle aged man was a mere Martial Sage in the Initial Stage.


The moment the ray of light hit him, the yellow-robed middle aged man groaned painfully as he took an involuntary 5 steps back and crushed the chair behind him into dust.

His face turned as pale as a sheet, as though blood had been devoured from his face.

“You…!” The yellow-robed middle aged man exclaimed in anger as he glared murderously at Su Mo. The blow had previously almost injured his Spiritual Soul.

“So strong?” The First Price Gu Cangtian and the Third Prince Gu Yuanji gaped in shock as their eyes widened in surprise.

Their Imperial Uncle was a Martial Sage expert but he was actually defeated by the stern young man in a single blow of his third eye.

This confused them highly. What eye was it that could be so terrifying?

Even the King held a shocked expression in his face. He never imagined that the mysterious young man in front of him would have the ability to defeat a Martial Sage in a second.

A dark look crossed the King’s face as he suppressed the rashness in his heart before he glared coldly at Su Mo, “Is Su Mo threatening me?”

“You can think that way if you like. Su Mo is learning the Way of the Sword from Sword Saint Tongtian now. Once his cultivation rank is high enough, he will return!” Su Mo yelled out daringly as he used the backing of Li Tongtian without hesitation.

“Sword Saint Tongtian!” Once he heard this name, a fearful expression hid deep in the King’s eyes.

Back when the Sorcerer Tribe had wanted to kill Su Mo, Sword Saint Tongtian had rushed towards Ancientspirit Galaxy after travelling through millions of kilometers, through numerous galaxies. He hadkilled ten over Martial Sages in a single blow and scared the Empty Gods of the Sorcerer Tribe. This strength was enough to send chills down the spines of experts in Ancientspirit Galaxy.

“That’s right, it is Sword Saint Tongtian. A single word from Su Mo is all that is needed for Sword Saint Tongtian to massacre the whole Imperial Ancestor Court Faction!” Su Mo nodded his head.

After they heard Su Mo’s words, the King, the yellow-robed middle aged man and the 2 princes all had hardened faces.

They naturally knew how terrifying Sword Saint Tongtian was, and also the relationship between Su Mo and the Sword Saint.

However, since Su Mo had left and they didn’t know when he would return. They had abused their power and restricted the Firmament Sect to only 5 places of entry into the stone pagoda.

Although they were enraged upon hearing Su Mo’s words, fear was a greater strike to them and they trembled silently in their hearts.

Furthermore, not to mention Li Tongtian, Su Mo’s insane talents guaranteed that his strength would increase exponentially in a mere few years.

“How is that? I should have enough qualifications already, right?” Looking at the silence of the crowd, Su Mo boldly questioned the King.

“Who are you?” The King stared intently at Su Mo as he asked heavily.

While he could not recognize Su Mo, he could see that the young man in front of him was even scarier than Su Mo.

“Who I am is not important. Su Mo only has one request in his message!” Su Mo lightly continued.

“Please speak!” The King raised his hand.

“Strictly do not speak of the relationship between Firmament Sect and Su Mo. The moment a word is spoken of it, the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction will perish!” Su Mo threatened.

The King fell silent as a thoughtful expression crossed his eyes.

Thereafter, he broke into a smile and nodded his head as he said, “That is natural. The Imperial Ancestor Court Faction is indebted to Su Mo and we will definitely not expose the existence of Firmament Sect!”

“That is great then. I am finished already!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Then the stone pagoda placings…?” The King asked hesitantly.

“You make the arrangements for that! Everyone should be happy!” Su Mo lightly stated. He believed that the King would realize his position by now.


The King nodded his head slightly before his voice deepened and he said, “Then we will give the Firmament Sect half of the places in the pagoda! The batch of you that came over this time can enter it!”

“That is great!” A slight smile stretched across Su Mo’s lips. The King’s instructions clearly showed that he had taken a step back.

Smiles also emerged on Bai Yiner, An Nuan and the other disciples of Firmament Sect. This was the authority and power of the palace master. A few sentences was all it took to tame the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction.

“Young man, your talents are extraordinary and the pupil on your head is powerful. I admire you. How about this: I will prepare a wine banquet later and we will talk there. How about that?” A warm smile appeared on the King’s face as he invited Su Mo.

“It is alright. I need to cultivate and I will take my leave now!” Su Mo shook his head.

“Mm, since that is the case, then make yourselves comfortable!” The King nodded.

“Goodbye!” Su Mo cupped his fists together before he turned to lead the group of people to leave the palace.

Once Su Mo left, a deadly silence fell upon the large halls of the palace. It was only a long while later before a displeased voice broke the silence.

“Royal Father, are we really going to hand over half of the places in the stone palace to them?” The First Prince spoke, his voice filled with his displeasure.

“Yes! There is no reason for us to take the risk!” The King sighed. In actual fact, his heart was boiling with rage and he had resisted the urge to kill the stern young man in a single blow.

However, he could not act as he represented the entire Imperial Ancestor Court Faction. He always had to think of the whole faction and base his actions upon the benefits of it.

While he wasn’t afraid of Su Mo and did not have to worry about Li Tongtian, he wasn’t a single person and had to consider the wellbeing of the faction.

Although half the entries to the pagoda given to Firmament Sect would slow down the growth of the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction considerably, they would be in a safer position.

After all, they could use the Ancient Dragon’s Vein for 100 years, which would be enough for the faction to strengthen in power.

“It is you, right?” The King sighed lightly. He thought that the stern young man could very possibly be Su Mo.

Although his appearance and aura was totally different from Su Mo and there was an additional eye on his forehead, the young man’s attitude was identical to Su Mo’s and hence, the King guessed that the young man was Su Mo.

Granted, he wasn’t 100% sure as he could not see through the young man completely.

Whether or not the young man was Su Mo or not didn’t matter. Even if he was, the King could not attack him.

“Pass down my order. Control all news about Su Mo and the Firmament Sect within the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction. Anyone who speaks of it externally will be killed without hesitation!”

A few moments later, the King ordered.


The 2 princes and the yellow-robed middle aged man answered. Yet, their hearts filled with reluctance, but they could only comply to the king’s orders.

After Su Mo left the Cloud Dragon Hall, he brought the 100 disciples of the Firmament Palace to the stone tower.

Many Imperial Ancestor Court Faction members scrambled out of the tower the moment they arrived, evidently having heard the new orders of the King.

This time, no one stopped the group of them and Su Mo led the disciples under the intense gaze of the 2 guards at the tower into the pagoda.

There were 100 cultivation rooms in the pagoda, and under Su Mo’s orders, the disciples entered the tower and began their cultivation.

Su Mo also swiftly entered a cultivation room. He naturally wasn’t there to cultivate, but he wanted to test the effectiveness of cultivating in the tower.

A strong array covered the internal of the stone tower that channeled the Spiritual Qi of the Dragon Vein into it and dispersed it equally to the hundred cultivation rooms in it.

Dense and thick Spiritual Qi entered the cultivation rooms and turned into heavy mist that filled the air.

After lightly examining the cultivation room, Su Mo nodded his head in satisfaction. The thickness of the Spiritual Qi in the cultivation room was about 100 times stronger than the outside world.

No wonder the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction was reluctant to give the Firmament Palace more entries into the stone tower. With such a good cultivation area, Su Mo also wanted to stay and cultivate for himself.

However, he was cursed now and could not cultivate in the area.

Su Mo left the cultivation room a few moments later and walked out of Saint Royal Palace by himself.

“Grand Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star!”

As Su Mo stared into the sky with deep eyes that seemed to pierce the starry space. Killing intent slowly simmered and boiled in his heart.

With that, he left the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction and used the Teleportation Formation Arrays to head towards the Heavenly Underworld Star.

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