Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1858 - You Are Not Fit To Talk To Me

Chapter 1858: You Are Not Fit To Talk To Me

“Are all of you going in?”

When the two guards heard what Su Mo had said, their faces darkened. The muscular guard then said disdainfully, “You don’t seem to have learnt from your previous lessons. You are just a small force. How dare you challenge our Imperial Ancestor Court!”

Having said that, the muscular guard took a step forward and the aura in him surged. He looked at Su Mo and the disciples and said loudly, “I will give you a chance. By the count of three, I want all of you to be out of my sight!”

When the disciples from Firmament Palace heard what the guard had said, their faces turned pale. The guards treated them like dirt.

Su Mo looked at the muscular guard and the vertical eye on his forehead suddenly opened up. A ray of dim light then shot out of the eye and shone at the muscular guard’s head.

Everything happened too quickly and the muscular guard was taken off guard.


The muscular guard screamed when he was hit by the dim light and he fell to the ground. He covered his head with both hands and rolled on the ground.


The muscular guard kept screaming as he was in great pain. He seemed to have been hurt.


The tall, thin guard turned pale when he saw what had happened. He then shouted out angrily, “How could you hit him! You must be tired of living!”

The tall, thin guard was furious. However, he dared not strike. After all, he found Su Mo weird as he possessed three eyes.

Moreover, Su Mo had the aura of a Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm martial artist but he was able to injure his partner, who was a Rank 3 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

When the disciples from Firmament Palace saw the scene, they were taken aback. Their Palace Master was indeed amazing. He could defeat a Martial Honored Realm master without lifting a finger!?

Although Su Mo had stepped down from the Palace Master position, to them, he would always be the Palace Master of Firmament Palace.

The tall and thin guard quickly helped the muscular guard up. He was stunned when he saw blood flowing out from the muscular guard’s orifices.

Shortly, after the muscular guard recovered, his face looked pale. He was furious that his Spiritual Soul had been seriously injured and nearly destroyed.

“Young man, you are digging your own grave. Stay where you are!” The muscular guard shouted angrily and then left in a hurry.

“How dare you challenge the power of our Imperial Ancestor Court! You will be punished for it!” The tall and skinny guard moved away from Su Mo, back to the gate of the stone tower.

Su Mo looked impassive. He stood there and waited for the King to come to him as he knew that it was pointless for him to deal with the guard.

In about five minutes, footstep sounds were heard.

The muscular guard left and brought a group of people back with him. There were at least 20 of them.

The ones at the forefront were the First Prince and the Third Prince, Gu Cangtian and Gu Yuanji.

A group of masters were behind them, like Zhu Tong, and Hua Xun from Red Dragon Camp.

“Princes, that is the man. He wants to barge into the stone tower and he injured me!”

The muscular guard said sharply and pointed his finger at Su Mo before they came near him. The muscular guard then laughed coldly and shouted, “Young man, the First Prince and the Third Prince are here. Let’s see how arrogant you can be!”

The muscular guard were abetted. With the two Princes around, the disciples from Firmament Sect would be severely punished.

The First Prince and the Third Prince looked grave. They brought their men and came before Su Mo and the disciples.

“How dare you hurt our men? Are you trying to challenge the authority of our Holy Dynasty?”

The First Prince looked domineering. He looked at Su Mo and the disciples with disdain and finally, he rested his gaze on Su Mo.

He was filled with killing intent. Firmament Sect is just a small sect. How dare they defy the Imperial Ancestor Court. They must be tired of living!

The Holy Dynasty had run a check on Firmament Sect previously and they found out that it was a small unknown sect in Star Guzhou. The Sect Leader was Emperor Shi and he was just a low-rank Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

They had reckoned that Su Mo must have either come from Firmament Sect, or he was indebted to them. That was why before he left, he had asked the King to allow the disciples from Firmament Sect to cultivate at the Imperial Ancestor Court.

In any case, there were too many people in Firmament Sect. The Imperial Ancestor Court would not allow so many people to share the Dragon’s Vein’s Spiritual Qi with them.

The Dragon’s Vein was a great opportunity for the Imperial Ancestor Court to rise up within 100 years. It would help them be able to rule over the neighboring stars and swallow up the other 12 big forces.

Thus, the Imperial Ancestor Court had been kind to offer Firmament Sect a quota of five people to enter the stone tower to cultivate.

The First Prince had decided that if Firmament Sect remained stubborn, he would destroy them.

Apparently, he could not offend Su Mo as he was gifted. Moreover, Li Tongtian was his Senior Brother.

However, to prevent Su Mo from coming back to take revenge on them in the future, they could make use of someone else, for example, the Sorcerer Tribe, to destroy Firmament Sect.

If the Imperial Ancestor Court leaked out news about the relationship between Firmament Sect and Su Mo to the Sorcerer Tribe, the Sorcerer Tribe would definitely destroy Firmament Sect.

If it could be done, the First Prince had to have it well planned. He must not cause the Imperial Ancestor Court to come to any harm.

“You are not fit to talk to me. Ask the King here!” Su Mo said flatly as he looked at the First Prince.

“What did you say?” The First Prince asked when he heard it. His face darkened and a killing intent flashed across his eyes.

How dare this young man from Firmament Sect look down on him!

The muscular guard was stunned. He did not expect Su Mo to talk the First Prince in that manner.

However, he was gloating within himself. The more Su Mo enraged the First Prince, the more severely he would be punished later.

“Hoho! You are so presumptuous!”

The Third Prince took a step forward and smiled. He looked at the vertical eye on Su Mo’s forehead and said, “You are just a Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm martial artist. How dare you be so boastful? Is it because of that special eye?”

The men from the Imperial Ancestor Court looked at the eye on Su Mo’s forehead as well. They knew that the muscular guard had been injured by that eye.

The eye must be a Super Power.

“You are not fit to talk to me either!” Su Mo glanced at the Third Prince.

“You…!” The Third Prince was furious. This young man from Firmament Sect is too arrogant.

The men from the Imperial Ancestor Court were enraged. Firmament Sect was only a small force, but they were so presumptuous!

The disciples from Firmament Palace became nervous. Although they knew that Su Mo was powerful, there were Martial Sages in the Imperial Ancestor Court.

The Third Prince’s face darkened and he immediately signaled to Zhu Tong, who was beside him.

When Zhu Tong saw it, he immediately got the message. The Third Prince wanted him to teach the young man a lesson.

“Young man, how dare you humiliate the Princes. I shall abolish your cultivation level and punish you later!” Zhu Tong shouted. He then lifted his hand and got ready to hit Su Mo.

At that moment, the vertical eye on Su Mo’s forehead opened up. A dim green light suddenly shone on Zhu Tong’s forehead.

Zhu Tong stopped moving and his body trembled.


He screamed and fell to the ground. He covered his head with both hands and started to roll on the ground. His situation was similar to that of the muscular guard.

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